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I didn’t mean to be racist!

Dear White People, When You Make Racist Comments Don’t Say You’re Sorry

Part Deux

The one positive thing about having a White supremacist as president, is the way the current climate is outing notable White folks, who have spent their illustrious careers decked out in the camouflage that’s supposed to hide all the characteristics, that dispel the long-standing truth of the White male as the “most-trusted face” of network news.

I mean check out what happened with disgraced former anchor of NBC Nightly News — Brian Williams, who won the unyielding trust of faithful viewers with the bright sparkling eyes, boyish charm, and effortless delivery of breaking news around the world.

That winning persona was irrevocably shattered when it was confirmed that Williams had provided misleading information about his tenure while reporting the Iraq War in 2003.

Williams straight up lied during a 2015 Nightly News broadcast when he claimed that he was in a military helicopter that was forced to crash land after being attacked.

It didn’t take long for that heroic tale to be disproved by a flight engineer, who happened to be in the helicopter that was hit by a grenade. The chopper carrying Williams, arrived about an hour after the attack.

But it doesn’t end there. While reporting the incident back in 2003, Williams referred to the close call of one of the military choppers, but in this original on-air introduction, he clearly stated that it was the “Chinook” ahead of the one he was flying in, that came close to being destroyed by a missile.

“The Chinook ahead of us was almost blown out of the sky … by an RPG.”

It’s fascinating that despite the available footage that could’ve been used to challenge his curiously updated tale of how “he got himself into a close call in the skies over Iraq,” Williams was confident enough to leverage his popularity in a way that would make him out to be the very opposite of what he really is.

And that’s basically a cowardly asshole and shameless liar.

Of course, Willams apologized profusely in an effort to save his high-paying gig. He wasn’t at all remorseful for lying about his supposed heroic efforts.

But White males are never punished for long, and as more information about his penchant for making shit up came to the surface, Williams was forced to vacate the seat he occupied for a decade. But literally months later, he was quietly reshuffled to MSNBC.

The reason why Brian Williams is a good opener, is based on the valued currency of Whiteness, and how White people are able to rely on the vulnerability of being imperfect humans, who are prone to bad judgment.

But that shouldn’t derail their functionality if they perform the act of empathy and pierce your heart with piercing blue eyes swimming in White tears.

The unbearable aspect of this celebrated farce, has to be the way bigotry is facilitated through foul mouth deplorables like Republican Rep. Steve King, who was greeted by a round of applause during a recent outing in his beloved Iowa, after the harrowing ordeal of being disciplined by the House, after releasing another string of racially-offensive comments.

King was relinquished of committee assignments, and there was talk about him being tossed out of Congress and possibly expelled from his own party, but we all know better.

White men who behave badly and utter the kind of shit that produces chills just from the audacity of being exposed to that level of ugliness, don’t have to suffer the consequences for very long, if they even do at all.

Steve King briefly accepted the severity of his actions, but that lasted for about a day. His latest batch of remarks about the controversy, proves his rejection that he did anything wrong, and reinforces his stance of how being a White supremacist is anything but offensive.

“Not one soul has stood up and said Steve King has ever acted in a racist fashion, that he ever discriminated against anybody.”

So why the hell did Mr. King pretend to be sorry when he faced off with his colleagues, and was ordered to take responsibility for the fact that he was willfully spreading hateful rhetoric?

His bigotry is a badge of honor for King, and it has guided his messaging throughout his entire career. He’s obviously elated that he was born a White man, and he’s convinced that he’s privileged station is a superior one, compared to the Black and Brown people that he consistently demonizes.

Why did he bother to apologize instead of being steadfast in his beliefs, even at the risk of tossing his career in the waste basket, where it belongs? And why is he offended when his offensive jargon inspires the reference of him as a racist — when that’s precisely the only credible description that fits?

Perhaps another NBC staple can astutely answer that question.

Tom Brokaw has spent decades as one of the network’s top-notch talents, and unfortunately the worst happened with his ill-fated appearance on Meet the Press, when his contribution to the panel discussion about “the wall” — took a dire turn towards the pot-holed avenue of xenophobia.

The veteran newsman was attempting to make the case for the seamless assimilation into White society by Hispanics, who pose a threat to the GOP because of the ever-growing community of Brown people, and how this affects the adopted ideology of Trumpism — that’s committed to the quest of preserving White sovereignty.

This is what makes the immigration issue an activated nightmare, when you consider that President Trump is applying the principles of White supremacy, as a self-described “White nationalist,” who relies on fear tactics in effort to convince White Americans that their purity is in danger of being permanently tainted if the wall remains a pending item.

