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Dear White House Press Corps, Why Can’t You Stand Up and Against An Over-Indulged Authoritarian?

The United States of America isn’t united, but you don’t need me to verify what you already know. No matter what side of the political divide you claim, the views match up for anyone with a zip code that registers your location in a country that’s drowning in its own blood.

As I’m typing away with the mandate to challenge the press corps for the temperate response to the mutant bully in The White House, the breaking news is a distracting tragedy that has become the normalized existence that won’t ever be rectified to protect our lifespan.

Another mass shooting, staged by another White male, who exhibited signs of mental trauma that enlisted several encounters with law enforcement, but never resulted in the help he needed — has taken the lives of young people who attended nearby colleges — and just wanted to enjoy a fun night of line dancing at local spot.

As usual, frantic relatives and stunned friends are holding on to the hope that missing loved ones aren’t lying in a pool of blood in the barricaded premises where phones are ringing and bodies aren’t moving.

The Commander of mayhem and chaos issued the standard tweet that compliments the heroism of the fallen sheriff and ends with the excruciating emptiness of “God’s blessings.”

Whether God ever decides to “bless” us with his presence in the near future remains to be seen, but in the meantime, we’re left with a devastating war zone, that’s being managed by a toxic administration that’s committed to the religion of White supremacy, and the early stages of a dictatorship.

When President Trump decided to hold a news conference at 11:30am, in the East Room of The White House the day after the torturous midterm elections — the festivities began almost half an hour later. Evidently, one of the many charming qualities of the traitorous leader is his penchant for keeping dignitaries waiting for the hell of it.

Watching from the bosom of my worn out couch, it became immediately clear, that this orchestrated shit show was going to be disgustingly memorable.

Trump looked like a diseased character from a Stephen King novel, as he shifted his bulkiness in response to the phrases that he had been instructed not to utter. It was mind-boggling to witness the man charged with all the power in the world, rudely shredding members of his own party who, had exercised their rights to distance themselves from his hate-filled rhetoric.

“Mia Love, gave me no love, and she lost, sorry Mia!”

After the bizarre shaming of the hard-working politicians who signed up for the honor of serving their districts as opposed to the selfish quest of massaging their over-blown egos— more gibberish was unleashed right before the Q&A session.

Shit hit the fan when CNN’s Jim Acosta had the floor, and the president’s demeanor was altered to reveal a shade of orange we’ve never seen before.

Acosta’s questions challenged the falsehood of the mass hysteria that accompanied the caravan of Brown bodies, and how the lies upon lies that were meant to incite fear and the dreadfulness of a phantom invasion — were all part of the master plan.

Trump lashed out with venomous fury, as he yelled and cursed and thrashed about the authority to shut down the imminent threat of being exposed for what he really is by the professionals who are tasked with doing nothing less.

Acosta maintained his cool in the same way a mother quietly accommodates her toddler’s unreasonable response to “no cookies before dinner,” and then sternly demands his cooperation.

Things took an even darker turn when the president was reminded by his “enemy” that CNN had recently weathered a bomb scare that was undoubtedly inspired by the damning label: “enemy of the people,” that has been bestowed on the media. Acosta also probed further about the ongoing entanglements with Russia.

A White House intern was promptly ordered to rip the mic from the grip of a reporter who was merely doing his job by attempting to get the answers to the questions that needed to be asked, as he was getting pummeled with a bevy of insults.

The woman charged towards Acosta and aggressively tried to yank away the rights of a citizen in broad daylight. After being briefly derailed, she succeeded and the room erupted with other reporters vying for attention.

The stunning aftermath of that incident was the fact that the president was still allowed to hold court in a space that he had supremely violated.

What happened to Jim Acosta was offensive and undeniably wrong, and it should have created an atmosphere that vehemently opposed tolerating the callous and unfair treatment directed at a member of an illustrious organization — that recognizes the importance of pursuing truth and justice — on behalf of those who appreciate those endeavors.

It’s was appalling to realize that no member of the press corps thought it direly necessary to encourage his or her colleagues to stage a walkout in retaliation for the president’s abhorrently abusive reception — and the deeply embedded lack of respect for their station.

And of course things only got worse, as the tense climate yielded more victims for the public massacre.

CNN political analyst and veteran journalist, April Ryan was barely able to ask anything at all before she was attacked and scorned by the rabid tongue of the fiery drill sergeant, who demanded she “sit down” and accused her of being part of the “hostile media” before chastising her for “rudely interrupting” a fellow reporter.

