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Blazes of heat burn the truth out of us.

Give the soaked sheets under bodies of ill the healed sweat of heat.

Make the mountains flourish with flames of reckoning.

Challenge the skies to tears when the trees kneel for refreshments.

Scurry the items of need under ashes of haze that brush through markers of intensity.


No liars will wilt from the burning with yearning to cool down the sins that bins tried to save with kept promises.

Oceans of flames moving towards everything and gathering steam as the clouds provide compass.

Winds of decadence with carpets of yellow will ride the tyranny of woes that plague the land and sea for rules unwritten.

Sins of the father in the heavens that cool strangers-in-waiting for the shelter they crippled with global oddities. Sins of the intersected, scorned by the chill of negligence and the icy vibes of reception. Sins of the fiery gash in the wound of centuries that has gathered enough phlegm to initiate the storm of centuries.

The fire and ice, burning together to produce the melody of demise.

The cloak of surrender will surround with hot fans, giving the rising flames extended life where lies are vengefully ablaze.


Give the liars a resting place, grazed with the aftermath of deceased layers that used to deceive.

But, now burn as one.

Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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