I wonder if gorillas could be hungry enough and angered to the point of cruel and usual punishment against their jailers.

In any case — seething in captivity by night and smiling through clenched teeth during the day is bound to unleash the dragging and possible pummeling of a wild child — tumbling into his tiny kingdom.

Furthermore — humans as parents is still an experiment in the making. The best of the best still manage to suffer the unthinkable tragedy of losing a child for a minute or 30.

Those tiny and adorable ninjas are self-sufficient rascals with swiftness of a fox.

Do gorillas eat foxes?

Basically — caged animals are dead already. Kidnapped from natural habitats and shipped to a coercively managed man made shack — that only gawking eyes with limited patience can appreciate.

The boy was saved and his good fortune is dismissed by pretentious folks who cry crocodile tears for an overgrown pet that outgrew his surroundings the moment he arrived.

Do gorillas eat crocodiles?

People need to examine the reasons we follow the institutionalized method of cruelty toward animals — all in the name of perpetuating the superiority of humans.

Do gorillas eat humans?

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