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Dear Piers Morgan, Our First Lady Michelle Obama Is Off Limits

Stick with Melania Trump

Piers Morgan is scum, and the best way to deal with stinking shit is to flush it away and pretend it never happened. This is the preferred approach when stumbling upon the trashiness of a clueless imbecile, who is laughably mislabeled a “journalist.”

Yes, we try hard not to give a terrifically bad writer, and celebrated weirdo the time of day or even the brief minutes of utter disgust and disbelief, but lately it’s been mighty hard turning away from the garbage bin, especially when the flames are brutally raging.

Aside from the pathetic plea to his equally deplorable replicant, about being the perfect candidate for the role that nobody in the universe with all their marbles intact, would willingly submit to, there’s also the unacceptable items of sheer bigotry that’s encased in the pompousness of White male privilege.

Piers Morgan has been infesting the front pages of the Daily Mail with fiery articles that are meant to scorch the dignity and stellar reputations of two women of color, who are both way above his inferiority, and clearly don’t deserve being utilized as the prime illustration of his acutely poor assessment skills and glaring detachment from reality.

The racist Brits are currently losing their shit because their biracial Duchess who cunningly seduced Prince Harry, is now carrying the multi-racial royal baby, who is going to permanently destroy the White sovereignty of the British monarchy.

And so the ongoing attack on Meghan Markle has evolved into a relentless assault, that’s not letting up, as the very same tabloids that harassed the late Princess Diana to her grave, are now victimizing her beloved son’s pregnant wife with extra venom to boot.

Of course Mr. Morgan, the grown ass man with the sleazy career that remains forgettable at best, has to insert himself with the aid of a pea-brain mentality — that can only take him so far.

The vile essay from his vault of crazy was meant to incite empathy at how he was callously “ghosted” by a former actress turned social climber, who used him on her way to the top, and then went missing once she gained admittance into the House of Windsor.


If that incoherent and aimless rant was meant to provide a deeper dive into the alleged problematic and ornery character of a proven self-sustained woman, who won the heart of a Prince, and is now adjusting to the life that places her centerstage with an alluring halo — then that tragically reveals a lot more about the pathetically “dejected” author and his damningly transparent insecurities.

Piers Morgan is a bona fide vulture who feeds off the scraps from generic outlets, to survive the debilitating requirements of a wilting industry. He’s also a reckless troublemaker, who compensates for his woeful lack of talent charisma, by relying heavily on the ill-fated quest of diminishing the value of the targets that he cowardly slanders.

Unfortunately, it takes a somewhat decent storyteller to pull off such an operation, and fake journalists sporting the foul stench of disingenuous fare that’s immersed in a gossipy soup of useless spices — serving tasteless platters of nonsensical blurbs — only end up bringing oodles of desperation to the surface.

Morgan failed with Meghan Markle, but his latest subject is the epic miscalculation that has to be highlighted and swiftly thwarted.

The worst representation of an “English gent” that ever was, recently applied his unpolished British wit to a globally-revered scholar, who pretty much embodies our version of royalty with seamless candor, and with the commanding presence that demands astute recognition for what she selflessly endured when she served our country.

The only first lady that will ever matter in our eyes — Michelle Obama — has become the unwarranted target of an insultingly bogus assault from a degenerate, who dares to make comparisons between the Queen Bee and…the bee.

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WTF is this?!

First off, the audacity of this complete moron to insinuate that Michelle Obama needs to insert the valueless reference of “Melania Trump” to raise awareness for her highly-touted masterpiece, is profoundly unnerving, not to mention downright bratty.

The entire essay is a baseless wasteland of overreaching arcs that are manifested from the heavy reliance on the rhetoric that fails to exact the amount of damage that the defeated curator was hoping to produce.

The reason this stupid person is unable to lazily skate through the themes of “derogatory” usage which he claims was supplied by Mrs. Obama, when she uttered “Bye Felicia” during an appearance on Jimmy Fallon, when she was asked how she survived the unbearable hours of the inauguration ceremony — has everything to do with practiced ignorance.

As our First Couple boarded Air Force One and turned to wave one last time, Fallon wanted to know what was going through their minds — and with the comical graciousness that she effortlessly delivered on cue, she offered the very simple and fitting:

“Bye Felicia!”

The audience and host erupted in laughter, and that was the end of that.

But of course it’s not the end for a bigoted bully, who decided to hijack that innocent moment by distorting it with an interpretation that serves his demonic agenda of demonizing a Black woman, by weaponizing her own words for the pleasure of sanitizing the angelic and vulnerable Whiteness of a faux nemesis.

When White males venture into forbidden territory by tackling topics that are out of reach due to the ultra-sensitivity that renders them incapacitated, things really get ugly.

That is the best way to describe what happens to Piers Morgan, when he makes the feeble attempt to explain why “Bye Felicia” was meant to shame Melania Trump, and how the background story behind the term, proves why the application had “intensely derogatory” undertones.

