Dear White Women If You Want To Be “Allies” Just Say You’re Sorry

Ezinne Ukoha
5 min readNov 3, 2018


I tried to stay out of the Rebel Wilson debacle, but after she refused to graciously admit defeat and resorted to issuing a weirdly bogus rebuttal, which created even more drama and expanded her roster of avid challengers — I found myself itching to say a few words.

First off, here’s a brief summary:

Since the theatrical debut of her “rom-com” is almost here, Wilson, who also co-stars in the Pitch Perfect franchise is doing the promotional tour, and it was during an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show that things went left, and it has everything to do with this:

Once that tweet was released to the world, there was an expected uproar on Twitter, as Black women led the charge with swift alerts that rightfully schooled the White woman, who was exhibiting the damning symptoms that expose the infuriating blissfulness of her privilege.

It’s quite understandable how and why an Aussie-born and LA-based White actress would readily assume that she’s making history as the “first-ever plus-sized girl” to be cast in a leading role that features her as the object of desire.

After spending considerable time in La La Land, I became quite aware of how the city that hosts the industry, is anything but diverse, and the regulated segregation extends into Hollywood, as White and Black creatives rarely collide, except at industry events.

Wilson is a reflection of primal Whiteness that’s conveniently cocooned in a bubble that never pops until it’s forced to do so, and when that happens, the exposure to the alternate universe, which ironically is also known as the real world, can be a jarring experience.

Suddenly, your Whiteness is threatened by the reality of real life counterparts of different colors, who always existed, and were never hidden from sight, but due to the instincts of blocking out items that don’t register with much relevance, you’ve been operating on the falsehood of how the contributions of Black and…