Dear white folks, remember back in 2017 when Netflix announced the arrival of Dear White People a clever dramedy based on the hit movie with the same title?

Remember when white people were mad as hell at the notion of being “tortured” by the highly-anticipated offering, with the premise about a group of Black students, attending a mostly white Ivy League institution?

These young Black academics are challenged with guarding their Blackness against the backdrop of potent white privilege, “cultural bias, social injustice, misguided activism and slippery politics.”

Y’all were so pissed that you threatened to boycott Netflix for daring to showcase a highly-anticipated series that poses uncomfortable themes, highlighting exactly why such a strong response to Dear White People was predictably hateful.

It was another profound demonstration of how the fragility of whiteness continues to be threatened by the propelled authority of Blackness in ways that force white people to obstinately dwell in a cushioned bubble of indifference.

Fortunately for us, the status quo will eventually be toppled by the triumphant cries for justice, that become defiant enough to blast away the audacities of human rights violations and the supremeness of whiteness.

Those destructive attributes allows for the normalized nonchalance when Black lives are callously not meant to matter.

The coldblooded murder of George Floyd orchestrated by a murderous former cop with the cowardice of three thugs-in-uniform, who assisted in the killing has exacted thunderous consequences that go far beyond the assigned charges against the perpetrators that took way too long to happen.

The terrifyingly graphic death video is the outrageously indefensible evidence of how law enforcement has been permitted to function as a domestic terror cell, that targets the Black community with the anointing of our criminalized judicial system.

We haven’t even adequately processed the hate crime that violently took the life of Ahmaud Arbery, 26, in February of this year.

Arbery was shot down by two white supremacists with the inclusion of a co-conspirator, who not only filmed the heartbreaking footage, but also used his truck to block the escape of their trapped victim.

We now know that while Arbery was laying on the ground, succumbing to his bullet wounds; one of the bastards towering over him uttered the words:


There’s also the roster of Black women, past and present, who’ve been brutalized to death by racists with badges, who have traitorously gotten away with murder.

Breonna Taylor is the name of the young Black woman who would’ve turned twenty-seven this month, if not for the tragic event that occurred in March, when police officers from Louisville Metro Police Department broke into her apartment in the dead of night and shot her eight times.

Taylor’s killers have been placed on administrative leave pending the results of the ongoing investigation.

But that really translates to an extended paid vacation, while the innocent life they stole continues to haunt bereaved family members.

What happened to Breonna Taylor is tragically reminiscent of what befell another young Black woman, and mother of two, Korryn Gaines, who was also subjected to a fatal home invasion that quickly turned into a bloody shootout, that injured a young boy, who was caught in the crossfire.

Korryn Gaines had outstanding warrants for a petty misdemeanor, but the SWAT team was determined to initiate a standoff against a young Black woman, who was armed and desperately cradling her son.

These menaces to society mercilessly attacked the victim as if she was a notorious drug dealer who was finally being apprehended with the mandate that she wouldn’t survive the brutal encounter — and she didn’t.

Dear white people, these are the real life nightmares that you casually read or hear about with brief investment that fades away, as you thank your lucky stars for your privileged whiteness, and guiltlessly assign blame to the Black lives who most likely asked for their cursed outcome.

For the white people who give a shit, you profusely offer condolences, and energetically share and re-share think pieces that directly hold your whiteness accountable for the systemic racism that attacks the wellbeing and survivability of your Black counterparts.

Some of you take it further with DMs and well-meaning comments that task us with the responsibility of providing guidance and instructive responses on how to boost your allyship.

But that was then and this is now.

We are now committed to the unfolding revolution, spurned from the explosiveness of relations between legendary foes, and the beautiful rage of the oppressed, dominating blood-soaked landscapes with the breathing air of valiant predecessors.

Dear white people, it’s literally now or never!

You can no longer hide underneath the shield of societal opulence, that has directed your ability to be far removed from the sheer terror of being Black in America without the scathing reviews that won’t simply disappear when the chatter dies down.

The perfect storm of Covid-19 and the swell of activism from protesters near and far has set off the dawn of a new era of reckoning for the sainted population.

All bets are off.

Nothing will ever be the same, and that means the privilege of whiteness will have to undergo a thorough renovation that forces the immediate installation of a revised order of things.

Dear white people, the time has come for you to pick the right side or forever be damned.

The season of having it both ways has abruptly ended, and your lengthy tour of taking ownership of all that you are and why it has been historically harmful to Black and Brown populations has begun.

It is up to you and you alone to decide how to wisely tread unfamiliar territory without exacerbating an already bubbling infection that will take forever to heal.

We don’t owe you an education about why “All lives matter” is outrightly offensive. We shouldn’t have to explain why aggressively sharing viral content depicting Black pain and Black death isn’t the ideal method of garnering empathy.Absorbing disturbing footage on a monthly basis won’t force you to actually care about the rampant incidences of police brutality carried out by racist white cops.

If you are truly moved beyond words about the scenes that are ushering in the renaissance of our lifetimes, and you feel compelled not to be tallied with counterparts, who prefer to protect their damning privilege at all costs from the threats of mandated enlightenment — then it’s incumbent on you to be immersed in the avenues of knowledge that increase awareness and humility.

You can no longer rely on the poor excuse of being too privileged to truly appreciate what the “Black experience” entails because that counters your vocal promise to do better. In order to make that happen, you must first admit the crime of previously not giving fuck when being self-absorbed worked best.

And now for the sake of your own damn security and the emergency of dusting off optics, the blinding spotlight forces the immediacy of humanness.

Dear white people, the first place to start has to be the recognition of what brought us to this historical destination, and why it’s appalling that it took the documented gruesome last minutes of yet another Black life that didn’t matter, for the national and global eruption of volcanic proportions to spill into your blissful existence.

George Floyd won’t be the last member of a vulnerable community, who dies a violent death at the hands of an institutionalized mafia that produces rogue police officers, who are trained to only respect white lives with main directives to brutalize Black lives during murderous episodes that end with body bags.

The raging fire that can’t be doused with the bare minimum from white folks who secretly hope this national crisis will die down before summer hits, when facing Blackness becomes the frigid experience worth avoiding, is sporting flames that are fast and furiously grazing everything in sight.

Dear white people, the ball is in your court as they say, and this time you can’t afford to underestimate the liabilities that will surely accrue if you’re incapable of rising to the occasion, during this defining moment that was inevitable in it’s activation and non-negotiable demands.

Notable white-owned corporations and white-owned media posing as the “hub of diversity” when the truth of that lie can’t be denied, have to quickly contend with how to make amends in ways that more than supply basic requirements.

This is the timeout that we didn’t have to wait to see in blockbuster movies with highly-touted Black superstars, who perform to the expanded bank accounts of white movie executives, currently erasing “white savior” themed offerings that were slated for future release.

You have to seriously contemplate where you fit in all of this.

And while supporting Black creatives and routinely voicing the earnest acknowledgment of what’s playing out with a keen sense of urgency is expected, it isn’t nearly enough to illustrate your vital contributions to this progressive path that’s ablaze with heightened euphoria.

Dear white people, if you truly want to understand what you need to do to check your privilege, as you delve into the structural racism that you benefit from at the expense of your victimized Black counterparts — your best intentions won’t lead you astray.

Again, it’s NOT our job to “educate” grown adults who have seamless access to the resources that can assist in making this unplanned transition work for the good of all parties involved.

Where we’re at is where future generations will draw from for enduring inspiration with awe-struck gratitude.

So, dear white people…make it work!

You can start with a first-class education from a real-life American hero:

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