Dear white folks, remember back in 2017 when Netflix announced the arrival of Dear White People a clever dramedy based on the hit movie with the same title?


There’s also the roster of Black women, past and present, who’ve been brutalized to death by racists with badges, who have traitorously gotten away with murder.

But that was then and this is now.

We are now committed to the unfolding revolution, spurned from the explosiveness of relations between legendary foes, and the beautiful rage of the oppressed, dominating blood-soaked landscapes with the breathing air of valiant predecessors.

Dear white people, it’s literally now or never!

You can no longer hide underneath the shield of societal opulence, that has directed your ability to be far removed from the sheer terror of being Black in America without the scathing reviews that won’t simply disappear when the chatter dies down.

All bets are off.

Nothing will ever be the same, and that means the privilege of whiteness will have to undergo a thorough renovation that forces the immediate installation of a revised order of things.

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