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Dear White People, Please Own Your Shit

The horror show currently unfolding, merely days after Capitol Hill was under attack from white terrorists, who were revved up from intoxication that emanated at the venue of the Trump Crime Family’s “Save America” rally, anchored by a mainstay hoodlum, Rudy Giuliani, is a damning testament to what white supremacy can produce when left unchecked.

He told y’all!

Dear white people, it’s time for you to own your shit.

Take those thinly veiled blinders off and acknowledge the scorn of reality, as it pertains to our biased judicial system that rewards racist white cops who murder a 12-year-old Black boy in cold-blood, for playing with a toy gun at a local park, but white terrorists defacing federal property in broad daylight are able to physically assault police officers without issue.

Trump’s America was always America, the anointed one according to white evangelicals was called upon to scrub away the Blackness of the first-ever Black president, and that meant creating a ravenous monster with a beastly appetite that knows no bounds.

That source of deathly nourishment is still boosting the wiles of the Murderer-in-Chief, who should be held in a jail cell for his crimes against humanity.

These documented offenses include the migrant crisis, the deadly mismanagement of an unprecedented health emergency that has killed more than 370,000 Americans, and flagrantly corralling his base of white terrorists to activate a coup, in an effort to overthrow the election results that legally certify his loss.

Articles of impeachment being drafted against him will make him the first American president to go through this dishonorable process twice. But in order for him to experience the rightful punishment of completely losing the privileges afforded to his more distinguished predecessors, Donald Trump would have to be forcibly removed from office — a highly unlikely outcome.

This shit show is only going to get more horrific with time.

As a white man in the America he has molded according to his blueprint of lawlessness — Trump could run for office again in 2024 and possibly win.

Do it now.

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