Donald Trump Hates The Media for Betraying Him

It’s fatal attraction of the worst kind

Trump hates the media. The media adores Trump. Donald Trump hates that the media uses him relentlessly — without admitting the affair publicly.

The media is desperately trying to keep things on the down low. Sure, in the beginning the courtship was easier to navigate since the shame factor was lowered to the shameless plugs that saw this now rejected figure being feted by numerous platforms.

It was all fun and games and even fascinatingly refreshing when Saturday Night Live — the same iconic show that keeps making historic gains every week off of the mannerisms and language of the man they can’t get enough of — invited the man they couldn’t get enough of during the heated election cycle to boost ratings and the appeal of a presidential candidate that we were supposed to abhor.

Keep it coming homies!

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon got the opportunity to massage the scalp of the most hated man in America. It was a cute moment and oddly appropriate — since Americans love to turn villains into unexpected tropes of accessibility.

Feels good!

Entertainment reduces us all into kindred spirits. You will never be too soiled or spoilt for the opportunity of redemption once you hit the stage and succumb to the flashing lights and utter the lines that make you gigantically visible.

The point is that Trump has every right to be bitter to the point of terminal hatred. You can’t romance the wiles of a lucrative subject and then abandon ship when the tide rushes in and sweeps away the ignorance you held on to for dear life when the going was good.

You can’t applaud CNN for suddenly deciding to shy away from the spectacle to chase down the hard-hitting stuff when not too long ago — the cable news network celebrated the poisoned campaign of an out-of-control bigot by filming his self-named airliner on the tarmac for over an hour.

The master at work.

You can’t fault Trump’s need for revenge when you figure that in the months leading up to D-Day, the media was drunk on the expectation of the unexpected. The coverage was solely encrusted on the shoulders of the man of the moment. And rightly so! It was unprecedented that a wealthy, loud-mouthed bully could be in vying for the same honor as a woman who’s track record was a soaring force to reckon with.

The machine of greed and shameless baiting was full speed ahead as the intrigue between Trump and the media intensified with the electrified energy of sex, lies and videotape.

The legions of women that stepped forward with R-rated tales of what it felt like to be “almost” groped by the presidential candidate. I remember being stuck at my desk at The Hollywood Reporter. I was tasked with the gross assignment of aggregating the confessions of a former People Magazine reporter who allegedly barely escaped the “groping” session of Trump while his pregnant wife Melania was getting prepped above them.

Let’s talk about sex!

There was a symbiosis that occurred with breaking news on screen or the mobile phones that dealt the worst blow with online pubs fiercely in contention with each other — as clickbait articles overtook the landscape and melted away the objectiveness — that should have disciplined the ferocious need to sell souls to the devil.

Now the devil is livid and wants to avenge his detractors.

The romance is over, but the residue of all the warranted attention and the knowledge that the effort poured into his every move is now being redirected to ensure his downfall is unacceptable.

You can’t take without receiving and you can’t receive without paying homage to the reasons why your organization pulled in the kind of traffic numbers that will surely secure your current position for the next four years.

You can’t ridicule, fashion or even attempt to sedate the monster you created when you aggressively toasted his homecoming — and propped him on the throne that he ascended — with the confidence that you would stick around for the reign of the century.

You can’t fuck with people and then complain when they misbehave for the sole pleasure of fucking you back.

The reason why Trump thinks the media is the enemy is because in some sense they helped to get him elected and now he is being punished for his victory.

Bullies don’t take kindly to betrayal and they don’t adapt well to change especially when it isn’t on their terms.

They need to be in control just like before and they need to know that all the laughter, clicks, boastful numbers, increased ratings, and social media takeovers will somehow add up to the respect and adulation they deserve.

Donald Trump needs the media to not abandon him because no matter how you dice it — he has been the constant faithful partner in a love affair gone dangerously awry.

It’s fatal attraction of the worst kind.

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