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What “freak out?”

Dear Media, Please Stop Telling Us About Conservatives Freaking Out

They created this monster

Dear media, or specifically CNN and New York Times political spokeswoman, Maggie Haberman, please stop spreading the infuriating nonsense about how conservatives are FINALLY freaking out because of the government shutdown over the bloody installation, that’s supposed to keep diseased aliens from invading and polluting the White sovereignty of a very un-United America.

Haberman, who is a frequent visitor at CNN where she rehashes and recycles the generic narratives that neither inform nor refreshingly sway — emphatically claims that Trump’s once loyal base that stood by him through the hellfire of Charlottesville, and all the other nationally staged shitfests that are too numerous to mention — are suddenly “disgusted” by the destructive antics of the incompetent idiot that they’ve been guiltlessly enabling for the past two years.

“A number of conservatives who worked on the campaign and supported the president and now say, you know, I regret doing that, and this was a mistake, this administration is, you know, off the rails, and all of these investigations that are coming to a head will be a huge problem.”

The pressing question is: why in the damn hell did it take the “investigations” to alert the delayed realization of the dire consequences of having a thug in the White House?

Why are we being annoyingly briefed about the “aha” moment that non-White Americans instinctively embraced the day the GOP fatefully endorsed the candidacy of Donald J. Trump?

Election 2016 was a revoltingly chaotic season that showcased all the glaring symptoms of societal dysfunction as a bigoted, sexist, and supremely blasphemous White male with all the privilege he could muster — took centerstage and began to devour all the statutes of diplomacy.

He swore the oath to the playbook of how White America forces its own on victimized citizens who have no choice but to endure the intolerable.

The White conservatives who are now inconsolable over this “critical moment” in our history because of their own gross negligence, seemed to be unfazed when Candidate Trump was caught on tape, giggling over his preference to “grab them by the pussy.” And there was nothing to panic about when Candidate Trump publicly declared Mexican s— unfit humans, who tend to “rape” and “murder” while shuttling drugs across the borders.

White conservatives were also onboard with a highly-stylized defense, when the word got out that the newly-minted Commander-in-Chief had used foul language while discussing immigration behind closed doors, and infamously described third world countries and former British colonies — with Black and Brown inhabitants as “shitholes.”

Despite the irrefutable evidence that proved the shitty reference was uttered, in conjunction with the desire to have an influx of Norwegians to counter the rapid U.S. birth rate of Brown and Black babies — White conservatives stood their ground by echoing the dishonorable behavior of the Liar-in-Chief, with the lies of how what was said wasn’t exactly said — “in that exact way.”

The immigration crisis has been playing out in full view of global allies and detractors, as the mayhem of forced separations, kiddie cages and even tear gassing, has revealed the supreme downfall by the White supremacy regime — of a former superpower that used to operate as the “world police,” aligning with humanitarian agencies.

White conservatives were quite cozy with the images of distraught toddlers at the borders because that agenda fulfilled the promises of #KeepingAmericaWhite— at all costs.

And even when the tear gassing became an unfathomable reality — Republicans were still able to shamelessly support the crimes against humanity in an effort to secure their political dynasties without the threat of a conscience.

And all through the cycle of infamy that included the domestic terrorism of packaged bombs being deposited at the residences of former presidents, a news organization, and other high-profile individuals — by a deranged perpetrator who was inspired by the hateful rhetoric of a reckless man-baby — White conservatives continued to empathize with the grotesque monster they created.

There was never a fervent outcry against the trifling traditions being upheld by a traitorous coward, who blatantly cowered under the spell of Putin, as he inexplicably denounced the legitimacy of his own intelligence community — on foreign soil. Shortly before this appalling act of defiance, Trump had enthusiastically expressed his burgeoning love affair with another notable dictator — North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

Months before admitting “they were in love,” the president had invited the devastated parents of the American student, who had been imprisoned and tortured to death by the North Korean government over the crime of swiping a poster — to his State-of-the-Union address, which was really a ploy to serve his filthy agenda — rather than stand firm against murderous dictatorships.

White conservatives have accepted their nefarious leader’s penchant for nationalized disorder that’s formulated from his poisonous tweets and never-ending disdain for the press. The rallying mantra: “enemy of the people” has been left unchallenged, and nothing has been done to dissuade the president from encouraging further acts of terrorism against the media or the relentless assault against the core principles that activate “freedom of speech.”

