The look of hate

Dear Racists, Please Stop Apologizing For What You Are

Aaron Schlossberg is a famous lawyer in NYC — but unfortunately he didn’t garner recognition for valiantly applying his expertise on behalf of a poor immigrant worker — who needed someone to represent her in a court of law against those denying her the right to be American.

He’s actually an asshole racist who publicly berated Spanish-speaking employees and customers at a restaurant — by accusing them of squandering his hard earned money — which he believes is being used as welfare to support their audacity to come to America — without the tools required to make this dying country Great Again.

Right. Because we all know that English is the language of advancement and refinement — and if you happen to suffer the misfortune of not having English as your first language — then you run the risk of being ostracized and shamed for soiling this land of opportunity with stains from your shithole country.

The racist lawyer went on to rant about “undocumented immigrants” and what his heroic efforts will entail when he decides to take action on behalf of his White supremacist president and his devilish administration.

The video featuring yet another White person acting like a damn fool for the purpose of exercising a privilege that has never been revoked — was viewed enough times to assign notoriety to an absolute loser — who is just realizing that his luck may be running out after his viral tirade.

At first — media outlets reported that Schlossberg wasn’t in any danger of losing his job — which made sense — since White people can literally run over innocent citizens — and get the VIP treatment from police officers — who are more inclined to believe them over the bleeding victims at the side of the road.

But — it looks like the tide is turning against him — as we learn that Mr. Schlossberg is in danger of being disbarred — and while that plays out — the company that owns the building where he holds client meetings — has decided to end their binding agreement.

Apparently his abhorrently disgraceful behavior directly violates their code of conduct:

Naturally — the racist lawyer — is now backtracking with a shitty apology — that’s supposed to revamp his battered image with the aid of empty words — that do nothing to successfully erase his history of practiced bigotry.

Here’s the thing — it’s highly insulting when White people proudly display their true colors — only to recoil into their cowardly shells once shit hits the fan — and splatters all over the privilege that has never failed them,

Dear racists — please stop apologizing for what you are.

This is America — for Christ’s sake!

You have the right to spew out venom at innocent bystanders who are communicating in a tongue that makes your blood boil. As long as you prepare for the possibility that if you piss off the wrong person with random 911 calls or initiate a verbal attack that could potentially turn violent — you might have to bid adieu to your once comfy existence.

We have to dispense with this ridiculous notion that White people who behave badly do so under the spell of a temporary glitch — that leaves them vulnerable and defenseless. They aren’t able to control their moving lips — or the vitriol spilling out of them.

Racists who act and sound racists aren’t really racists. That’s not really how they think or feel — and thanks to the savior of video footages — they can actually watch the person who took over their mind and body — and hysterically declare that they don’t even know who that monster is.

The monster is you — Mr. Schlossberg.

You’re the racist who has a penchant for scaring the shit out of people that you deem unworthy of the respect that you generally command from those you inherently detest.

Instead of saying you’re sorry — it would be more beneficial to admit your internalized bigotry for better or worse.

This era of mediocrity that stems from a climate of insincerity is the reason why all we can afford to do is report the crimes as if the issue will solve itself. Meanwhile we can’t get enough of the racial spree of White people — being filmed by a camera crew of revelers who can’t wait to upload the hot ticket item for the pleasure of gawkers.

Mr. Schlossberg isn’t sorry for what he said — because he doesn’t even know what why he’s issuing an apology.

He believes in his superiority and relishes his Whiteness and instead of making that clear with refreshing honesty — he prefers to distance himself from the mess he created.

Enough with the politically-correct retraction!

We need to be treated to the stellar backbone of racists who aren’t afraid to stand behind their beliefs even when the walls are caving in and the future looks uncertain. No matter how bleak things may seem — it’s highly doubtful that men like Aaron Schlossberg will suffer the consequences — indefinitely.

White men always have the law on their side.

I mean if alleged sexual predators like Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose — are being groomed for a career resurgence — then you know for sure that a racist lawyer with vile vocabulary won’t be held down — longer than necessary.

There’s no need to apologize for being yourself Mr. Schlossberg — because being a bigot means never having to say — you’re sorry.

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