Dear Melania Trump, You’re The Bully Who Feigns Victimhood

It’s no surprise that I’m jumping on the latest bullshit entree, courtesy of Melania Trump, a woman who married a wealthy sleazeball, when her modeling career failed to evolve into an actual career — and the only option was to partner with the scoundrel of New York City — Donald Trump.

Mainstream media has done an immaculate job sanctifying the image of Mrs. Trump — America’s shittiest First Lady, and I’ve done an even better one — refuting the falsehood of her victimhood.

From the moment Melania was cast in the spotlight after her husband announced his ambitious run for the presidency, media outlets like CNN and The New York Times have worked overtime to separate her from the deplorable antics of her devious spouse.

She was presented as an unwilling participant, who resented being forced into the limelight due to her husband’s desire for unlimited power. During the Access Hollywood sex tape scandal, there was a general sense of empathy for the woman who had no choice but to “stand by her man,” and bear the storm — so that the political dreams of her slimy hubby would remain intact.

And ever since the Trumps took over Washington with venomous fury, the First Lady has managed to enjoy a decent reception as her nonchalance during national crisis is interpreted as the “stoically silent” approach — by White writers, who can’t bear to face the brutal truth of a privileged White woman acting out that role to perfection.

When Melania decided to step out of hiding and do the job she miraculously inherited by visiting the migrant children that had been forcibly separated from their parents — she opted to wear a jacket that had the words “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” splattered across the back in bold white letters that were hard to miss.

Media outlets recruited the expertise of fashion writers to decode the mysterious messaging that seemed to echo the refreshing independence that was showcased weeks before — when she exerted the themes of White feminism by publicly rejecting her husband’s tiny hands as they exited Air Force One during the nightmarish European tour.

Perhaps the jacket was meant to evoke her need to openly distance herself from the toxicity of the Trump administration, which could only be achieved with the assistance of a cheap accessory from Zara, that teenage girls proudly show off at local malls or movie theaters.

But of course what’s never addressed or resurrected is the evidence of how Melania Trump is a shameless parter-in-crime when it comes to bolstering her husband’s confidence, and supporting his most vile campaigns to smear the reputation of innocent and law abiding citizens.

Take the birther controversy that began when President Obama was being pressured to reveal his birth certificate as proof that he earned the right as a Black man to call The White House — home. Donald Trump was relentless in his quest to discredit someone that he never accepted as Commander-in-Chief because of his adherence to White supremacy.

His wife was also an accomplice in this disgraceful act of bigotry, and the interesting part is embedded in the irony of a woman who wasn’t even born in the States — questioning a man about something that she wasn’t qualified to examine based on her own messy status. But her White privilege afforded her the audacity to “go there.”

And now we’re getting more of the First Lady than most of us can stand, as we’re exposed to the transparency of her ideology, as it pertains to the continent of Africa, and how her choice of travel attire was heavily inspired by the nostalgia of colonialism — and the desperation for well-staged photo ops.

Of course the media outlets that cater to mostly White readers, found ways to dodge the assignment of shaming their First Lady, and so they settled on the duty of praising her for infusing stylish masculinity to her wardrobe as a rallying cry for the updated version of feminism.

There were other disturbing episodes of the African tour heard around the world, as Melania voiced her support for the appointment of Justice Kavanaugh while weirdly praising Christine Blasey Ford for sharing her harrowing experience for nothing.

And there was also the section that has been circulating with viral authority, that contains the clip where the First Lady relies on her flatlined “Be Best” campaign by declaring that she is in fact “the most bullied person in the world.”

This is absolutely laughable for obvious reasons, but what isn’t funny is the way in which a privileged White woman who did nothing to earn her good fortune except to gain entry into a pompous dynasty — can suggest that her imaginary plight makes her a candidate for the cause that she sadly isn’t qualified to activate.

Dear Melania Trump, you’re definitely the bully who feigns victimhood.

The First Lady has had plenty of opportunities to demonstrate the fundamentals of her “Be Best” initiative, but she prefers to remain in the background with her eyes wide shut, as migrant babies are tossed in cages — and innocent Black school kids are brutally assaulted by monstrous White cops in classrooms and corridors.

She purposely ignores her husband’s disgusting behavior towards notable women, and instead inserts herself as the prime example of what bullying can look like — when in fact, she’s a co-conspirator as the president’s confidante and life partner.

Her inability to graciously step outside herself in an effort to thoroughly assess an administration that thrives off of the pain and anguish of non-White Americans is the epitome of White privilege — which is powered by the woeful ignorance of White people who are content in the bubble that will never burst.

Melania’s victimhood is a figment of her imagination — drawn from the same script that assigned the appalling wardrobe that draped her recent trip to Africa.

A victim never proudly assesses herself that way unless she’s cluelessly pathetic and fishing for the attention she’s used to receiving.

In this case, the spotlight is back in her direction, but the reflection doesn’t expose a victim.

All we see is the woman who married for money — who never had to learn to be anything to get to The White House.

That’s not a victim — that’s a spoiled brat!

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