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Dear White People, Stop Telling Us To Stop Saying “All White People”

In case you’re wondering, we are engaged in a full blown race war, and as we rapidly approach election day in November, there’s every reason to believe that the worst will happen.

Despite four years of utter hell, accommodating the vileness from a toxic administration overseen by an incompetent oaf, who will go down in history as the worst to ever do it, we can’t discount what happened four years ago, and how it activated this mess.

It’s more than likely that most white Americans will secretly repeat the crime of reelecting a self-professed white supremacist, who is an active threat to our national security.

Even before the real life nightmare of Donald Trump got unleashed on a stunned nation and world, it was abundantly clear during the shit show of the 2016 elections, that the former New York real estate mogul and reality TV star was woefully unfit for any office, much less the occupation of The White House.

But his candidacy was traitorously endorsed by the GOP, which basically guaranteed his nomination based on his immense appeal with white evangelicals and the large portion of white Americans who “suffered” through the Obama years.

They say payback is a bitch!

We can apply that to the devious motives of white folks, who were on a mission to remind Black America that the lethality of white supremacy, won’t be overshadowed by the historic presidency of Barack Obama, and all that it represents for future generations.

On the campaign trail, Trump and his entourage were up to speed about the non-negotiable contract, when it came to the hate-filled narrative that would become the main attraction at rallies across the country, overflowing with #MAGA accessories, and ignorant bigots basking in KKK heaven.

It was refreshing to finally breathe again after eight years of holding in the instinctual desire to freely terrorize the usual targets, without the buzzkill of maintaining political correctness in public spaces.

Candidate Donald Trump triumphantly promised to Make America Great Again for white people who were anxious to move forward with the nefarious agenda, that would reinforce their white privilege.

It’s the blueprint for the domestic terrorism that has been playing out for centuries, but is now receiving the overdue spotlight as a result of brave protesters challenging the unlawful and destructive status quo.

Candidate Trump’s outlandish display of overt racism proved to be a major hit not just for his gang of supporters, but also late night TV hosts, and of course the ailing institution known as Saturday Night Live, that has since made a miraculous recovery after betting big on the potential goldmine of Trump-inspired skits.

Hillary Clinton’s bitter defeat was the shocker heard around the globe. But even more horrific was the realization that President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama would have to eat shit as a result of the national betrayal of participating in the transfer of power to fucking Donald Trump and Melania!

For white folks who claim that “not all white people are racists,” the major heartache was the dashed hopes and dreams of witnessing the first-ever white woman take the oath of office, and for her part, Clinton’s slogan — “I’m With Her” — pretty much sealed her fate.

But for Black America, this dawn of a new era that torments us with the immediate and unapologetic erasure of what we truly wanted to believe could be possible, even for a moment — is the dagger in hearts that won’t stop bleeding.

We are now accommodating a brand new decade that has unfolded into the unprecedented national health crisis of our lifetime. The coronavirus has unexpectedly merged with another national emergency, that has activated a revolution in the name of Black victims, past and present, who’ve succumbed to the deadliness of systemic violence, and the injustice that keeps these atrocities active without issue.

Despite the staggering numbers of new cases of Covid-19, popping up daily in hot spots that are plagued with dire consequences of rushed reopening, Trump is preoccupied with the vilification of the “liberal radical left” for trying to utilize the disgraceful failures of a dismally ineffective Commander-in-Chief to their advantage by vetoing his unreasonable demands.

There’s no better insight into the maniacal mindset of a brutish narcissist than Trump’s recent sit down interview with Fox News staple, Chris Wallace, who is often the subject of those infamous Twitter rants, that tear down anyone who chooses the truth over the duty of stroking an egotistical man-baby.

The unsightly clips showcase a raging racist who believes among other things that the confederate flag is reflective of freedom of speech and the nostalgic valiancy of the civil war.

The summary of that nauseating interview pays homage to the remarkable consistency of Donald Trump when it comes to his unnerving habit of centering himself in situations that are traumatic for those he has no empathy for, and yet he’s able to claim victimhood.

Just like he did when he was confronted with sobering statistics that confirmed a higher death count from Hurricane Maria, the mammoth storm that leveled Puerto Rico in 2017, Trump is refusing to accept that more than 140,000 Americans have died from Covid-19, and compared to other industrialized nations — this is a monumental catastrophe.

Chris Wallace did his best to manage the train wreck on his Sunday show, but ultimately Donald Trump is a lost cause, and a certifies bigot, who has the audacity to cruelly evoke the last moments of George Floyd’s life, as suffocated on the concrete ground, calling out for his dead mother.

During the interview, Trump “jokes” about how Joe Biden would be sprawled on the floor, “calling for mommy” if he had to confront the same “tough questions” about his leadership.

“Calling for mommy” while lying on the floor?

Donald Trump is a racist piece of shit, who has never hidden that fact, but now more than ever, he’s committed to giving his base what they want in order to secure his second term.

When asked during a social distanced interview with a CBS News reporter about his thoughts on police brutality and the ongoing terrorization of Black people — Trump adamantly insisted that white people are also senselessly killed by police — in greater numbers in fact!

That conspiracy theory has been circulating long enough to catch the attention of a bumbling fool, who also retweets viral garbage from far-right accounts, on the platform that supplies the hate-filled ideology that awarded him the highest office in the land.

As the months fly by, we are inch closer and closer to election day, and it’s hard not be reflective of what that could mean in the year 2020, when a global pandemic and the cries to abolish the police and save Black lives have become the divisive mechanisms spearheading this bloody race war.

The Black community has always been hit hardest, regardless, but this national crisis only exacerbates the precariousness of surviving Trump’s America.

And the latest graph showcasing the present state-of-affairs when it comes to the voting power of white America, is further evidence of why we need to finally accept how the fractured status of race relations will never be repaired.

Dear white people, please stop telling us to stop saying “all white people” when we vent about how Black women in particular are tasked with doing the heavy lifting with each election cycle, while white women are allowed to be emotionally intertwined in their disastrous love affair with their supreme leader.

After the notoriousness of the Trump administration that has encouraged a drastic spike in hate crimes since 2016, and rolled back legislation from the Obama years, that secured the protection of immigrants, the LGBTQ community and other vulnerable groups — there are still a large number of white Americans who will vote to reelect Donald Trump.

We can’t count on the touted allyship of white folks, and in all honesty, it’s empowering to say that out loud and embrace it.

At this point — Black and Brown voters can’t afford the cyclical mind fuck.

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