This explains the deplorably embarrassing response from Trump’s toxic administration when it was confirmed beyond any reasonable doubt, that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, ordered the brutal execution of U.S.-based Saudi journalist — Jamal Khashoggi.

As other world powers scrambled to recover from the shock of America’s tragically revised position as co-conspirators in a plot to permanently silence truth tellers for the cost of “billions and billions of dollars,” White conservatives simply faded into the background of complicity with the assurance of their security via White privilege, and how that lottery turns out winning numbers at the expense of the population who can’t indulge.

If President Trump was able to flawlessly weather the intensity of the riots in Charlottesville, at the beginning of his presidency, that featured the supremacy of his legacy through deadly demonstrations of his fan base — that inspired his public approval when he announced that White supremacists are “very fine people”— then we can expect that his remaining days in the White House will be relatively manageable.

Media outlets that are ceremoniously ushering in the falsehood of Trump’s banishment are doing it for gawks and clicks. Reporters only champion the narratives that will garner more than the “hovering” and “scrolls.”

And so we are fed bullshit meal plans that deliver the specials of how our worst nightmare will soon be over — thanks to the sudden and long-over due enlightenment of White conservatism.

Fuck you all very much!

Vladimir Putin and the Crown Prince were righteously swooning over the yellow-haired oaf at the G20 Summit not too long ago, and that’s because of the ease with which they’ve both conquered the epicenter of power. Saudi’s bedazzled assassinator has forged a strong and unshakable relationship with the Trump’s expanded empire. And Putin is on the verge of greatness with his overwhelming leverage over the president of the United States, which has resulted in the recent successful launch of “hypersonic nuclear missiles” that are on standby to invade U.S. air defenses.

We don’t give two fucks about the mood swings of White conservatives who are allegedly incensed and panicked over the Michael Cohen fiasco, and the abrupt resignation of former Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis, with the addition of the shutdown — that was necessary because of the ego attack the president suffered after watching Fox News — and reading insulting tweets from witchy Ann Coulter.

It’s abundantly clear that Republicans are responsible for the deaths at the borders, and the current volatile climate that enforces how Black and Brown lives will never matter under the rule of an administration that adheres to the basic requirements of White supremacy.

The mere fact that the media-at-large would entertain the assignment of proudly reporting how White conservatives are besides themselves over the loss of an esteemed army general, who previously vocalized his support of Trump’s theory that vindicated the Crown Prince’s involvement in the murder of a journalist — is thoroughly disheartening.

It’s also acutely evidential of how the industry is woefully failing in its duty to hold accountable all the assholish White folks — who ordained the fucker polluting our constitution.

As a Black woman, who holds her breath while waiting to cross the street, or when getting off a train, or when walking past White strangers with blank stares and overcoats — I have to contend with the shit that comes with my vulnerable station.

This is all attributed to the president’s bold declaration of his White nationalist status which he defiantly refused to claim when a Black journalist demanded an explanation — and instead deflected by calling her a racist.

A White man, who happens to be the president, calling a Black woman a racist should’ve incited a revolt leading to the end of future White House press briefings until further notice, but that didn’t happen.

What is happening, is the societal pampering of White conservatism, despite the reality of what it has birthed and what it will most likely amass in 2020.

America’s tactics for self-preservation is embedded in the luxury of White males and how no other vision will do — even when when lives are at stake.

And so the White-influenced tyranny continues with the passive-aggressiveness of the GOP and the messaging of how White power must remain “White” without compromise or the inherent sense of decency — that prevents the maddening crisis of our lives.

The media is full of shit trying to validate the rumor of “White conservatives freaking out.”

If it didn’t happen when President Trump confirmed his undying love for Putin over his patriotic pledge to his country, or when he accused the bereaved islanders of Puerto Rico and rival Democrats — of attacking him with the inflated death count of victims of Hurricane Maria— then it sure as hell won’t happen now.

So, please spare us the bullshit, and go back to kissing the generous rear end of the buffoon who pays your bills.

If we need to be duly informed about our erratic status, as non-White Americans — we know where to go and what to do.

Fuck you all very much!

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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