Dear White People Your Privilege Is Killing Us

So, stop pretending it doesn’t exist

Ezinne Ukoha
5 min readApr 16, 2018


I spent all night trying to reconcile the glory of #Beychella with the reality that my spiritual experience will not last. And true to from as I scoped out my timeline, that was thankfully crowded with testimonies from Black women who can’t contain themselves after being baptized by the superstar who loves us more than we know — I landed on another news bulletin.

It was about a White terrorist who blew himself up in his home — which he had turned into a “homemade explosives factory.”

The tale of the “maybe” White supremacist named Benjamin Morrow who was twenty-eight-years old, lived in Wisconsin, and died while building what has been dubbed — “Mother of Satan,” has shaped up to resemble the other scenarios that feature White men — performing deadly actions.

They have the benefit of the doubt from law enforcement , who can’t stand the notion of taking an accusatory stance, even when the evidence is glaringly damning.

Morrow was well-stocked with sophisticated “explosive materials” as well as other items that you would typically associate with a career terrorist, including, guns, “a ballistic helmet,” “a vest,” and “2,000 rounds of ammunition.”

The fact that there are reports that this young White man who studied chemistry at Pensacola Christian College in Florida may have been a White supremacist proves that even after he grazed his home to the ground with him in it, investigators were still able to unearth enough shit to confidently put that out there.

But of course the naysayers in uniform are always ready to fight for the rights of White men, especially after they tragically perish under questionable circumstances or after they shoot up nine Black people in a church, and the White shooter is starving after all that exertion, and needs a burger.

Black men can’t walk into a Starbucks, sit down and quietly wait for their companion to join them without requiring a bunch of cops to escort them out — after a concerned employee notices that there are two Black men who are “menacingly commandeering” a space in an establishment that allows White people to freely hang out without time limits.