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Antwon Rose is another young Black life that ends quietly

Dear Media, You’ve Mastered The Art of Biased Reporting

It’s easier to focus on award-winning fare and reject home emergencies

A young man named Antwon Rose Jr. was murdered by a cop on a Tuesday night in the East Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania. He was only 17-years-old. He was also Black — which might explain why his brutal killing isn’t being circulated with the same fury that other award-winning items garner.

He represents the population that falls into the hapless category that renders the tragedy on the streets of America woefully active with the pile up of Black bodies — that are bleeding from the virus of police brutality.

Black mothers are losing their children to a system that has been rigged to eat their young alive — via the profitable institutions that hold them ransom.

If only the outcry for non-Black children can be just as passionate for victims like Tamir Rice — who was brutally shot in the stomach by White cops and discarded to bleed to death while his murderers tried to figure out an escape plan.

The Black boy nobody cried for would’ve turned sixteen on June 25th.

America is a vast killing field — and the murderers are government officials answering to a President who won the election based on his faith in a religion called White supremacy.

You hear about this all the time — and you’re probably over it.

It’s easy to be bored with the narrative about the wealthy and pompous White businessman who seduced White America with promises of how he will save them from extinction — by goading their practiced ignorance — and fueling their fears about how the Black and Brown population are attacking their inheritance.

Trump did a fantastic job by veiling “Make America White Again” with “Make America Great Again” — and even I was smitten with the way that messaging resounded with his very transparent agenda — that drastically overtook Hillary Clinton’s feminist anthem — “I’m With Her.”

This administration has never wavered in its mission to elevate the lives of White people above anything that doesn’t gel with the caravan of valuables.

The criminal activities instituted by law enforcement across the country is a systemic directive that has paralyzed Black families for centuries. Slavery wasn’t abolished once the rotten chains were removed from ankles that sported bone matter — and the scars that still flare up every time a Black body is fallen by a hail of bullets.

It’s impossible to thoroughly assess the mechanics of Black pain — and how it permeates through the townships of historical atrocities — that have shifted into the normalcy of distant comfort and vague acknowledgment.

Our never-ending role as citizens —is to either internalize or reject a newly-minted hashtag — that is pinned to another image of road kill featuring Black bodies— that are never formally mourned.

Antwon Rose was a Black teenager with a past that wasn’t that different from restless White teens — who allow their boredom and sense of adventure to propel activities that would never be endorsed by a cop — but somehow they manage to survive their youthful missteps — while their Black counterparts are shot in the back — multiple times.

The death count on the streets and in cells that provide depositories for Black lives that don’t matter — will continue to make the yesterdays and tomorrows fastened in the war that is waging in our back yards. Society has approved the ceremony of cleansing America from the parasites that are already here — even if we’re not worthy enough to freely breathe the same quality of air.

Speaking of breathing freely — did you know that the updated death toll in Puerto Rico following the aftermath of Hurricane Maria was a lot higher than reported? And those lives that perished — didn’t stand a chance against the bribed agencies that were paid to follow instructions from Trump’s toxic governance.

It was understood that despite the devastation inflicted on the already economically-vulnerable island — when it comes to Brown lives parading as citizens of America — only the bare minimum will be permitted. Trump made his base proud with his cries of foul play when it came to negatively highlighting Puerto Rico’s astronomical debt — while downplaying the catastrophic nature of an evidently vengeful storm.

Those who died — didn’t have to — but they did — because of the lack of basic amenities that made it impossible to maintain the level of care that patients in hospitals require to stay alive.

Survivors that lost everything — had to not only contend with saying goodbye to elderly relatives — who succumbed to the unbearable circumstance of living — but also the strain of watching their precious children making do with scraps of debris — in anticipation of the darkness that eventually settles — as tales by moonlight provide the lullaby that defies the menace of the night.

Children. Yes. Children. Americans — who are young and injured by an administration that callously refused to send over ample assistance to lift their parents out of the massive holes — that were dug in by a force beyond their control or even imagination.

The media rarely shed the brightest flashlight on the crimes against humanity that was happening right in front of us.

When the wreckage of Hurricane Maria was trending — media outlets pounced on it with immediacy and then abandoned the developing story when Trump’s sexual exploits became too engrossing to ignore. And then it was picked up again months later — when the trend was re-initiated by the sobering results of a new death count.

There was no hiding the despair of the ravaged island — as we were treated to footage of desperate mothers — hugging their weary toddlers — against the backdrop of crippled palm trees and torn-off structures that used to be homes. We were aghast with sickening disbelief when the president arrived with his designer-clad wife to survey the damage — and chose to show his support by tossing paper towels to the delirious crowd.

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Nobody cries for these children

The devastation of Puerto Rico — became a joke — under the tutelage of a White president who orchestrates the symphony for his White base — by mocking the notion of White supremacy — and placing the entire blame on the pathetic plight of communities who fail to rise to the occasion — and therefore deserve to suffer a legacy of systematic oppression.

