Dear White People, Protesting Isn’t Just a “Rebel Yell”, It’s The Language You Refuse to Learn

The chaos in Charlotte, NC with the protesting stemming from yet another murder at the hands of White cops — is currently dominating the walls of social media — as we all converge to dispute the bullshit that is erupting at rapid speed and with full force.

#KeithLamontScott is the latest to be added to the pile of victims — killed because White cops with the support of Black cops felt the need to lay down the law no matter how high the cost.

In America, White guys are allowed to stab and eat their prey and live to tell the tale. If you don’t believe me — click here.

In America, Black men are not allowed to walk the streets or drive without asking the gods they serve to watch over them.

They are not allowed to exit their vehicles with their hands in the air. They are not permitted to make mistakes. They are not given the freedom to be human. Black men, women, and children, can’t give any indication that they have the capacity to learn from their missteps — because they don’t live long enough to look back with nostalgic fodder.

We are killed even before we are born.

North Carolina congressman — Robert Pittenger — a certified asshole in a suit that he doesn’t deserve — explained that the protests are in session because Black people hate White people.

We hate y’all because you successfully utilized the resources of this great nation and unfortunately Black people are too lazy and mentally handicapped to match that level of productivity.

Let’s be clear, I used to think the exact same thing. I was that person that thought about all the ways Black Americans refute the opportunities at their disposal — by choosing options that consistently keeps them buried in lackluster coverings.

It took being aligned with friends — explaining the layered and complicated folds of historical renderings — that as you know remains chained in lies and stereotypes.

This is for the benefit of those who wield the power to keep your minds soaked in garbage — so you don’t ever peep the truth of your existence.

The shit going down isn’t just a “black” thing it’s a “we” thing.

Yeah, White America, this is also your problem too. I know. You can run red lights, travel to faraway countries and turn your host into a criminalized speck of your imagination.

You have it like that.

But, you have to come home — eventually. And when you do — guess what?

Black people that are lit with residue of unacceptable presentations that feature slides of our kind — beckoning under the bullets from your kind — will keep you stuck in traffic for longer than you desire.

All you techies beware. Your meetings will have to wait.

We all have to adjust our schedules accordingly because the United States of America is about get even more “United.”

The general consensus amongst the public is that the “rebel yell” hitting the pertinent corners of the nation is being instituted as a violent act against law-abiding citizens — caught in the crossfire.

The interesting thing about this realization is that none of you ever expressed concern over the violence that took the life of a young mother — trying to protect her young child from the tragedy unfolding in front of them.

Her name was Korryn Gaines — and her killers have been discharged of any wrongdoing. Did I mention that they also injured her 5-year-old son?

Let that sink in and then make room for more.

A 12-year-old boy, Tamir Rice — was shot in the gut for playing in the park — while he innocently wielded a toy gun.

My younger brothers had toy guns. I remember one of them in particular. It was silver. I used to mimic the characters I saw on TV — but my aim was never that great despite all that practice.

I am alive. He’s not. He died because he looked like a twenty-two-year-old bandit.

I won’t go any further because what’s the point?

Most White people honestly believe that Black people deserve to be exterminated — like the insects that pollute their high-priced penthouses.

I get it. The mindset of comfort can’t accommodate anything that deviates from the understanding that Black people get exactly what they ask for.

You guys cry over animals and marine life that suffer needlessly at the hands of humans who attack with no mercy. The rage against fur is big time! You are vocal beyond compare when it comes to non-humans. I am not against it. I also have a soft spot for animals that are tortured beyond their limits. I say — kill them quick!

I eat meat so forgive me.

Our cry for justice is beyond White America and that makes a ton of sense for many reasons but I will explain the one that resonates.

I can’t imagine what it is like to be able to devour my surroundings with the level of understanding that amasses when you’re assured that you won’t be rejected — based purely on your template.

White people can’t fathom what it’s like to be gawked at with venom and disgust. They have no idea how it feels to be judged based on the color of their skin or texture of their hair. They can’t begin to comprehend the pressure of knowing that despite nailing that interview — they have to accept that if the company has reached it’s quota — there is no way — their dreams will come true.

It’s hard I know. You’ve avoided the pleasure of closing your eyes in solidarity. You refuse to learn our language. I won’t thug you out if and only if — you extend that same courtesy.

Don’t fucking tell me when or how to raise my voice in protest against a system that you designed for my failure.

Stop using the vulnerability of my people to make yourselves feel good and adequate. If you are so hell bent on upholding the lyrics of the anthem because it holds that much significance — then go for it!

But don’t imagine for one minute that you are poised to direct this horror movie that was borne out of shame and guilt. Don’t be the White people that Black people joke about with familiar beats to verses that y’all bop to with astute stupidity.

Don’t do it. Please. Stay in your lane.

When we take to the streets, it’s serious business. It’s not a music video and it has nothing to do with how well you translate our moves. We are speaking a language that you refuse to understand.

We will speak it with earnest and absorb the ignorance and trite rejection from White America because it actually is part of the grand finale.

When the end hits — there will be no Black or White. Imagine that and try to translate that reality.

I’ll wait.

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