The rush of coolness soothing burning embers of exposed nerves succumbing to embraced chill.

Falling leaves obeying the wind’s call for slumber as carpeted pavements arise with the lushness of seasonal blessings.

Subdued hues of opulence greet the fiery connections of passing through channels of sunny exchanges, that thrill senses begging for permission to reckon with previews to come.

Who can resist falling for the arrival of high expectations that broaden the scope of heated combativeness that will surely melt from icy frictions.

The unresolved template of disorder can grasp the deeds that are hidden in sea shells from the burning sea.

Collective memories align with the stream of pollen conflict with the air in a dance of triggers, salivated by the curse of tumultuous battles of the fittest.

Take a deep breath in solitude. Take in and spew it out with letters that congregate and hang before bowing to our exit.

Your presence is required when you fall for fall.

Decked out in armor that cloak the residue of summer with the stance of what is now and why it’s spectacular for festivities of solitude.

In the swirl of melodic seance.

Starring seasons of change.

Ceremony of one.

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