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Drilling the Lives Out of the Innocent Is the American Way

and the Oil Reeks of Privilege

When you think of White Privilege — you think of the cops suited for another round of murderous mayhem. You imagine your staged job interview that could change your life or leave you forever changed because someone else was born the right way. You scream at the wall for the hassle of knowing that no matter how good you are — being overlooked is a blatant possibility.

You could be shot dead for a traffic violation. Thrown into a cell for being too black and too defiant. You could fall into the streets with a bloody concussion because you were caught walking at night. You could be slammed against the wall for being young and purposeful. You could encounter White men in blue who just don’t want you around. Just because…

Yes, White Privilege has its privileges.

There’s more. So much more that surpasses the daily routine of being Dangerous While Black.

A lot of them died recently.

Syria? Where the hell is that?

Guess what? The joke is on all of us.

The air strikes in Syria wasn’t a miscalculation. The bombs were strategically levied. The casualties were figured into the grand scheme of ensuring that the oil flows without restrictions — even though such activity is deemed illegal.

The law doesn’t apply to the elite because they’ve earned the right to curse the meek of the earth. It’s about funneling the mission of greed and abominable quests in order to secure the rights and statutes of moguls who are too jaded to be assholes.

These guys are murderers.

I don’t hate President Obama. He’s a good man and a coward. Which means that he is not unique.

Politics is a dirty business.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t care about Black people at all. Her itinerary reeks of desperation and intent — to fulfill her destiny. I hope she does.

I would rather have a leader who could give two fucks than a monster who does.

Stop pretending like you don’t care or don’t care enough to care. Halt your blinded adherence to replays that reveal nothing at all and everything that suffocates your faculties from the reality of what the future could possibly present.

Victims lay in wait for the blast of their lives and death.

And even after you’re gone — the oil flows. It flows everywhere….

Written by

Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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