Dear White Women If You Want To Be “Allies” Just Say You’re Sorry

I tried to stay out of the Rebel Wilson debacle, but after she refused to graciously admit defeat and resorted to issuing a weirdly bogus rebuttal, which created even more drama and expanded her roster of avid challengers — I found myself itching to say a few words.

Why is it so hard for White women to acknowledge their obvious mistakes when it comes to offensively relying on their privilege and discarding the relevancy and visibility of darker-skinned counterparts?

Rebel Wilson is obstinately refusing to back down, and her clap back is pathetically weak. It just proves her unwillingness to give legends like Queen Latifah and Mo’Nique the respect they’ve earned for paving the way for plus-size actresses, who are now able to seamlessly garner leading roles in “studio rom-coms.”

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