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What type of shit is this?

Dear New York Times, “A Voice of Hate in America’s Heartland” Is A Sound That’s Killing Black People in America

And you’re helping with the death scene

Not too long ago — an op-ed in The Los Angeles Times sparked a fiery response due to the controversial nature of the subject — the notoriously vile cult leader — Charles Manson who passed away recently while serving a life sentence for masterminding the massacre of notables in the Hollywood community back in the sixties — was suddenly being given the benefit of the doubt.

The highly offensive piece was a shitty homage to a diseased motherfucker who basically died with a swastika plastered on his forehead — and yet the writer felt the urge to convince his readers to search within in order to garner the nerve to recognize the “human side” of a White man who lived for the motto of ethnic cleansing.

And now The New York Times is at it again with another stunner that exhaustively examines the peak of hatred in America’s Heartland — a place that I know so well since I spent enough time filtering in and out of those spaces. This is supposedly the heartbeat of a nation that has been torn apart by racial discord and the president that was elected to ensure that White supremacists and Nazi sympathizers finally have the freedom to express their violently-inclined religion.

It’s quite apparent that reputable media outlets are feting both sides of the aisle in ways that can be deemed as paralyzingly destructive. When you have publications that have worked their way to distinction in the trust and loyalty of readers — that have come to expect a certain level of dignity and excellence — succumbing to the pettiness of clickbait with the raging greed that depicts tragic nonchalance — that’s when it’s time to call out the bullshit — with a bullhorn.

Dear New York Times, “A Voice of Hate in America’s Heartland” is a sound that’s killing Black people in America — and the mere fact that you can present such a case by emphatically engaging a young couple in Huber Heights, Ohio who are both lifelong fans of Hitler — is a testament to how and why the abusive climate that is stifling any measure of progress will continue to reign.

The sprawling write-up showcases Tony and Maria Hovater — newly married Millennials with the emphasis mostly geared towards Mr. Hovater who resembles whatever image you typically enhance when you think of racists White males who are proud of their heritage and feel the need to utilize that pride to the detriment of those they deem inferior.

There is no point picking apart the damning expose piece by piece as that would serve no purpose whatsoever — instead there has to be a call to order.

In a country that has perfected the systematic betrayal of people color by endorsing the societal practice of brutality that is currently flourishing at the expense of Black families — that don’t have a chance in hell of recovering until the chaos is overthrown — it’s unfathomable that an institution like The New York Times could deem it worthy to humanize a pair of racists who can actually make a strong case for Adolf Hitler without flinching:

“I think he was a guy who really believed in his cause.” “He really believed he was fighting for his people and doing what he thought was right.”

Tony Hovater uttered those words. He is also committed to “standing up against what appears to be an increasingly anti-white America,” and would happily “settle for a white ethno-state where things are fair, because there’s no competing demographics for government power or for resources.”

The issue here is that this particular brand of nationalism isn’t an underground movement that needs to be showcased for the millions who are still in the dark. Mr. Hovater’s brotherhood are roaming the streets in search of blood — as they hone in on the usual suspects with the fury of a belief that is supported by their Commander-in-Chief and others in his cabinet.

There is now a shift in our midst that seems to be hailing the rights of the “deplorables” as they gain the attention of outlets that feel the pressure to stain their reputation with the unfortunate testimonies of future murderers who have no shame in the dangerous game they’re engaged in.

Romanticizing the treacherous “Heartland” with the ignorance of citizens that boast a heart of stone — that won’t ever be dissolved with the enlightenment of generous tendencies that require the scripture of humane treatment rather than the verses that are used to slay the grossly marginalized — is basically seducing the flames from burning out for the paltry return of positioned relevance.

What have we become when we are allowed to discover the intricate wiles of White people that have enjoyed the best run of their lives from birth, but can’t control the pangs of their privilege long enough to escape the temptation to be ungrateful heathens with vampire-like dispositions.

We’re supposed to make way for the growing restlessness of a surging group that were suffocated by the Obama years and are now able to rise up to claim the humidified air they were denied — with the provided platform of news organizations that are blissfully zig zagging from all ports of communication under the cloak of unbiased offerings.

The death scene that is still in motion without the respect of filter or censorship is now even bloodier as the rhetoric that put so many Black lives to sleep for good has become a stylized ceremony that would’ve been unheard of a decade ago — but shit happens when you’re not watching.

Shame on The New York Times for celebrating the very worst that America has to offer with the pompous authority of giving the middle finger to the ongoing cancer that is debilitating Black America — and shielding White America from the responsibility of owing their ailing counterparts plenty in reparations and remorse.

The “Voice of Hate” isn’t just in the heart of a dying nation — it screams through the mission of the media that harbors the darkness of coercion that can’t ever be forgiven.

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