Tamir Rice

Dear President Trump, Demanding Us To Be “Armed and Ready” Doesn’t Apply to Black America

The ongoing crisis of gun violence in America is an infuriating exercise in trying to accommodate all the well-intentioned solutions that are supposed to remove us from the threat of extinction.

The truth is that it didn’t take the horrors of Sandy Hook, or the nightclub massacre in Florida or the latest mass shooting at the high school in Parkland to finally reinforce the evilness of gun ownership — when the owner is on a murderous mission.

As a Black woman leaving in a country that considers me and my loved ones expendable — there isn’t a day that goes by — that doesn’t present the challenge of hoping I’m able to walk back into my current residence — physically and mentally intact.

There’s so much to be restless about when you consider the domestic threat of White supremacists who have been endorsed by their president as “good people” on the side of their choosing — and therefore they’re free to shoot at will if they believe that my presence — at a street corner is a threat to their thorny disposition.

When Sandra Bland was pulled over for a traffic violation — the end result resulted in her death — but if she had been armed — the cause of death would’ve been gun wounds sustained from the bullets of a firearm — at the hands of a state trooper who is trained to maintain law and order.

But as always — lawlessness tends to overrule that oath when it comes to people of color.

This means that walking around with the pride of “conceal and carry” isn’t an option for Black people who are considered “armed and dangerous” even when they’re twelve-year-old boys — blissfully playing in a park with a toy gun.

Tamir Rice was shot and killed by cops who were supposedly taught to refrain from the logic of “shoot to kill” unless it’s absolutely necessary — but Officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback decided to reject their oath. This resulted in Rice’s murder at the hands of men who claim that their actions were warranted — given the questionable mannerisms of a boy who was emphatically described as a full-grown adult.

Trayvon Martin was fatally shot by George Zimmerman — a gun owner — who paraded around his neighborhood with the audacity of a lawman — who was ready to rid his surroundings of tall, burly Black dudes in hoodies — who walk around aimlessly in the dark — with the intent of proving how they’re up to no good.

Trayvon Martin

Zimmerman’s determination to bother someone he didn’t even know — just for the pleasure of thwarting Martin’s suspicious movements — is the reason why gun ownership will continue to be the instigator in the senseless deaths of Americans — particularly Black Americans.

Martin was shot in cold blood and his murder made sense to White Americans and to the jury that found Zimmerman not guilty based on the perception that a young Black man in a hoodie — walking around at night — is enough evidence that he’s most likely contemplating which house to rob. And so the coward who decided to act out his fantasies of tackling a stranger to the ground with the added boost of pulling the trigger — was given the thumps up by a system that can’t afford to waste tears on lives that never matter.

President Trump’s solution of arming teachers with guns in order to finally give “the crazies” something to be concerned about when they plan their school invasions will only produce more bodies and increased mayhem.

If history has taught us anything — it’s the realization that rules were meant to be broken.

If police officers (both veterans and newbies) consistently misuse their authority when it comes to subduing critical situations that they themselves elevate by demonstrating bad judgment — despite acquiring the best training money can buy — how the fuck can we expect educators with minimal training to be able to save their classrooms from the sudden burst of gun powder?

The epidemic of gun violence encompasses how easily accessible guns are — and the fact that being trained to fire a weapon doesn’t necessarily mean that those who possess legal permits can automatically be considered responsible or mature enough to downplay their biases or crippling paranoia — in favor of common sense — when faced with the burden of making choices at a crucial time — with rapidity.

Also — the privilege of “conceal and carry” can’t be transferred to all citizens — since Black people are still unable to be confidently assured that their lives are just as valuable as their White counterparts in all the ways that matter.

The loss of Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Philando Castile, and all the others that are too many to count — prove beyond a doubt that it’s simply not enough to conclude that the laws in place will continue to thrive for the betterment of Americans — that are more likely to die from gun wounds — initiated by the very people that are paid to “serve and protect” not “shoot first, ask questions later.”

I will never consider the option of arming myself — because as a Black woman — that would be the incentive by law enforcement to exact cruel and unusual punishment that will end in the injustice of my demise. I also don’t trust the authority or presence of police activity — as I have determined that most of them are thugs in uniform — who are more than happy to fire their weapons without reason.

The only way America can win the battle against gun violence is to paralyze the operations of the NRA in ways that will emphasize the truth of how and why human lives demand more respect — than high-powered weapons that are enriching the pockets of greedy fucks at the expense of humanity.

This solution will save White America.

For Black America — our troubles can’t be easily solved because the evil we fight can’t be removed with sanctions and firm allegiance to a healthier and safer existence.

The violence we face poses more of a danger than what an AR-15 can unleash — and that’s even when we’re armed and ready.

Korryn Gaines died for that truth. She was Black and ready…

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