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Dear White People, Please Stop Using The “N-Word” To Fight Your Battles

I can’t stand that actress Rose McGowan used the “N-word” as her way of describing the gravity of her wounds. When will White people refrain from using Black pain as the ointment for their wounds, which is always deeper and more prone to infection.

The climate Harvey Weinstein has inspired is stifling as fuck — not to mention a trigger point for people like me — who have a hard time stomaching all the testimonies that are distributed by the winners of hashtags that fought for viral usage.

I felt really bad for Ms. McGowan because this isn’t the first time she has expressed her disgust with an industry that hung her out to dry. Also, I know how badly it sucks to be a victim of sexual assault. I comprehend the horror of being too young to process why this is happening with frequency — under a roof that was supposed to protect not harm.

I’ve tried to strategize my support without surrendering my sanity.

When #WomenBoycottingTwitter was instituted — I declined to participate because I didn’t see the point of it and also there have been instances when Black women badly needed the input and outcry of White women — but were greeted with dead silence.

It’s no secret that White and Black feminism don’t mix very well, and that is a disposition that won’t be altered anytime soon.

Especially when you have White people perpetuating the notion that their suffering deserves more recognition under every circumstance.

Even the ones that are presently clogging timelines with emotional salutations that evoke a level of camaraderie that was supposed to create the temporary illusion of a united front.

That was shot to hell when McGowan tweeted her case for the “N-word.”


Her plea to consider the weightiness of a word with abhorrent tendencies as counter to how White women feel when they’re the butt of jokes at their expense — is prime example of White privilege.

The very same people that query their privilege are the same ones that ask me to Google how many people turned up to protest the killing of Tamir Rice.

White people have a challenging time thinking before they speak when it comes to the adventurous use of a word that they don’t deserve to manipulate for any reason other than to humiliate. Some are readily apologetic when scolded for their misuse and inconceivable nonchalance. They even remove evidence of the Tweet and its reactions before they’re completely buried in social rubble.

But, just like Weinstein’s infestation of Hollywood and how it will be nearly impossible for the lives attached to recover — the callous use of the “N-word” to reference an issue that is immersed in Whiteness with White victimhood — assigned to White woman who deserve our thorough empathy and openness — is another calculated betrayal.

It makes it really hard to stand by the motto of feminism — across all the ties that bind — and unleash what it entails to be female in a world that is polluted with venom of masculinity.

We should be able to put aside the anger and hurt in the name of a common fight, but the great divide pushes us further apart with the expectations that usually surround the black and white struggle.

Dear White people, please stop using the “N-word” to fight your communal battles.

The “word” that shouldn’t be uttered at all — seems to be an irresistible force for a population that can’t grasp why it’s astoundingly offensive to minimize the historical attributes of an era — that essentially destroyed dynasties and the branches of familial bonds.

White people are emotional and this concept only applies to them, which is why you can make the case for how Black people are used to being fucked with — and so just imagine how that feels long enough to reclaim your Whiteness and revise the joke that makes White girls cry.

We can’t have White girls crying and we can’t have Harvey Weinstein’s mean paws either — so lets use the Lion from the Wizard of Oz as reference and allow the “N-word” to take an extended break from the complexities of Whiteness and why it has to be restored — as soon as the systems are down

The “word” that is thrown around by White supremacists who have Trump to thank for those nightly gatherings — doesn’t belong in the confines of White politics or the victimhood that pales in comparison to the ongoing slavery of Black America — through the whipping of societal abuse.

Black women with dark skin, nappy hair, and themselves as shields — also succumb to the consequences of moving hands up the thighs that used to be forced apart before banishment to the moonless fields — waiting for shivering hands to devour later.

White pain isn’t greater than Black pain because pain is pain. White women are not more delicate than Black women — even when they cry the loudest and summon the largest audience.

White feminism is for White women, and feminism is for Black women who continue to demonstrate the logical meaning of such an existence with extension for anyone else who can’t imagine using slave terms as the tool for elaborate mind-fucking.

It’s just not an advisable thing to do — unless of course you fit the ideals of Whiteness.

If you need to speak to someone about the trauma of your abuse — reach out to and get the relief you desperately need and deserve. Don’t suffer in silence. If logging off periodically helps for meditative purposes — do it!

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