As if that’s not revolting enough, he added this stunner:

Michelle Obama likes to pride herself as being street-wise and down with the kids, so will have known all this when she said it.

She is a very smart woman too, so she will have also known that ‘Felicia’ is a very similar phonetic name to ‘Melania’, so it would be very obvious to whom she was referring.

Clearly, the writer of this hit piece was in it to win it, and it would be absolutely hilarious to witness the idiotic display of what a brainless spine can amass when you betray your expertise in a language you were born to perfect — by making the senseless correlation between “Melania” and “Felicia.”

But there’s more pressing matters to address.

The referencing of the “street-wise” and “down with the kids” when speaking about a woman of color is a racist ploy to symbolize the stereotypes that are historically associated with those who are readily tossed as bait — to justify the habitual abuse that’s almost always a set up.

In this case, Morgan would like to berate a fully accomplished and regal individual for wasting her energy on a White woman, who won’t ever measure up to the definition of what it means to be gracefully elegant.

He did it by recalling the mantra that our former First Lady respectfully used to shield herself and her family from the blatantly bigoted insults that were levied all through their 8 years of service.

“When they go low, we go high.”

How dare Piers Morgan accuse Michelle Obama of being ceremoniously discourteous towards a woman who willfully assisted her atrocious husband, to spread the very false and dangerous birther controversy, without any consideration for the wellbeing of the two young daughters who witnessed the national shaming of their father.

During her appallingly disgraceful tour of Africa, Melania Trump made herself the centerpiece of her disastrous #BeBest campaign by alleging that she’s “the most bullied person in the world.”

When Michelle Obama was asked to respond to the incredulous proclamation, she refrained from the urge to “go low” by admitting her reluctance “to take herself so seriously in the role” that she distinctively elevated beyond the reach of her less than capable successor.

Here’s the thing, when it comes to Michelle Obama, all bets are off, which means that she’s off limits to boorish White men who harbor slanderous incentives, that are motivated by the disease of White supremacy.

When Morgan expresses his previous admiration and eventual disappointment in a Black woman that he purposely throws under the bus for the privilege of praise-worshipping a White woman — who is anything but the guiltless victim in this infuriating scenario— the only thing to do is dutifully scrub away the filth that has been dumped in the wrong bin.

The mess is messy enough to overwhelm, but the moldy sections that urgently call for a potent disinfectant are rooted here:

You can hate Barack Obama, but still admire the way his wife Michelle conducted herself during her time at the White House.

Just as you can hate Donald Trump and still admire his wife Melania for the way she is conducting herself, perhaps even more so given she has had to endure massively more scorn, ridicule and shame over all her husband’s scandals.

It’s highly doubtful that the first-ever Black first lady, who has been called “an ape in heels,” “gorilla face,” with the supreme request to return to being a male” and be “let loose in Zimbabwe to live with gorillas” — is blessedly incapable of primally relating to the weightiness of being “scorned” and “ridiculed” in ways that her coddled successor will never fathom.

The outright racism that embarrassingly became the nationalized past time for notable White politicians and corporate raiders, who couldn’t stomach the the 8-year residency of the Black First Family in the White House, was evidently the preferred code of conduct that went unchallenged.

Read this — if you don’t believe me:

Melania Trump isn’t a woman scorned, who has been reduced to an underserving victim of her husband’s scandalous legacy. She’s more like a calculating opportunist, who married for money, and didn’t give a goddamn about the highly questionable character of her much older sugar daddy.

In terms of the way “she’s conducting herself,” it’s hard to figure out her disposition when she’s too busy hiding behind the banner of her colonial-inspired wardrobe in Africa — and the inconsistencies of her one and only initiative, that follows the “Trump-inspired” motto of self-interest — under the guise of good deeds.

The most privileged White woman in America is enjoying a high-profile station that she didn’t earn, and demonstratively doesn’t respect because of how inept she is, and this fact hasn’t haunted her remarkably impeccable reputation, because of the currency of White feminism and how it secures her victimhood.

Piers Morgan is schemingly feeding his readers the over-wrought narrative of the domineering Black woman versus the docile and demure White woman, who is under siege by the tumultous union with a bigoted pig, swimming in stolen wealth, who blindsided her with his numerous affairs and nefarious activities.

This time he chose the wrong Black woman.

It goes without saying that his unforgivable act of gross negligence has to be vehemently called out, because pairing Michelle Obama with Melania Trump is offensively off-putting — and quite frankly makes the current first lady seem even more inadequate than she already does.

Michelle Obama is a superstar with a best-selling book that’s shattering records, and a blindingly bright future that will continue the ongoing real life fairy tale that depicts the bedazzled bullet points of the “American Dream.”

And Melania Trump is married to Donald Trump, and counts Piers Morgan as the honorary member of her fan club.

You do the math.

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