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Photo by Brett Hondow/MGN

Send life back with cherries and bedazzled halos

Send the truth of moments that are extinguishable by single chargers perforating the distance between targets and toys

Send the buckets that gather the watering lids of injustice sweeping away futures filled with variables

Send the counselor in robes that don’t hide betrayal of verses that empty the leaks of faulty candor swaying pulsating debris into disarray

Send the soldiers dressed in cotton and mire with jugs of red and swords that bend to the fields that are loudly boastful

Send the choir of angels to dance on graves that are unfilled with the threats of what could never be

Send the majestic wasps circling with silent wealth as whispers filter the air and stings provide enough ointment to soothe and booze

Send the traitors of gold that buy and sell at loathing speed as they line up to carry the tattered loot towards the piles of evidence and folly

Send the magicians to audition for the role that keep broken hearts from crashing into unrepairable bits that cut like glass when prayers are sent

In clear boxes of weight with no returns.

Written by

Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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