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How can this be an option for anyone?

Dear Undecided Voters, Please Stop!

We may never fully recover from the shit show of the first of three presidential debates featuring former Vice President Joe Biden and an incompetent, bullish oaf, who just gave the world an unfiltered view of how revered empires crash and burn with the scorching debris of traitorousness.

Donald Trump is a common thug who has spent his entire life riding the waves of privilege that validates his white power, and gives him permission to successfully game the system that continues to oppress and threaten the survivability of vulnerable populations, who are targeted by the wrath of societal ills.

This white nationalist who declared that white supremacists are “very fine people” merely hours after domestic terrorism reduced Charlottesville to smithereens is not backing down from his unyielding allegiance to the blueprint of the KKK, even if his grossness is recorded on national television for the universe to judge.

The only thing that unites Trump supporters and the rest of us who loathe his existence as the Terrorizer-in-Chief is the shared view of how white males who misbehave and break the law multiple times, are able to get free passes to repeat those same moves without facing any consequences.

This gives #MAGA subscribers a sense of patriotic pride when they watch their supreme leader literally give a shoutout to a far-right group called “Proud Boys” while not answering a notable question about whether or not he’s capable of unequivocally denouncing white supremacy during a high-stakes debate.

Trump insisted that the civil unrest over systemic injustice stemming from police brutality is the product of the ire from the “radical left” and the “left wing” who are being propelled by Antifa.

In other words, as Trump has stated previously: more white people are victims of police brutality compared to Black people, and the nationwide protests are violent towards police officers who are only trying to implement law and order against the soldiers of the Black Lives Matter movement.

And he couldn’t resist publicly endorsing the “Proud Boys” by issuing an eerie message which the hate group gladly accepted and translated into the slogan for freshly produced merchandise.

“The Proud Boys, Stand Back and Stand By.”

Immediately after the horror show of 2020 aired, CNN proceeded to interview a bunch of idiots also known as “undecided voters,” to get a feel for how they internalized the absolute madness on display for almost two hours.

Their responses were maddening!

It led me to believe that the reasoning behind hesitant voters, who can’t decide between a proven bigot who romances the notion of murderous dictators and embraces the ideologies of white supremacists, and a former VP who is no saint, but at least attempts to dignify his campaign for the presidency is nothing short of ludicrous.

Dear undecided voters, please stop!

There’s no such thing as “undecided” in this deplorable season of utter chaos incited by a future felon, who has no business aiming for another four years when he should be arrested for tax fraud, and botching the Covid-19 crisis that has resulted in the senseless deaths of more than 200,000 Americans.

We should be voting to remove this asshole from the House that he has defaced beyond recognition effective immediately — not deciding between him and the worthier candidate who should be temporarily installed, until we can figure out how to update the laws to make sure that this nightmare of a rogue presidency never happens again.

Those who are proudly unable to make up their minds are clearly racists, who are postering for attention, and obviously have nothing to lose living in a country that has been rigged against your ability to avoid the systemic roadblocks, that lead to the terrorism that the Liar-in-Chief is aggressively provoking.

It’s either you want to abide by the statutes of white power or you prefer to boot out a human grenade who is an active threat to our national security, and is hell bent on massacring our democracy with promises of rejecting the election results if he fails to win.

This is a matter of life and death and if you can’t decide whether or not being alive beats dying in this climate of doom — then do us a favor and STFU!

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