But the episode in this unbearably revolting drama that contains the graphic proof of why President Trump needs to be forcibly removed from his unearned position, centers around former New York Times staple and White House correspondent for the PBS Newshour — Yamiche Alcindor.

Alcindor, who is Black, managed to score the opportunity to hold the president accountable for the reckless and timely declaration during the election cycle — when he admitted that he was a nationalist.

As a Black woman, enduring the combative climate that stems from an unruly administration, that’s immersed in the deadly messaging that leaves those who resemble her template, vulnerable to life-threatening elements, that are racially-motivated — it would be irresponsible not to query the president about his open embrace of an ideology that has inspired a national crisis.

Trump’s response was blatantly defensive and disarmingly offensive, as he righteously demeaned Alcindor by dismissing her valid query with the inexplicable shadiness that categorized her statement as “racist.”

“I don’t know why you’d say that — that’s such a racist question.”

And then he proceeded to spew out uneven statistics that were supposed to validate his growing appeal with a community that his administration has endorsed as endangered species — based on the president’s glowing approval of White supremacists with violent tendencies — who happen to be “very fine people.”

That was the moment I checked out. It was revolting to experience the complete breakdown of a once fine-tuned democracy, at the crabby hands of an authoritarian, who is flexing his muscles to the max.

His meager response to the brutal slaying of Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, illustrates the president’s unrelenting need to replicate the stiflingly stringent systems that his heroes — Putin and Kim Jong Un — mercilessly employ.

When the shitfest was over and the casualties sheepishly vacated the premises, it was later confirmed that Jim Acosta had been denied entry into The White House, and the explanation was that his access had been suspended until further notice.

A statement was eventually released by CNN denouncing the cowardly move and the prior incident:

And then White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, epically fired back with a thread bursting with lies:

And that was followed by a woefully doctored video that depicts exactly what didn’t happen, which I can sadly attest to, since my eyes were firmly planted on the screen when the unfortunate incident took place:

As the saga continues, there’s the sudden need to go into ceaseless mourning over the current state of affairs, that elevates the blaring emergency sirens — alerting us to how we’ve sold our souls to the yellow-haired devil.

Dear White House Press Corps, why didn’t you stand up and against an over-indulged authoritarian?

What was the motivation behind civically accommodating the shameful roasting of fellow journalists, as the incoherency of a foul-mouthed and soulless bigot vibrated the room with gross indecency.

How could you all sit there, in the privilege of badged entries, and watch a young Black woman and accomplished reporter, get ripped to shreds by a fucking ass-wipe who levied the worse blow of all when he turned his inherent bigotry into a weapon at her expense?

Why couldn’t anyone of you hit the revolt button, and inspire an abrupt and very necessary walk-out, in honor of the wounded, who didn’t deserve being senselessly thrown in the line of fire by a brutish oaf.

The smelly residue of the volatile encounter between Trump and the press corps — still hovers with bitterness and resentment, and the anger sifts into cable networks like CNN, that has garnered the reputation of being blindly obsessed with the man that is paying the bills.

Issuing well-crafted statements doesn’t cut it anymore, especially when the stakes have catapulted to a height that’s no longer sustainable.

Trump is a competitor who speaks the language that guarantees his victory in each war he engages in, and this explains his presidential run, and how he was invested in defeating his opponent at all costs — and not all interested in adhering to the oath that he was barely able to recite.

His habitual manipulation of the truth has been adopted by his pathetic minions, and this operation of disorderly conduct has destabilized the tools that were meant to prevent this unraveling catastrophe.

There’s a logistical reason why Donald Trump failed as an entrepreneur, and was forced to rely on his substantial inheritance and nefarious activities to stay afloat. He’s not capable of overseeing the successful completion of a construction site, and the fact that he’s allowed access to the vault of power, that he’s gleefully misusing at the discontent of the world-at-large, is nothing short of criminal.

We are sinking into the pit of hell, with gun shots flying in the air and the vomit-inducing presence of a White man who is reveling in the Whiteness that ordains our needless suffering, and for most of us — lurking death at the hands of White males — that are uncannily adept at following their leader’s instructions.

That’s why when those ugly moments resurface, we need to stand up and against the bloated monster by serving him a large spoonful of his tainted concoction.

And it’s not too late to deprive Trump of the audience that he ends up disorganizing with his mastered potency. Media personalities can’t expect their tweeted support for harassed colleagues to adequately solidify their support and activism.

We need a revolution within the industry to adamantly reject the tantrums and outright offenses of a defiant tormentor. And when it commences, the rest of us will follow.


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