Sitting without looking in chambers of solitude
loud feelings clang with seething emotions.
Flooded wares accrue dust in soaked memories
some forsaken, most left hanging in closed vacuums.
Sordid fare, fitted in consumed elements
sitting within the scope of feelings.
Hot and cold, warm and pressured.
Loneliness escapes into hiding.
Hugged victims of abandonment emerge
in spirited discovery of what can’t be found.
Entirety of the past logged in future requiem
of scandalized deposits.

Roaming in real time amongst sandy dunes
storing manna for open-mouthed descendants.
Reshuffled pain and sorrow captures frozen
entries thawed to modernized scrutiny.
Sitting on the storage of time encapsulated
with sudden recovery that embraces secrets.
Small feelings with dampened emotions
resurrected and peaked to the will.

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