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Dylann Roof’s Conviction Is No Victory Because America Is On His Side

Which means we are fucked

Yeah, I heard. Dylann S. Roof — the young man who walked into a predominately Black church on serene night in the middle of the week in the summer of 2015 — and proceeded to waste away nine innocent lives — was finally given the sentence of his crime.

He was found guilty. All nine counts assigned to his murderous rampage were accounted for and his future is now stuck in limbo of self-righteousness and the stigma of being caught in the interference of a time that invested quite a bit to form this well-sculpted monster.

The truth is that this misguided killer who proudly admitted his guilt when questioned by the police who probably would’ve given him a way out if he wanted one (I mean they took him to Burger King after he made blood run into the pews of the Lord’s mansion) — is a direct and accurate representation of what America has to offer — now and forevermore.

Not, that the phenomenon of White people brutalizing Black people for the hell of it is a newly formed hobby that has been tragically legalized — but we wanted to pretend that the horrifying days of old were sacked away the moment President Obama took the oath of office not too long ago.

I admit that I overdosed on the Kool-Aid. I thoroughly believed that if Barack Hussein Obama II could be invited to The White House to rule every class the nation’s structure has carved out — then it’s quite possible that progress is going to be relatively swift and reassuring.

The mask we wore back then has now melted into a puddle of intense disappointment and unrelenting fear.

It is atrocious that Obama has been forced to hand over the reigns of government to the very individual he fought so hard to save us from. This country does a fine job of propelling the stars of our time and then decimating their ascension with glorious fury. Anyone with a name worth knowing can attest to this fact and unfortunately our outgoing president is undergoing this sourly anointed treatment — despite a stellar performance that could’ve used periodical revisions, but on the whole lived up to the hype and surpassed infinite expectations.

As we prepare to welcome a White guy who only had to be born wealthy with enough splashes of what composes an asshole to fulfill the requirements of what the American people deem reasonable in a world leader — tensions are distractingly high.

Twitter has become a scrapbook that will be examined for years to come because it plays host to the obsession of citizens that fit every category. The ones who hate him — never miss the opportunity to fill their timelines with any and everything that bears his name. Those that worship him do the exact same thing.

We have all lost our collective minds.

Some of us already lost it when Donald Trump won the Republican nomination to run for the presidency. We already knew how fucked we were going to be and we never expected anything other than what is currently transpiring.

I feel deeply sorry for Dylann Roof.

Don’t get me wrong — his calculated move will always garner the top spot of things that I find strikingly appalling. The ability to sit amongst good folk and quietly internalize the word of God while also cursing His existence with schemed timing — is a skyrocket ride to hell.

Goddamn! I mean I’m not sure how I feel about the existence of a Jesus or a God but either way — this dude was pissed the fuck off.

He later admitted that he couldn’t accommodate a society that allows Black people the right to penetrate America with rightful authority.

And, of course White women are at risk and this is a realization that makes all men crazy.

The truth is that Roof’s conviction is no victory in any shape or form. Instead of a guttural delight, spurred on by a deep-seeded relief and renewed affection for our justice system — all I could do was cry and sweat through the orifice of my bewildered mind.

It finally hit me hard!

Donald J. Trump is going to be inaugurated and people of color will have to continue to avoid stray and targeted bullets because the man who will rule us — has been commissioned to make sure that our survival hangs in the balance.

It’s traumatizing to live in a country that mandates your extinction with callous symbolism. What Black America has endured and continues to endure is quite weighty and White people that don’t understand are bastards and the White people who believe they get it sound cautiously empathetic.

There is more where that came from — a lot more.

Major news outlets are currently giving life to the “alt-right” Millennials — who definitely have something to say about their adherence to Trump’s rhetoric. They have the freedom to express how awesome it is to be White because that apparently was a stance that was temporarily halted and now renewed.

This is the time to reclaim the White culture that was dying out when Obama was in office and now that he is about to take a hike — the mindset that “white is right” is back — thanks to the new Commander-in-Chief who got his wings by flying low at the expense of his promise of ethnic cleansing.

Dylann Roof may have gotten the punishment he deserves but I promise you that if he had the last name “Trump” attached to his moniker — he may have been able to override his current disposition.

Trump never pulled the trigger of a firearm with the intent of taking a life — but he is working overtime to encourage that behavior and it is working.

American is on his side.

We are living amongst future murderers. White people who hate the fact that a Black president dared to protect and defend their honor. There is a corrosive energy in the air that refuses to dissolve even when a White young male who purposely killed Black people in a church is given the appropriate reward for his actions.

We are fucked and there is no way around it.

The media celebrates Trump, you are committed to his every word, the powers-that-be are loyal to protect assets and ambitions, global heads are going along for the ride to preserve delegated interests.

And America is going to be great again which is great news.

Let’s celebrate!

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