Queen Serena

Serena Williams is the American Hero White America Loathes

Serena Williams brought out the ugly when it was announced by Sport Illustrated that she was has been named “Sportsperson of the Year” — beating out her competitor — American Pharoah who happens to be a racehorse.

Of course it can’t be ignored that one of the greatest athletes of our time — if not the greatest had to share the spotlight with an animal. Granted this isn’t just any four-legged pet but rather an efficient trained machine that by all accounts has earned his reputation as a well-respected and accomplished athlete.

That being said, a horse certainly isn’t capable of plotting the ability to surpass all the odds in order to emerge victorious or calculate the threshold of pain required to either persevere in times of utmost duress or bravely bow out when the stakes are just too damn high.

Serena Williams has an impeccable track record that most white people have chosen to ignore or even worse downplay because according to them she looks like a “beast on steroids”. Of course she is able to shatter records and intimidatingly dominate the courts both home and abroad. She isn’t human.

Lovely Beast

She’s a force to reckon with whose capacity for excellence is beyond human understanding.

To White America she is a caricature of their sick imagination but to black America she is basically the very best thing we have going for us.

And we won’t stand for her to be ridiculed or fucked with by cowardly pale assholes who are truly crazed with the notion that a fucking horse should’ve been crowned the title that Serena earned with blood, sweat and tears.

This spectacular woman played not less than 56 matches in 2015 and only lost 3 of them. Think about it. Let that settle in. Her record of achievements is an extensive collage of mind-blowing activity since she learned to swing like a pro as a child. You can click here if you’re inclined to be blown away by her glaringly impressive record.

You find ways to belittle us to make yourselves feel vindicated which only serves to highlight those insecurities that have caused us indefinite damage.

If the President of this country and the First Lady can’t escape the soreness of white people’s disrespect — of course Serena regardless of impeccable work ethic and first-class sportsmanship will not be immune to cruel and unnecessary verbal trauma from the ones who are unsettled with the idea that a horse could be so unreasonably defeated by a black woman.

Yes, I went there. I’m a pretty chill chick but there are times when I find myself filled with a rage that takes the Lord’s Prayer to diffuse.
That period of incoherency happened on Monday when my timeline revealed the pettiness and overt slave mentality that was executed against Serena Williams — a top notch athlete who has represented America flawlessly and made Black America gleefully proud to be American which lets face it isn’t a natural tendency when you consider what we’ve been through at the hands of our white detractors.

But just when it counts the most — we can’t even be afforded any moments of bliss and this time it’s all because of a damn horse?!

To make matters worse — The LA Times had the unthinkable audacity to take a readers poll based on an image of Serena paired with an animal so we can decide the worthier of the two.

That seems to be an ongoing sentiment amongst white people. The continuous need to decimate the very features that are now being popularly requested by white women.

You call her a gorilla and reference her manly physique and then you mock her stride and dismiss her obvious charisma.

All of those things are deplorable acts of venomous complacency. A characteristic that white people excel at because how else can they justify their history of brutality?

However — let’s make one relevant item very clear.

Serena Williams is not just a world-class sportswoman — she is also an American Hero and if that’s too much for you to digest all at once — then I suggest you take your time to swallow it. All of it.

She is a hero to all little girls regardless of color or creed. So, yes, White America — Serena is also going to be a major influence on your privileged dolls who may someday harbor a desire to be the world’s greatest tennis player. Who do you think they’re going to use as their blueprint?

At the end of the day — White Americans have no choice but to give Serena Williams the respect that she is has earned and that is due in full.

She is a fierce beast but not in the way that you think. She is fiercely competitive, loyal, honest, sexy, confident, hard-working, gorgeous, regal, and intelligent.

And Black America will not stand for White America to reduce her to a species who can’t hold a candle to an over-indulged horse.

True American heroes deserve better. Wouldn’t you agree?

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