When we reach for memories, intertwined with youthful aloofness, how do we jointly partake in recommended splashes of time?

Globes in active transparency drink the luster of unearthed battles. Studious cells collaborate for luxurious notes, taken in drunken haste.

Supreme disguises swelter in heated cages.

Waterlogged soldiers, overrun the heap of festive venom with splashes of ceremonious anniversaries. Placed flags fuck the wind. Worldly wonder tasks the heavens for avid display of miracles.

The asking commutes from confusion and disappointment at the voraciousness of the end game.

How dare the gods defy reason.

Trespassers are never evacuated for wrongdoing. Blood runs thin when watery discharge collides.

Uncertainty breeds defeat, as fear overtakes destiny.

Paralyzed shadows are the mockery to live installations of a tepid landscape. Dancing in unison over the burial rites of shattered ideals is the futuristic feast of identifiers.

Amplified translators circle the den of imagined fodder in supreme unison.

How do you make the clouds storm robed heathens in dissected apparel, that leaves more material for stifled prayers?

Combined spiritual warfare sends bolted strips of cries for hell in captivity.

The opening of thunderous awareness will be the epic receiver that distills energy, and offloads bucket of stars.

For eternity.

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