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Dear Media, Stop Making Beto O’Rourke’s Whiteness His Prized Victim Card

As the hunt for the “anointed one,” who will overthrow the roguish man-baby, with monstrous impulses, continues to unfold with a growing list of varied candidates, the ongoing coverage seems to be falling into similar crevice of utter dysfunction that helped to solidify the unfathomable victory of a privileged White man, who maximized his “millions and millions” to kidnap our sanity.

Donald J. Trump’s pot-holed path to the presidency was swiftly caricatured into the chasms of engagement, that was supposed to give the media permission to indulge in this carnival of bizarreness, that led to lucrative results with the stealth support of the influencer culture, and how it has direly created the vacuum of displaced principles.

In the age that dictates how there’s no such thing as bad exposure, and encourages the elevation of voices that aren’t necessarily qualified for that level of mass endorsement, it’s almost ironic to recall the shock waves that vibrated, when a notorious New York gangster and reality TV star took the oath of office.

The 2016 electoral season was the shit fest viewed around the world, and the genesis of the finessed chaos began with the usual culprits of disorder.

In late 2015, back when Donald Trump was the toast of the town, and able to garner embraces and air kisses from fellow millionaires like Oprah, P. Diddy, and his current tormentor, Alec Baldwin, the nearly flatlined institution known as Saturday Night Live, got its booster with the guest appearance of a man who was well aware of how the inflated reception around his proposed career move was going to work wonders for his image.

The clip of his opening act on SNL is terrifying to watch, four years later, and more than half way through the first term of terror under the nefarious regime of a bullish turd, who’s ominous arrival couldn’t have been scripted better. Trump warms the crowd with light-weight monologue that now seems quite heavy, when you consider how he exhibits the familiar calculating casualness to his deplorable behavior to the delight of the well-mannered crowd.

Months later, those same damning qualities will rile up the swarm of ignorant pests, at the White supremacist rallies across the nation, where Candidate Trump would replay his greatest hits to the tune of demonizing migrants and Muslims, vilifying mainstream media, and making those sincere promises of how America can only be Great Again once the establishment reverts back to the preferred default of Whiteness.

In late 2016, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, who has steadfastly stated his reluctance to join his late night comrades in the dutiful adherence of comically interpreting political fodder, eagerly welcomed the man who was about to be tragically elected to the highest office in the land to his neck of the woods.

At the time, it may have seemed a like a harmless gesture and worth the ratings bonanza to make the ceremonious attempt at humanizing a slithering slime-ball, who by then had showcased all the reasons why his proclaimed ascent to absolute power was no laughing matter.

But as we look back at that ill-advised segment that featured the cringe-worthy moment when Fallon gratifyingly ran his fingers through the scraggly nest of the yellow-haired oaf, we can’t help but confirm the brutal truth of how societal ills can propel the masochistic tendencies — that gift us with the worst scenarios — due to the bipolar approach to matters of extreme urgency.

We wanted to believe that the Obama years had disciplined our sophisticated palette with the acute awareness of being able to recognize and reject dangerous imposters, who are drawn to positions of power for the same reasons that mob bosses weaponize the vulnerability and paranoia of their soldiers.

The truth is that the media-at-large shamelessly indulged in the dark period of our discontent, when it became disturbingly clear that Candidate Trump’s signature abhorrence with the exaggerated bravado, that was meant to legitimize his showmanship skills was rapidly winning points over the buzzkill of his rival’s more dignified stance.

The moment when Trump’s victory became the unavoidable nightmare on the horizon was delivered via one of many missteps by CNN, that set up the current obsession with the complex subject, who simply provides the amount of revenue that can’t be exchanged for the invaluableness of morality.

The president’s miraculous revival of SNL through the weekly hilarity at his expense was initiated through the pre-existing relationship that has since soured because of Alec Baldwin & Co, and how resurrected careers and once-flailing staples owe their rejuvenated dispositions to the man they get paid a shit load of dough to entertainingly despise.

CNN couldn’t possibly survive without hour by hour coverage of Trump’s touted antics, and the cable network’s behavioral disorder commenced during the nonsensical capture of the notorious Candidate’s jumbo jet; his emblazoned name gleaming from the blessing of the heavens above.

As the commentators exchanged theories about the unexpected rise of the alt-right, the cameras were fixated on the imposing symbol of a privileged White male, who had no issue embodying the villainous role he was born to play, especially when the maddening crowd and ailing climate of misinformation was more than ready to oblige.

Trump’s presidency has been apocalyptic is more ways than one, but particularly in the realm of suffocating excess.

Our daily consumption of an erratic news cycle is spearheaded by the inconsistencies of trends, and how nothing is off limits because of competitive algorithms that mandate the systemized harassment of designated contenders or the adulation of professed phenoms.

