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Dear President Trump, While You Protect White America, Who Looks Out For The Rest Of Us?

The tragedy unfolding in New York is devastating. We live in a world that demands us to expect the very worst — the moment we step outside of our rented hubs. We can’t take a nice bike ride in the cool open air — because there’s a good chance we could get run over by a deranged lunatic. We have to curb the urge to extend evening walks for fear that it could very well be our last. We can’t shop at the giant warehouses that were built to rob us blind, but now serve as death traps.

Its not just the whole wide world — it’s also America.

“The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” is feeling more like what it has always been, which is a country that is divided by the unloose screws of the past. Violence for the sake of cheap blood that is converted into mining stations in territories that are willfully seized — is the rulebook for White explorers who are still gloating from recent discoveries in crevices that will soon be drained.

When Obama was King — the Kingdom was jeweled with pride and the security of a worthy warrior who wasn’t perfect, and that fact allowed for intense scrutiny and a battery of insults that were directed to his likeness in the usual unrelenting manner.

Now, the White man is back in The White House, and the social ramifications are flooding our existence with pebbles of spice for the population that need to express how amazing it is to be White.

Interestingly and ironically enough — the last people that need to be reminded about White privilege — seem to be the targeted audience for boringly pathetic White men who hate how easy they have it and desperately seek other avenues of staged disruptions

There are also the White men who suffered through eight years of a Black leader — coupled with a reality that was darkening by the minute — and so the pent up anger shifts into disillusionment. This could end up in a showdown between a drunken assailant and the victims that actually valued their lives — before it was stripped from them.

Trump is livid about the recent terrorist attack in New York, which has been readily classified as the deadliest since the international crisis of 9/11.

That sentiment was woefully missing a month ago, when on October 1st, 2017 — Stephen Paddock whose brain is currently under observation at Stanford University — decided to rent a hotel room in Las Vegas — with the wish of accumulating an impressive body count — including his own.

The “the most deadly” clause is once again used to scrub away the debris of another horror show — that is always presented as a freak show by the media and White America.

Black boys like Tamir Rice — who was callously murdered by the system at the age of twelve for being perceived as a decade older — are conveniently deemed as threats by grown men in uniform. But White men who are over the age of sixty, are pampered for the reasons that give White people permission to misbehave.

Trump, is back on his high-horse — where he recently announced his frustration with Muslims — who are all terrorists — flocking to the United States — with the assistance of the “Diversity Visa Lottery Program.”

He’s aggressively seeking to swap the “Lottery Program” for “Merit Based immigration” — which he’s convinced has a more dignified ring to it — when you consider that White Europeans are famously lauded for “earning” their wealth rather than “stealing” it.

The question is Mr. President Trump, while you passionately protect White America from the incompetence of people from other races with murky religious tendencies — how will you offer the same treatment to Americans based in America who aren’t White?

People of color are subject to the exact same level of danger as their White counterparts — and yet our entry into the most progressive country on the planet is subject to more scrutiny. A student from Brussels with blonde ringlets posed on his passport will have an easier time rushing through the pearly gates than another traveler — holding a visa of non-authority.

The bad guys are always easy to label when labels feel ready for use at anytime — especially when the motivation is mandated by the stamp of White men in power who have laundry lists filled with corrupted files — but still manage to stitch the system to fit their particular brand of thievery.

It’s grossly unfair to assume that a country that breeds serial killers like its going out of style needs to be spared the influx of spirited migrants in order to preserve the safety of a population that would be in the line of fire — regardless.

The “Lottery Program” is a random selection of hopefuls who more often than not — are eager to inhabit a place that allows them to reach their full potential — without the bullshit of scarcity. Trump and his well-trained henchmen are convincing in their quest of perpetuating the notion that the “Merit Program” would be geared to the sect who resemble the image of global respectability.

But, the fact is that the life-saving tactics that are being implemented won’t save Americans — no matter what their their station is on Sundays or any of the designated times of worship.

The “Lottery Program” may have included a certified idiot from Uzbekistan who seven years later decided to splatter a bunch of cyclists and pedestrians on a crisp day in Manhattan — but that can’t be utilized as enough evidence to discount the thousands of lives that have benefited greatly from what can be described as “the chance of a lifetime.”

My own father managed to escape his war-torn tribe in the once-formed Biafra — for the installed walls of a renowned business institution in Arizona — that turned him into the whizkid that was better for it. There are countless testimonies that can be applied to the blessings of my parents that were ultimately extended to their children — and now rest in the legacy of newly-minted grandchildren.

Each of us that can be identified as citizens also run the risk of being shot to death by deranged lunatics that can’t be assuaged by the power of their Whiteness. How will we escape such a fate under the leadership of a White supremacist who doesn’t consider White people who kill as threats of any kind?

While Muslims and suspicious characters with suspicious names are being held at the gate for further questioning — who will watch over the entrance of a neighborhood Starbucks that will be sprayed with bullets — shortly after the gentleman in the navy suit ignores his cup of coffee for the consumption of bloodied tables.

Stephen Paddock recently made the news when it was discovered that his brother is allegedly immersed in some sickly illegal practices. After a Google search — almost all the results highlighted the mystery of mental illness, which probably explains why Paddock’s brain is currently being prodded for answers.

I’m no scientist by any measure — but I can confidently attest to the fact that anyone who meticulously plots to kill a shit load of people — should be regulated as a criminal — without the disclaimer of mental deficiency — unless warranted accordingly.

The point is that a Muslim did a very bad thing when he plowed down innocent lives in a city that has already endured its fair share of catastrophes. But punishing every person that adheres to the principles of Islam will not keep White America safe again.

White people will have a fighting chance — if they are willing to condemn those among them who commit acts that are akin to extreme violence — with casualties that resemble them and us.

Whether we like it or not — we’re in this together and that basically means that the books of life that we cling to at the beginning and end of our lifetime — weigh about the same — when it comes to enclosed places that have enough space for the fragments of weaponry.

“Merit Based Programs” will not ensure that only the “civilized” will have an advantage over the “animals” that apparently have no desire to be productively efficient or patriotic because of their darker skin and prayer methods.

The American Dream is a manifestation of all the elements that compel us to dare for the things that could easily remain dormant until we’re awakened by the freedom of land — that makes us brave enough to convert our wildest expectations into reality.

Unfortunately, our president can’t protect us — and that’s okay because we’re in this together — and as they say — there’s strength in numbers.

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