Even in the worst of times, there’s beauty

The darker the days, the more the slight breeze from the morning dew measures the hairs on your arms.

The rushing cars sound like evidence of life instead of the swarm of annoyance.

The man entertaining an audience that refuses to watch — dances and sings his way into your heart.

A child won’t return the smile you give in earnest but stares at you with wonder. He will probably remember this moment when he does the very same thing you did.

A phone call from the one you swore you would never hear from again. Emails from people randomly asserting that your presence at that time makes this time better.

The uncertainty of tomorrow peeks in through the clouds but stays in place with each step that you take towards the light.

In the thickness of mental disaster and the search for the strength to reject the bottle of destruction and the calm of the box with the color coded candy — a collage of faces always greet your surrender.

The past and present never collide — they just respectfully co-exist like roommates that hope the space between remains distilled.

The quiet of the afternoon can turn chaotic with news bulletins and feverish outrage at the madness of those of us who live without breathing.

There’s a butterfly fluttering around me and I stop to watch how beautifully it tries to get me to play.

As I laugh into the confused faces of strangers — I realize that there is beauty all around.

I will continue to pursue it.

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