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Diamond Reynolds is the All-American Hero Nobody Wants

Diamond Reynolds watched her boyfriend Philando Castile get shot. While he bled to death and spent his last moments moaning — Reynolds calmly accepted the unfathomable and made a bet with God.

She would comply and be as respectful as possible to the White man who just committed a heinous crime — as long as her 4-year-old daughter survives this hellish ordeal.

She also needed proof to back yet another tale of gun violence at the hands of White cops who kill Black men out of undiagnosed fear.

Diamond Reynolds endured the very worst of what it means to be Black in America.

You have to be obedient to the criminal who just shot your loved one. Dying for the racial discord of a country that invented the climate isn’t an option for a young Black mother.

But, after returning to Twitter for my morning recap I see a tweet from a reliable source that seems to insinuate that Diamond may not be as genuinely distraught as she’s trying to convey.

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I respect Jelani Cobb as a writer and an enlightened mind — but his summation of an event that required superhuman faculties to navigate was dead wrong.

You willingly damage the psyche of Black women.

Why do Black men insist on mocking their women and publicly ridiculing what they stand for? Why is it so natural for Black Men to blatantly oppose us even when the stakes are too high?

I wonder.

If Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds had been a White super-heroine — the media outlets would’ve kidnapped her and encouraged a charity fund for her and her daughter.

That means all bets are off. Even the men who were born to shield you — are abandoning faith in your quest to be heralded — for bravely giving the middle finger to an establishment that thrives off of the blood of the man who died while loving you.

You are The All-American Hero — Diamond Reynolds.

And your sisters know it.

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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