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Dear White People Your Privilege Is Killing Us

So, stop pretending it doesn’t exist

I spent all night trying to reconcile the glory of #Beychella with the reality that my spiritual experience will not last. And true to from as I scoped out my timeline, that was thankfully crowded with testimonies from Black women who can’t contain themselves after being baptized by the superstar who loves us more than we know — I landed on another news bulletin.

It was about a White terrorist who blew himself up in his home — which he had turned into a “homemade explosives factory.”

The tale of the “maybe” White supremacist named Benjamin Morrow who was twenty-eight-years old, lived in Wisconsin, and died while building what has been dubbed — “Mother of Satan,” has shaped up to resemble the other scenarios that feature White men — performing deadly actions.

They have the benefit of the doubt from law enforcement , who can’t stand the notion of taking an accusatory stance, even when the evidence is glaringly damning.

Morrow was well-stocked with sophisticated “explosive materials” as well as other items that you would typically associate with a career terrorist, including, guns, “a ballistic helmet,” “a vest,” and “2,000 rounds of ammunition.”

The fact that there are reports that this young White man who studied chemistry at Pensacola Christian College in Florida may have been a White supremacist proves that even after he grazed his home to the ground with him in it, investigators were still able to unearth enough shit to confidently put that out there.

But of course the naysayers in uniform are always ready to fight for the rights of White men, especially after they tragically perish under questionable circumstances or after they shoot up nine Black people in a church, and the White shooter is starving after all that exertion, and needs a burger.

Black men can’t walk into a Starbucks, sit down and quietly wait for their companion to join them without requiring a bunch of cops to escort them out — after a concerned employee notices that there are two Black men who are “menacingly commandeering” a space in an establishment that allows White people to freely hang out without time limits.

A police lieutenant who was at the scene of the disastrous crime involving a man-made explosion that tore apart the home of a terrorist who was perfecting his game for the sake of potential Black victims, shared his reservations about the labels being assigned to the “victim.”

“I want to make very clear just because Mr. Morrow was in possession of this material, does not categorize in any particular light.” “He could’ve been an individual that was doing research.”

You honestly hear that shit, and you have to wonder about the recruitment process and how it’s becoming blatantly clear that most men in uniform aren’t qualified to efficiently carry out their duties.

But even more jarring is how obvious it is that law enforcement is completely supportive and even encouraging of the current climate that is experiencing an increase in racial crimes. The police officer’s statement is an example of how White privilege is being used as a weapon of mass destruction.

Mr. Morrow was certainly not doing research and if he was his mission wasn’t a noble one, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. His nefarious activities were going to lead to catastrophic results — and it was just by divine intervention that he ended up in a blaze of chaos and mayhem.

His departed counterpart, who terrorized the city of Austin not long ago was unfortunately more savvy and did end up killing Black people before he blew himself up.

There seems to be a systematic incoherency when it comes to the response to how Black people are being targeted for extinction that is quite frightening and abominable.

There’s no doubt that after the epic tragedy of Charlottesville and how it finally gave President Trump the opportunity to give his long overdue shoutout to White supremacists, his ever loyal base, we are now witnessing something akin to a renaissance.

White privilege has become the currency of choice that guarantees how White people will always be allowed to shoot at Black children who ring their doorbells to ask for directions or kick Black men out of coffee shops — for no reason at all.

As a Black woman, I can’t walk down the streets without fearing for my life.

What if one of the cars at the traffic stop suddenly starts pumping bullets at my direction, while I’m quickly crossing the street? The driver could be a White fucker who is on a crusade to litter his neighborhood with Black bodies in the name of #MAGA.

If White women are scared to death at the sight of a Black guy in a hoodie, I’m just as terrified at the sight of a White man towards me.

What if he’s one of those crazies who violently stabs anyone who dares to walk by him?

Being Black in America was always a dangerous disposition, but we are now immersed in a national crisis that is not being taken seriously because Black Lives Don’t Matter. And so White men are permitted to actively and publicly demonstrate their criminal tendencies in any manner they choose — and Black people are expected to live on a prayer.

Dear White people, your privilege is killing us, so stop pretending it doesn’t exist.

You can enter Starbucks and sit there for hours without being thrown out by a troop of cops. You don’t have to worry about knocking on the door of strangers in the dead of night, because you will not be shot at or shot dead. You can be stopped for a traffic violation and express your opinion about it without being forcefully removed from your car, and pummeled to the concrete ground, before being carted off to a jail cell. You can be a reckless teenager, who drives his expensive truck while drunk and kills four people in the process, while paralyzing another, and still be released from prison after only serving two years. You can adopt an army of Black children, despite proof that you’re an unfit parent, starve them to death — and then kill them for being Black.

You can pretty much get away with the kind of shit that Black people can’t even come close to realizing without enduring the worst form of punishment available or even worse a death sentence.

Please don’t ever dispute your privilege. Own it and wield it as you prefer, but remember that remaining complicit in these times can’t absolve you of what it truly means to be part of a population that is terrorizing another.

The great divide between White America and Black America is widening with rapid urgency and the middle ground is currently non-existent.

This is America.

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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