A bespectacled and rambling Brokaw started off badly, and ended with the ultimate homage to the Republican rulebook of how people from foreign lands with ethnicity to boot, will always be regarded as “less than” by the civilized population, who don’t want to be outnumbered to the point of extinction by the mechanics of culture mixing.

“On the Republican side, a lot of people see the rise of an extraordinary, important new constituent in American politics, Hispanics, who will come here and all be Democrats.”

It gets worse:

“Also, I hear, when I push people a little harder, ‘Well, I don’t know whether I want brown grandbabies.’ I mean, that’s also a part of it. It’s the intermarriage that is going on and the cultures that are conflicting with each other.”

And then it gets supremely nauseating:

“I also happen to believe that the Hispanics should work harder at assimilation. That’s one of the things I’ve been saying for a long time. You know, they ought not to be just codified in their communities but make sure that all their kids are learning to speak English, and that they feel comfortable in the communities. And that’s going to take outreach on both sides, frankly.”

As always, it takes a competent, eloquent, and well-informed Black woman to save the day, and thankfully PBS correspondent, Yamiche Alcindor, who famously weathered being publicly berated by Trump, who callously labeled her a racist, when she asked him about his allegiance to White nationalism — was willing and able to flawlessly call out Brokaw on his blatant ignorance, by serving him the FACTS.

“I grew up in Miami, where people speak Spanish, but their kids speak English. And the idea that we think America can only speak English, as if Spanish and other languages wasn’t always part of America, is, in some ways, troubling.”

Alcindor was being respectful of Brokaw because the truth is that his gross remarks are incredibly troubling; not to mention acutely racist to the core.

In the hours after the segment aired, there was an expected uproar on social media platforms as users retweeted the damning footage with disgust at the privileged White man, who was woefully out of touch, and inadvertently demonstrated the reasons why his presence as a revered anchorman is sadly outdated.

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists denounced Brokaw’s bigoted monologue, and once things started to boil over, the half-assed apology in the form of littered tweets came through.

Again, the White male ego being bruised to the point of torture, and the urgent need to send reminders of how despite proving your internalized bigotry beyond a doubt — your unblemished track record as the roving first-class reporter, who spent time in the company of renowned civil rights activists, which inspired the “White Savior” role for the misunderstood and oppressed Hispanics.

When the reception to that threaded mess produced even more ire and chaos, the public relations department at NBC took over the account and furnished this somewhat cohesive response:

Here’s the thing, Tom Brokaw isn’t sorry for the words that escaped his mouth — he’s just sorry that it caused the controversy that he inexplicably didn’t see coming.

It’s just like the New York attorney, Aaron Schlossberg, who made headlines in the spring of 2018, for publicly harassing Spanish-speaking customers and employees of a Midtown eatery, by chiding them for speaking their mother tongue, which automatically reduced them to uneducated heathens who are on welfare and undocumented.

His disgusting rant included this gem:

“If they have the balls to come here and live off my money, I pay for their welfare, I pay for their ability to be here. The least they can do … is speak English.” “My guess is they’re not documented. So my next call is to ICE to have each one of them kicked out of my country.”

Once the video went viral, all hell broke loose, and the whimpering White male ego couldn’t take the heat, so a rushed apology was issued in effort to fight for his right to be human enough to make terrible mistakes.

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Schlossberg insists that he’s “not a racist,” and that the video that clearly depicts his slobbering arrogance as a White male with hate written all over his face, and the words that support his bigotry, didn’t adequately “convey” who he really is.

And then he uses his White privilege to instruct critics on how to civilly disagree with his appallingly vile behavior — by asking them to react “calmly” and “respectfully.”

White people really have to learn how to take ownership of their prejudice, instead of getting pissed when the “cat is out of the bag,” and the word on the street is all about how another White person outed himself as the racist that he claims not to be.

And saying your sorry by clinging to the pathetic argument of how your past actions are majestic enough to erase the current act of verbal violence, that was spewed out with the supremeness of your disposition — pretty much exacerbates the infectiousness of the wounds you’ve exacted on your targeted victims.

Stop apologizing for what you’re not sorry for and instead embrace your racism in the same way you protect your Whiteness, because either way, you are what you are — for better or worse.

If we can readily accept your unsightly hatred for the Black and Brown population, the least you can do is follow suit.

Your bigotry is pretty much the only thing that we can all agree on so why not make it count?

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