And with that truth comes the realization that the media has a one-track mind — and this has been validated by the immigration crisis — engulfing the news cycle.

It’s touching to see how everyone is reacting to the crimes against immigrant families — especially when faced with the incessantly propped images and audio replays of suffering children crying for their parents.

Notable cable networks like CNN, MSNBC, etc are amassing a ratings bonanza with recycled fodder — accompanied by the analysis that exposes the deep divide.

There’s also the emotional spasms of admired anchors — who are visibly overcome with despair — which in turn escalates into touching online tributes from zealous fans — to the human who displayed characteristics that are generally associated with that status.

It’s a circus of competitors — competing for the spotlight and the winning package — that will hopefully translate into career-making roles — and the recognition that has nothing to do with the ongoing plight of the migrant children that are being shamelessly exploited.

The latest ploy by Time Magazine that once again features the poor little girl that should be paid for her troubles — because God know she’s earned it — is nothing short of abominable. We later learn that though most would assume she’s one of the unfortunate toddlers to have been ripped away from her mother — that may not have been the case — despite the circulating narrative by an over-zealous media.

This is gross…

You might be blown away by the sheer genius of pitting an innocent child against the over-grown toddler with Hitler-like reflexes — but for those of us who aren’t impressed — the cover is the poster child for a climate that is disorganized by the shitfest of gross misalignment.

There’s nothing valiant about vigorously pursuing the story of the year by abusing the decency of those who didn’t ask to be utilized in ways that evoke the pandering of empathy.

I’m sure prominent reporters that are working tirelessly to exhaust us with their commitment to displaying the more heart-wrenching version of the nightmarish camps holding infants and toddlers — hostage — really do care about the ongoing crisis at the border.

And there’s no doubt that those of us with beating hearts — don’t need to be spoon fed hourly helpings of caged kids — in order to grasp the disorder of an evil administration.

The problem lies in the biased reporting that ultimately makes this laborious period on behalf of mistreated migrants — seem painfully self-indulgent.

It’s hard to believe the sincerity of the media — when you track the level of negligence assigned to pending national emergencies that are just as horrific and deplorably systemized.

Why weren’t anchors teary-eyed at the sight of displaced families in Puerto Rico— who were photographed amidst dilapidated surroundings without any guarantees of a rescue plan or food supplies for their starved children — who were also in plain sight?

Why don’t we get adequate coverage for the national crisis that has been borne out of President Trump’s endorsement of White supremacists who feel obligated to celebrate their Whiteness at the expense of the lives they abhor?

Black lives are still being brutalized and White terrorists are still running rampant with bomb packages — and police officers are still shooting to kill without disciplinary actions against them.

Black women are still being physically assaulted by grown men with badges — and those attacks are leading to repeated incidences — and yet the reportage of this disturbing trend is non-existent.

This is still America

What does exist is the media’s determination to remain on the sidelines while projecting the falsehood of dominating the battlefields.

The choice of items of urgency is dependent on the quality of programming and forecasted clicks that have to match the investment.

The global attributes of immigration and how the survivability of babies — torn apart from mothers — relies heavily on a rescue mission — is an editorial fiesta that can’t be crossed off — until every last drop has been squeezed.

There’s no denying the strength of the story and how it recalls the themes that inspire unification across all platforms.

However — we also can’t dismiss the blatant disregard of the crisis in Puerto Rico and how that played to the drum of Trump’s objectives. Children are still trapped in unlivable situations — and the light that went out months ago — hasn’t been turned on — and yet there are no tributes to that fact.

All we have are the prize-winning coverage and magazine covers of the more palatable crisis— that will soon fade into black and leave prime space for Trump’s America to re-occupy.

The New York Times releases ammunition for more chaos with articles about how White Americans are dying out — and NPR is helping out by announcing the upcoming White nationalist rally scheduled for August in D.C. — that will mimic the catastrophic events in Charlottesville.

The shitty approach of the media when it comes to failing to maintain a level of consistency — and an unrelenting commitment to the application of principles of reporting — that encompasses every facet of dysfunction that is wrecking havoc on the oppressed — regardless of whether or not they’ve been marked for the world stage — doesn’t bode well for an industry that professes allegiance to the pursuit of justice.

And the mishandling of young victims through purposed imagery and the awkward interviews that force mothers who can’t speak English — to explain what we already know for the sake of camera shots — wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t staged for the glory of networks fighting for gold.

Meanwhile Black and Brown lives in America are still fighting for air without cameras capturing journalists in those fields — asking the questions that are aimed for solutions — or at least the reckoning of how we can have Americans dying in the streets or atop what used to be the ceiling of a home that has been blown to bits — without the mercy of continuous coverage.

There should be no comparison of which lives really matter more when it comes to the blinding spotlight — but the biased nature of the media forces us to take that gamble.

That’s why the industry is full of shit.

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