As the 2020 elections fast approach, and willing sacrificial lambs line up for the abuse of their lifetime, we are once again making preparations for a repeat of what we swore never to replicate.

It’s still too early for most of us to select the desirables from the broad field of options, but it appears mainstream media has pre-ordained the Messiah-like/Obama prototype who will deliver us from evil with the nationalized adornment that beautified the revolution of 2008.

No, it’s definitely not Cory Booker.

It’s none other than Robert Francis O’Rourke, who goes by the more endearing, “Beto.”

The presidential hopeful from El Paso, Texas became a household name during the mid-term elections, when he gave pathetic loser, Ted Cruz a run for his money, when he impressively came too close for comfort in the mission to challenge the Senate seat.

O’Rourke’s rising star confirmed that his star-spangled outing was going to extend past the Texas border, onto the stage where the top dogs play.

And with his highly-anticipated announcement making landfall, the race to the tattered and corrupted corridors of the White House for the major cleanup that could take decades to renovate to some semblance of order and normalcy, has been launched with fanfare that was evidently reserved for the White male candidate of a different kind.

Now is the time to fervently plea with the media to do all it can to refrain from the temptation of making Beto O’Rourke’s Whiteness the prized victim card that could either get him elected or violently squashed by the more potent version of his appealing fragility.

The recent breaking news about the “staggering 6.1 million” that his fundraising has amassed, merely days hours after the official activation of his campaign, which enviably thrusts him way ahead of his competitors is complimented by the plethora of essays, that are aimed to humble and validate this updated model of Whiteness, that is fighting to prove why the upcoming season will be refreshingly different from what we’ve always known.

Our temperament of “wokeness” has resulted in a forced progression that has bequeathed us with the basic amenities that were remarkably missing back when hit TV shows on respectable networks excelled from the premises of short-lived Black offerings, but the beauty of inclusion can easily be weaponized for ugly motives.

For example, we can turn the plight of a suitable White male, on the cusp of greatness into the touching homage of how he needlessly fought for the privilege that he already has in abundance.

This is happening with the media’s cunning interference through interviews that are propped as O’Rourke’s prime opportunity to capitalize on the generalized vilification of Whiteness, and how his candidacy infects the preferred route of history-making prospects, by shunning the uninspired rendition of a White male who recalls the stoic era of The Kennedys.

His press tour has become the compulsory guide to how “woke” White men expertly acknowledge their privileged existence with the humility of how it can royally fuck them over at the worst possible time, while still maintaining hints of ambition without coming off as an entitled prick.

O’Rourke already missed the mark with the phrase that he won’t shake off anytime soon during the splashy outing in Vanity Fair, where he admitted that he was “born to be in it,” and that notable error is the leverage that outlets are wielding with the same obsession that gave us our clear and present danger in the Office that has become woefully unrecognizable.

While speaking with Meet The Press host, Chuck Todd, O’Rourke was once again assigned the duty of defending his special brand of Whiteness after being asked about his “disadvantage” as a White male candidate in the Democratic primary:

“As a white man who has had privileges that others could not depend on or take for granted, I’ve clearly had advantages over the course of my life.” “I think recognizing that and understanding that others have not, doing everything I can to ensure that there is the opportunity and the possibility for advancement and advantage for everyone is a big part of this campaign and a big part of the people who comprise this campaign.”

Beto O’Rourke is becoming a manufactured product that looks too good to be true due to the defective item that has truly given Whiteness the awful reputation that’s more than deserving when you consider the deadliness on display, and how the Trump administration is thriving in a gangster’s paradise.

However, this relentless exercise that is meant to exhaustively prove why this White male shouldn’t be cast away as punishment for the bad timing of sharing the spotlight with the more authentic portrayals of our evolving culture, is the transparent ploy of White victimhood that elicits guilt for the gain of the seemingly vulnerable candidate, who became an overnight sensation, and shows no signs of slowed momentum.

Forget about O’Rourke’s White privilege because no matter how hard he tries to convincingly convey his empathy for those of us who can’t relate to that level of societal coddling that’s based solely on Anglo-Saxon affiliation, there will always be the echoes of doubt that hover — because dependency on Whiteness rarely pays off in government relations.

We’re interested in a worthy candidate who is able to label Trump as the racist he is without colorful substitutes, and who fully comprehends what’s at stake this time around, and outrightly rejects the atmosphere of disingenuousness, and wasted play time, in favor of building the trust that has been irretrievably broken.

Gaining it back will take a lot more than SNL hosting gigs, late night banter and cable network town halls, that have all been known to feed the beast of over-exposure in all the wrong places.

We’re stuck in the debris that was built from the storm before the hurricane.

We need an extractor, not an actor pretending to shed his Whiteness for political glory.

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