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Find Beauty Where You Find It

In the cloves of airy ducts clinging to life, one branch at a time. The dewy temperance cuts through the air with semblance of what could’ve been. Ploughing through empty streets as footsteps dial the pace of rewarded breath. The backdrop of blue slivers, silently slicing through grays of hovering thoughts, condense pathways streamed with broken tokens of euphoria.

Falling and rolling into feathered gatherings in breakfast for wounded spirits, running out loud with the applause of swaying members of earth.

The brain calculates open shutters that use energy from busy squirrels, and musing chirping of flourished birds, perched on large strokes that feature a community of dwellers fighting for glory.

You are enveloped by the steamy chill as the hillclimb widens pleasures of sight in laser focused formulation.

The weaves of early bloomers, mid-sprouting into late sections that may never salute seasons is a bursting celebration of existing, You were strutting as if you were dead, and then breathtaking interference stormed righteous defeat.

Intermingled beefy buds waiting for May, entangle purpose of happy births, even in the threatening shadows of sad finality.

Sunlight enlivens party favors, hypnotized by dull wind and presence of you, in soulful attire. You can peek below and recognize the old ways, flapping away and soiling paused new beginnings.

The beauty of each morning, soaked in rays of buried hope is how sleep-deadened eyes obey commands before beating hearts override. The channels switch in unison when decisions are made in shells of brain matter.

You really hit your stride when open doors direct meditative swelling in movements, orchestrated by the pureness of adornments.

In dusty remembrances and sifted durations of dictated death spells, the beautiful countenance of how scenes of natural violence symbolically reunite with reborn allies, isn’t lost on reconfigured titans of revised laws of conduct.

It happens when the splatter of invisible rain glazes the tarnished and saves some for the ones who seek beauty when they find it.

Written by

Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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