Dear White Media, The New Iron Man is not a 15-year-old Black Woman

Today has been real tight for me — for obvious reasons. Being trapped in a time warp that engages all the ugliness against Black people — without interludes — is hard to get used to.

Actually it’s a bitch.

It’s turning me into a megabitch on the prowl for motherfuckers who can’t act right and have plenty of shit to say about another black man who was exterminated for being black.

While searching for a Twitter argument — I stumbled upon the multitude of announcements heralding a new black female superhero.

Personally, that genre isn’t my thing. Batman was the last man in a cape that I gave a fuck about. And that’s only because of Christian Bale.

But this new treatment to a popular figure in the world of super humans caught my attention because of her blackness and her age.

She’s 15-years-old and already tasked with reclaiming her weighty birthright.

But, she’s just a girl!

Not according to media outlets who couldn’t wait to hop on the diversity trail with the news of how White people are finally leaving the doors wide enough for black people to step in.

Instead of hanging on to the one positive on a day that reeked of the negative — I was once again dealt a stinging blow.

The headlines echoed the fact that a black female was stepping into the shoes of a famed character.

Things got creepy when the 15-year-old genius was classified as a woman.

A Black Woman.

Let’s be clear. There is no way in the world that a white girl who is barely into her teenage years would be called “a White woman”.

Girl. Girl would be her description. She’s a White girl.

Woman. An adult female. Black girls are adults when they are 15-years-old because that justifies the need to categorize Black people as overly developed brutes.

Black media outlets described the Black girl as a Black girl who happens to be dope.

Other pubs preferred to label the girl a Black woman. Her background and surmountable adversities undoubtedly aged her — and made her wise beyond her years and superior enough to be called a woman at 15.


This is how we prepare America for the string of bodies that will form a line through the map of this country and beyond.

We project that Tamir Rice looked 22 when he was really 12. He was a giant and ready to pounce. He needed to be shot in the stomach and given the opportunity to bleed to death.

We make every black victim sound like a predator that needed to be incapacitated — which would work out fine because at least they would be alive.

Calling a 15-year-old Black girl a woman is derogatory and stupidly ignorant.

Black people are babies too at first. Then we enter the toddler stage and eventually begin early maturity.

We become adults when everyone else does. It’s not magic or regulated to a specific species.

If a 15-year-old White female can be a girl — so can a Black female who happens to be the same age.

Stop fucking around. We see you.



Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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