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Dear Media, Please Stop Reproducing Trump’s Racist Remarks

There’s no question that the media has woefully failed when it comes to the very basic assignment of holding President Trump and his army of complicit thugs deservedly accountable for their crimes against humanity.

The ball has been dropped at every turn, and much of it has to do with the insatiable lust that the industry harbors for an overly-privileged scumbag, who reveled in his tragic viability during his disgraceful campaign for the presidency.

It was the media that normalized his triumphant arrival. He was the celebrated reality TV star who always had a knack for being a foul-mouthed renegade with a penchant for the level of showmanship that could prove entertainingly profitable for all parties involved.

The stunning boisterousness of a bullish oaf, who instantly exaggerated the dullness of his more qualified and eventually overpowered rival, was the welcomed shit fest that fed into a climate that was already infected with the virus of fantastical tendencies, that disputes the validity of realism.

Donald Trump was born to be America’s tormentor, and his potent signature of disorder gives him the edge, by allowing for the renewal and expansion of a globally revered brand that is life-threatening to those who can’t partake in the mind-altering drug known as White supremacy.

The euphoria that envelops users who are hooked on hating Black and Brown people has now advanced into treacherous territory, as racial tensions have been dangerously heightened by the increased occurrences of hate crimes, that are orchestrated to comply with the rules and regulations of a murderous administration.

Perhaps it’s the lack of White House briefings that should’ve elicited a lot more ire from the Press Corps, instead of the meekly shrugged shoulders, and the audacity of happy hour with the woman who echoed the sentiments of her nefarious boss, by labeling the media “enemy of the people” — that has inevitably sucked the energy out of die-hard reporting.

Although when the media did have the prime opportunity to demonstrate their intolerability during the infamous news conference that was held a day after the turbulent mid-term elections, when the president offensively shamed Yamiche Alcindor, the White House correspondent for the PBS News Hour, and a Black woman, by calling her a racist — there was basically very little talk and no action.

It was absolutely infuriating to witness the cowardice on display by a group of seasoned journalists, who claim the duty of pursuing the truth and holding those who discard the law or step way out of bounds, swiftly accountable for their damning actions.

The fact that Trump was able to survive the sin of declaring himself a White nationalist just days before he accused a Black woman of being racist for rightfully querying him about his bold announcement, without being relentlessly challenged by those who are charged with that immense responsibility was a difficult pill to swallow.

Especially when you consider how there was zero support for the other Black women reporters, April Ryan and Abby Phillip, who alongside Alcindor, weathered the verbal attacks from a White president, who has a nasty habit of demeaning women of color who outrightly refuse to internalize his bullshit.

Sound familiar?

Months later, and our Liar-in-Chief has struck again, and the details are eerily similar to what we’ve come to expect from the White man who is able do whatever he wants without restraint because of how his Whiteness elevates him above the requirements of his once-dignified station.

Four Congresswomen of color, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez whom TV pundits and politicians annoyingly refer to as “AOC,” Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib, have each endured the weeks-long abusive treatment from President Trump and his cabinet of fools, who are determined stick to the script of systemically vilifying the “unpatriotic” vibes of strategically-picked targets, by demanding the erasure of their American citizenships.

When Trump continued his devilish tirade on Twitter by encouraging the four women of color to relinquish their rights as law-abiding Americans and hastily return to their “infested” colonies, the narrative of the media was to feign ignorance and shock at the transparency of the racist comments heard around the world.

This embarrassing response by the same reputable news organizations that witnessed the revolting period of the 2016 elections, and currently documents the unfolding presidency of a White nationalist, by providing non-stop coverage of Trump’s graphically bigoted rhetoric, was a clear illustration of how the industry has evolved into a basin of purposed dysfunction, that hosts the recklessness of enhancing the appeal of societal hostility.

The days after Trump’s abhorrently racist tweets that were built into the never-ending thread of insults geared towards the victims who are vulnerable to the rulebook of White nationalism, were horrendously torturous.

The assaults are blatantly meant to prey on the population of the country who are sensitive to with the painfully endless headlines that verify the nonchalance of White Americans in positions of power when it comes to the grossness of “racially-charged” statements.

There was also the inexplicable desire to invite a slew of White Republican rejects to the dizzying roundtable, for a round of rubbish that permitted these idiots to spew out nonsensical jargon in defense of their supreme leader.

And of course the web-based media simply can’t get enough of the initiated click-bait season of “all things racist,” that’s reminiscent of last summer’s hate-filled season, that saw White people becoming overnight sensations from their heralded stints as lawful harassers, who were free to join White cops in sweeping away Black bodies from spaces that don’t cost anything to inhabit.

My timeline has been flooded with hourly repackaged fare from mainstream outlets that are giving conservative media a run for its money when it comes to the 24/7 glorification of Trump’s racist marathon of updated tweets.

These diseased collection of embarrassing ramblings are plastered with the casualness that reduces the volatility of his pursuits, while also placing innocent women of color who have done nothing to warrant their punishment in the high risk category for imminent death threats.

Dear media, please stop reproducing Trump’s racist remarks!

For the love of God, Allah, etc, please, please stop feeding the beast by enabling his quest to diminish the unsightliness of the bloody rivers that hold bullet-ridden Black bodies that are accumulating by the week.

The deliriousness of being overfed the unhealthy platter of the president’s recycled hate speech, that’s joined by the callous embrace of Republicans who defiantly applaud his efforts, isn’t the appropriate way to expose the clear and present danger of a terminal nation that’s flatlining from the overdose of the deadly infusion of White supremacy.

It’s not a secret that White people who loathe the ones who don’t resemble the descriptions of #MAGA, tend to claim their victimhood by turning the tables on the oppressed, and accusing them of the very thing they are guilty of, and that mode of retaliation never fails, as evidenced in the president’s latest tweets.

The country is under siege by the mechanisms of a criminal establishment that’s being powered by a gutless authoritarian, who won’t be outsmarted and outsourced by four incredibly smart and quick-witted superstars, who are wonderfully the very opposite of what his appetite is accustomed.

They arrived on the scene just in time to restore law and order to a wilting landscape of chaos.

And it’s no surprise that Trump’s main focus for his raging rants happens to be Ilhan Omar, the Black woman with the provocative hijab, who has bravely and selflessly borne the brunt of this administration’s formulated raid on Black and Brown immigrants and the citizens who are constantly on high alert.

The media has settled into the routine of making Trump’s venomous delivery the familiarized view that has lost the whiff of disgust and alarmed reactions that should always grip any human with a conscience.

Whatever happened to counteracting the lies with the noble truth of how Ilhan Omar isn’t an anti-Semite because of how her comments were taken out of context by those who are successfully terrorizing her without consequences?

Why can’t our weary timelines get the much-needed boost from robust outlets, that showcase how four Congresswomen of color are actually fighting for the country they love, and why that mandate requires taking out the stinking “garbage” in the White House before the stench from the stain becomes intoxicating enough to hover indefinitely?

As the 2020 election season rapidly approaches, we can’t examine the Trump presidency without taking note of how the press has disappointingly endorsed the violent temperament of an out-of-control scoundrel, who will not stop being an asshole until the blood on his hands are sticky enough to evoke forced silence.

When that happens, I swear that I’m blaming the media.

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