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Dear White People, Please Own Your Shit

The horror show currently unfolding, merely days after Capitol Hill was under attack from white terrorists, who were revved up from intoxication that emanated at the venue of the Trump Crime Family’s “Save America” rally, anchored by a mainstay hoodlum, Rudy Giuliani, is a damning testament to what white supremacy can produce when left unchecked.

Donald Trump’s shockingly combative inaugural speech, minutes after he took the oath of office was the unnerving transparency that has been maintained throughout his godforsaken presidency. Nobody can accuse the self-professed white nationalist, who proudly owned the obvious while rallying for the re-election of Ted Cruz, a noted traitor, during the 2018 midterm elections, of being insincere about his celebrated nefariousness.

The shit was hilarious back in the early days, when traitorous Republicans and their enabling leaders slathered bad humor all over the increasingly threatening stance of a Thug-in-Chief, who was a shameless Putin loyalist, and avid admirer of murderous dictators like North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, who amusingly played his much older and less savvy counterpart like a fiddle.

Television’s oldest institution, Saturday Night Live was in danger of flatlining before the epic resurrection that came in the form of a timely demon, and his army of fools, who were ironic enough to provide belly laughs at the expense of those who can’t overlook the precariousness of rising hate crimes and emboldened white harassers dialing 911 to report innocent Black children.

The audacity of Donald Trump’s dramatic rise and fall was a direct result of the white establishment that’s structured to coddle the currency of whiteness, to guarantee the protection of a global disrupter and national terrorizer.

This enlarged beast can incite the level of violence that puts this country in emergency mode with lives lost, and yet, the empowered white perpetrator retains privileges of his presidency.

When white folks populate social media platforms with messages of disbelief at the actions of white anarchists, freely carrying out the marching orders of their supreme leader, with the full support of law enforcement or at the very least with little to no push back from badged officers, who are armed but not dangerous, those sentiments tend to rub Black folks the wrong way.

What will it take for white people to recognize their unfair advantage in an oppressed society that favors their survivability above communities that are systemically targeted for extinction by institutionalized terror cells?

We’ve been embodying two versions of “America the beautiful” and the ugliness of that truth has been showcased in graphic terms via viral content, that white folks gawk at and share with aggression, as if such acts serve as indisputable proof of solidarity.

Dear white people, it’s time for you to own your shit.

Take those thinly veiled blinders off and acknowledge the scorn of reality, as it pertains to our biased judicial system that rewards racist white cops who murder a 12-year-old Black boy in cold-blood, for playing with a toy gun at a local park, but white terrorists defacing federal property in broad daylight are able to physically assault police officers without issue.

Your allyship doesn’t mean much if you’re still unwilling to thoroughly review the brutish history of your ancestors, and trace that evidence back to present day anarchy — the systemic domination of white power.

It’s manifesting in the form of domestic terrorism under the tutelage of an installed regime blessed by the evilness of white evangelism.

Feigning ignorance and declaring your hands clean from the filth and gunk that has been suffocating oppressed communities and destabilizing generations of Black families, only exacerbates the best intentions of unification and the clear road ahead, that will require the removal of debris, planted by the vileness of America’s most revered religion.

The chaos and mayhem that transpired at the sacred seat of democracy isn’t a mind-blowing assault that erupted out of nowhere.

It was a potently slow drip, accumulating into floods of blood red rage, that’s once again dispensed into jars of white victimhood.

Megaphones of mass destruction, like White House communications and Fox News, a propaganda-driven shithole, that should be investigated for dangerously distorting the honorable station of journalism to cajole the whims of an egomaniacal tyrant, have conspired with the assistance of the Republican Party to normalize the unsightly salutes to white power.

Donald Trump was always headed for self-destruction, but even his pee-sized brain understood the benefits of weaponizing his absolute power to ensure that the blinding explosion will reverberate, to further deepen the unsalvageable divide of an ailing nation teetering on the brink of no return.

Trump’s America was always America, the anointed one according to white evangelicals was called upon to scrub away the Blackness of the first-ever Black president, and that meant creating a ravenous monster with a beastly appetite that knows no bounds.

That source of deathly nourishment is still boosting the wiles of the Murderer-in-Chief, who should be held in a jail cell for his crimes against humanity.

These documented offenses include the migrant crisis, the deadly mismanagement of an unprecedented health emergency that has killed more than 370,000 Americans, and flagrantly corralling his base of white terrorists to activate a coup, in an effort to overthrow the election results that legally certify his loss.

Articles of impeachment being drafted against him will make him the first American president to go through this dishonorable process twice. But in order for him to experience the rightful punishment of completely losing the privileges afforded to his more distinguished predecessors, Donald Trump would have to be forcibly removed from office — a highly unlikely outcome.

The blatant episode of domestic terrorism under the watchful eye and stealth complicity of some members of law enforcement is the prime example of how the deadliness of white terrorism can also cripple its own for the cause.

Dear white people. you may harbor utter disgust, hopelessness and frustration at the frightening state-of-affairs in a country that was once hailed as the “world police,” staunch defender of human rights and cradle of democracy, but consider how Black counterparts aren’t able to sleep comfortably without fearfully anticipating the invasion of plain-clothed cops, armed and ready to shoot through the dark.

The United States of America was never “united” and the only ones who can’t seem to grasp that declaration are the privileged and white, who are just now beginning to experience the shattering of those rose-colored glasses, thanks to the over-powered, over-exposed and vengeful white males, who are forcing white America to stop looking away and finally own their shit.

Allyship is more than heartfelt comments of support, emphatic retweets of relevant think pieces and promise to not repeatedly re-share viral death videos featuring bullet-ridden Black bodies.

It’s about owning what it means to be white in America versus the war zone that’s become bloodier from the allegiance of the police to Trump’s wretched itinerary of mandated bigotry.

Get acquainted with the racial markings of a country that was built for your uninterrupted luxury, and rigged against those who are deemed expendable by institutions that are funded to elevate the currency of white power.

This shit show is only going to get more horrific with time.

As a white man in the America he has molded according to his blueprint of lawlessness — Trump could run for office again in 2024 and possibly win.

If you are earnest about utilizing your whiteness for goodness by doing the honest hard work, without the pretense and on behalf of those who have earned the breaks — please do that.

Do it now.

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