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Donald Trump’s Upcoming Inauguration is a Global Abomination That Needs to be Decimated for the Sake of Humanity.

The reason why I didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton can be explained through her decision to attend Donald Trump’s inauguration in less than a week. She is all talk and no action.

She wasn’t that convincing during her campaign trails — in fact her lack of energy and ill-conceived slogan was a rabid turnoff. I didn’t believe a word that she said because she made very little effort to convincingly seduce — and that’s why her arch nemesis was able to achieve the impossible.

Donald Trump won the election and we lost any sense of what we thought was a reliable existence.

Fast forward to the present — and we are head locked in Twitter wars with the man that holds the key to everything that could signal the beginning or end of humanity.

This isn’t a fucking joke.

Politicians do their part to remain in good graces but, this time, it won’t be enough to show up in carpeted halls with the intention to log in time well spent — while conniving the public into believing that you are indeed the very definition of honor and good character.

The man who dwells in a golden palace and takes showers that mimic that exact hue — spent the early hours of January 14th 2017 — assassinating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by way of a drive by — aimed at another iconic civil rights leader — Rep. John Lewis of Georgia.

The attack was bloody and a cowardly reaction to Lewis’ declaration and summation of facts that can’t be denied by anyone with a healthy view of the world-at-large. Lewis admitted the truth. He has seen the coming of the Lord. He has escaped the unfathomable. He overcame the beatings of the righteous at their worst. He smiled with victory even when his disposition directed the arrogance of defeat. He stumped the streets and was then shoved into the concrete breaks — that were erected for his demise. He begged for the lashings of penance on behalf of generations that today refute the judgment cast against them.

They demand the justice that is so blatantly denied despite the roster of criminal acts that consistently build up with no bulldozer in sight.


The White cops that killed Tamir Rice, are facing administrative charges that can be translated into a life long vacation and book deals that will reap substantial profit because their president will ordain it.

There is no justice. And still, the ones that built the frontlines from top to bottom when you were merely a thought between man and woman — continue to bait the system and challenge the status quo with astute remembrance.

Congressman John Lewis said this:

“I believe in forgiveness. I believe in trying to work with people. It will be hard. It’s going to be very difficult. I don’t see this president-elect as a legitimate president.”

“I don’t plan to attend the inauguration. It will be the first one that I miss since I’ve been in Congress. You cannot be at home with something that you feel is wrong, is not right.”

Well, said sir! Well done! You are a hero, and your unblemished legacy will forever inspire and delegate the actions of the ones way after you — who have heard how you reacted to the coming of the Lord.

Donald Trump — the president-elect and wealthy businessman with no shame in a game that he is determined to win at all costs, retaliated:

Let’s stop playing games. Games are for sissies. Time is running out. We need to act now.

The upcoming inauguration is a shit show of grand proportions. It has nothing to do with the Z-list entertainers who need enough exposure to accommodate the humiliation of being underpaid. It’s not whether or not the networks and cable TV will reap the rewards of booming numbers from die-hards and hypocrites that tweet with earnest but recoil in private with no patriotic residue.

It has everything to do with The Clintons, The Bushes, and the others in similar shoes — who are frustratingly making do with a size that will never fit — even with the jamming sessions that always leave them sore and despondent.

Decimate this nightmare. Make it end. For you, for me, for we.

Hillary Clinton lost a very winnable election, which is a disgrace beyond comprehension and she can make it up to you by deciding to skip the worst global affair ever imagined. If she was truly meant to be your Commander-in Chief, then surely she can command the greatness of a nation that waited for her arrival — even when she was too late to board the capsule.

The world is watching and they can’t wait to cheer us on — once we give them a very good reason to do so.

This is a critical period in a history that has endured more turbulence than you can surmise. We can’t allow our leaders a free ride into the sunset of obligations that do nothing more than fund their charities and secure the vault of lies that are now spreading past what we can charter.

For the sake of humanity, global respect and the marginalized victims that have died and will soon suffer a similar fate, please consider the options at hand.

This is no ordinary situation. Only extraordinary actions will do.

Trump attacked a civil rights icon, a man of color who sacrificed his body and soul for the purpose of standing up for what was and is right — regardless of the spit thrown his way and the pummeling of White men who still exert their brand of terror.

Only this time — they are seen as heroes and even get to be President of the United of America.

Any law-abiding and outstanding citizen of this great nation who dares to willingly witness a racist tyrant take the oath of office — should be considered in the same league of the man they publicly abhor.

The fight continues — and this time more than our lives is at stake. If you are confused by this — then, by all means swear in the nightmare of your future dreams.

Dedicated to the memory of Master Sgt. Debra Clayton. A true hero.