First off, using “black chick” to describe the black woman who challenged the white woman running for president is an unfortunate choice.

It’s another reminder that once again when black women are accused of being “ratchet” we can be reduced to “chicks”, “bitches” and “hoes” and somehow white women are never in danger of being flagged by derogatory labels — no matter what they do.

You probably did it as a shoutout to those who see her this way based on her actions. It’s still not cool. Its actually quite disrespectful.

Speaking of disrespectful — you also asserted that this young lady and future “black chicks” who stupidly choose to express their rights in front of wealthy white politicians deserve to be “beat up”.

I’m sure I’m not alone when I assert that I find this quite offensive.

Particularly because of the present climate of racial injustice that is permeating the nation and costing the lives of black men, black women and black children.

We passed the point of being “respectful” when a twelve year old black boy was shot in the stomach and left to bleed to death as his sister (who will be a black woman one day) helplessly watched in horror.

We passed the point of being “respectful” when Sandra Bland’s life was permanently derailed for reasons that still remain a tragic mystery.

Yes, if a black man had attempted to do what your “black chick” successfully carried out he would’ve been tackled to the floor and escorted out with necessary roughness.

But that doesn’t override the fact that Hillary was approached by a woman of color who wanted to bring attention to an issue that needed an answer.

The goal was to make this white politician sweat and stumble, and judging from the video — the black woman accomplished just that.

Hillary Clinton and other “white politicians” have enjoyed a level of privilege that kept them from facing the error of their ways. Until now.

At the end of the day, Ashley Williams stood up for black women who have been fucked by the system and the ones who will be in the future.

She disrespected a white politician in the most respectful way possible.

If Sandra Bland, Ralkina Jones, Eric Garner, or Mathew Ajibade had been treated with that level of disrespect — they would be breathing air into their lungs today.

So, I guess that could be your lesson from the video.

Hillary Clinton lives to lie another day.

And innocent people of color live to fight for justice or die trying.

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