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Dear Media, Talking About The Growing Fan Club of The Parkland School Shooter is a Deadly Choice

If you’ve been following my work lately — you’re probably fully aware of how much the media has been fucking with me.

When I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria during violent regimes that inspired me to label that era — “the gangster eighties” — I knew there would be no way to allow my journalistic tendencies to flourish in a country that murders anyone who dares to expose the bribery and corruption — that still keeps the government afloat.

I looked up to warriors like Dele Giwa and Ken Saro-Wiwa — who both died in horrible ways — all in the name of justice and the never-ending quest to institute it — at all costs.

I was also blessed to be born in the United States of America — a haven for free speech and the authority of citizenship that carries the weight of responsibility that requires your passionate breath to revive the issues that need tackling.

We’re supposed to be totally immersed in gathering the facts and having the common sense and decency to know the difference in prioritization when it comes to a Kardashian baby announcement and the mysteriously tragic death of a former teenager — who made headlines a couple of years ago for his contribution to the landscape of activism.

Unfortunately Trump’s arrival in our lives turned the art of reporting into a competitive sport — that demands the very worst of our character flaws — as our lazy approach allows the lumping of nonsensical shit with pertinent stuff and then the dumpster recycles without any bathroom breaks.

Former President Obama warned us about the likelihood that things were going to get batshit crazy. That was his parting gift to us and even though we believed him — we never anticipated how modest he was in his predictions.

CNN can’t escape the all-day coverage of a man that already knows how much power he holds in and around the media. SNL’s ratings have been impressively high since his alarming arrival — and this resurrection is all thanks to you — the viewers — who are dumb enough to believe that the harmlessly funny skits are basically — harmless.

Media outlets are helplessly devoted to algorithms and the practice of concocting streams of bait — at the expense of thorough reportage.

When I remember sifting through news magazines as a child — and being enchanted by the images that matched the stories — covering the pages with perfected intensity — it’s hard to fathom how so very far away we are from that level of passion.

It’s also an ironic virus to be suffering from — during the climate of non-stop emergencies that seem to escalate by the hour — and there’s no doubt that social media has optimized the craft of “breaking news” at every turn. It flashes on screens so many times during the day — that at this point — it’s laughable.

What we are experiencing is no different from decades ago — when global strife and the inconvenience of a national crisis was the mainstay — the only difference is the immediacy in delivering the bad news — and how the need to outpace the other newsroom has overtaken the quality and efficiency of delivery.

The compartmentalization of news items and the flashiness of it all — has reduced the workload of skilled journalists who are no longer concerned with going the extra mile for the sake of the truth. It’s about posting that shit in record time and celebrating the genius of the headline — that seems to be getting a lot of attention in a matter of seconds.

You have to grind the information until it’s unrecognizable and then strewn the bits all over the place. Then you close your eyes and open them — without caring where it all lands.

There’s also incoherency in the method of investigation — especially when it comes to the big things — like mass shootings at high schools and how young White men who worship Trump are demonstrating their White supremacy with tragic consequences.

Outlets are now more interested in publishing stories about the Parkland School shooter’s growing fan club — and how it measures up to other monsters in his league — who also had tons of sickos — salivating for their affections.

This killer’s popularity behind bars is what the media prefers to focus on — instead of honoring the teen survivors who were poached by the likes of CNN for ratings gold — in the ways that matter — by focusing on the grid of progress by politicians who are tasked with the burdensome weight of gun control — and the fear of how many young lives are currently waiting to die.

It’s appalling that we are reading articles about the love life of a murderer — with all the details about love letters and how his batch compares to his idols — instead of reading about how Trump’s administration has evolved into a bloody massacre that’s piling up bodies without mercy.

We can’t watch cable news networks without sitting through endless panels — moderated by over-paid men in suits who allow so-called experts to spew out what we already know — before they head over to Instagram and hashtag their designer duds for fans who are gushing over that green dress and the new hair cut.

Trump isn’t just giving rebooted TV shows the numbers that count — but he’s also transforming unknowns into household names because of the frequency of their appearance — doing what basically any of us can — with our eyes closed.

Talking about the Parkland shooter’s burgeoning fan club is a deadly choice by the media for reasons that are peculiar to bots — but glaringly obvious to humans.

It’s the same concept that can be applied to amplifying the grossness of Trump’s behavior— which resulted in his shocking electoral win and will undoubtedly guarantee that the second time around will be just as successful.

The media harbors a lot of cowards and lazy fucks — who can’t be bothered with polishing the basics and would rather put all their eggs in one basket by pretending to aid in the downfall of a leader — who was born to wreck havoc on the country that he claims to love so much.

As long as he remains in office — the media will be loyal to his every move at the expense of honoring the journalistic code of ethics that requires the presentation of the facts in a cohesive manner without letting the ball drop — by not covering all the basis.

The choices of the media are deadly and reckless and by that standard — Trump should be proud of his latest and most vital conquest.

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