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Terrorism killed the girls on September 15, 1963. (Clockwise from top left, Addie Mae Collins, Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robertson and Carol Denise Mcnair)

For Four Black Girls, Terrorism Began and Ended in a Church Basement

But Black pain continues…

Today is another day in a world that has adjusted to the threats that are often times elevated to real-life scenarios of hell.

My personal intro into the horror of a fiery town was when planes hit The World Trade Center — two days after I was admiring a pair of trousers at Banana Republic while waiting for my then boyfriend to meet me.

I vowed to return as if it would be that easy.

The catastrophic damage of 9/11 steamed past the utter destruction of lives and spirits that are still trapped under the rubble — all this time later.

Now, London’s tubes are under attack as commuters brace for the worst after an explosion rocked the foundation and set the alarm for why the reminder of our sins needs to be dramatically effective.

The sins of leaders who aren’t righteous enough to conquer the cells that have been set up as arsenals with the movement to demolish at will.

This isn’t a complex video game that can end with the right number of wins. This is the battle of evils with the resources of oil and the sleekness of executives as bait.

Do you even want to comprehend how your mere existence can be compared to the most dangerous activity you can summon?

Apparently, President Trump is just as clueless as the next person on the street as he dishes out the damning evidence of his incoherency in a tweet he posted in response to the reinitiated #PrayForLondon

Needless to say, London’s new Iron Lady isn’t thrilled with Trump’s insinuation that Scotland Yard isn’t making good use of it’s yard stick — as she points out that Trump’s tweets “helpful for anybody.”

But Trump is right when he notes how the bad guys are always closer than you think. You just have to be “proactive” to fuck them up before they come for you.

Most of you think that there was a period of racial harmony that ended in 2014. Suddenly the terror of being Black and forced to accommodate the implications of that reality — erupted into a 3-D experience that’s still expanding for a more heightened experience.

Terror begins at home.

President Trump and his efforts to end the dream of Dreamers in order to flush out the un-Americans who are polluting a country that can’t even stand its own stench — is the actions of a racist who is bent on a thorough racial cleansing.

But when four Black girls from Birmingham, Alabama were preparing for Sunday school — in their Sunday best — which they tried not to get dusty as the walls began to crumble — they became the foundation that was leveled and never reassembled as Black America grappled with threats at the base that kept the war zone activated.

The fear of being torn apart for beliefs that go beyond the Call To Prayer and far past the gallons of oil that leave a bloody path for more to follow — is your reality — whether you feel it or not.

But the nightmare of watching your mangled Black child being dug out of the concrete grave that cowardly White men constructed for the authority of utilizing privilege as a message of hate — is a guttural mindfuck that can’t ever be resolved.

For the four innocent girls that perished that Sunday morning back in 1963 — terrorism began and ended before The Lords Prayer could be recited — as rows of intact individuals knelt for the horror show.

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Black pain in black and white

The bombing of that church and its aftermath still reverberates through the surfaces of ongoing injustice that gives White supremacy a more cloaked honor that even the Commander-in-Chief can’t outrightly condemn.

For most of White America — witnessing the attacks happening at the locales of comfort — symbolizes impending doom.

For Black America — life in America has been a battlefield — complete with bombs and guns and fortresses that were built to imprison us for life.

For the Black girls with ribbons in their hair and the future waiting for its embrace — terrorism began in the basement of a church.

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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