Dear Media, Jussie Smollett Isn’t Meant To Be Analyzed

Sometimes not having the answers is enough

Ezinne Ukoha
8 min readMar 4, 2019


It’s been weeks since the harrowing details of actor/singer Jussie Smollott’s alleged attack at the hands of #MAGA-swearing bandits took a crazy turn towards the unfathomable route by Chicago PD, who are are hell-bent on proving how all the chaos and mayhem was borne out of a staged hoax.

The maddening period of unreliable sources, consistently supplying slabs of information that kept assaulting those of us who had made the initial investment in the Empire star’s defense, finally came to a temporary halt when the two American-born Nigerian brothers were apprehended at Chicago O’Hare airport and taken to the station for questioning.

The results from the private interrogation initiated the theory of how they had been hired to carry out the activities that would resemble the perfect definition of a hate crime, featuring a young Black gay actor on a hit TV show, who thankfully survived a dangerous encounter that miraculously left him with minor scapes.

Now we know that the brothers who are weight trainers and work as extras, were actually paid for the sessions they provided their friend, and not for the evil deed of beating him to a pulp to create the illusion of a hate crime.

Smollett eventually turned himself in and appeared at a court hearing to be formally charged for disorderly conduct, stemming from filing a false police report that alleged he had been a victim of a racist and homophobic attack.

The bond was set at $100K, and the 35-year-old met those requirements which secured his swift release. The next court date is just around the corner — March 14, but what happens until then?

Well, the latest event is the mandated shaming via the scorching pipeline of Saturday Night Live’s greatest hits, and can we just imagine what would happen to that show if notables were always well behaved and kosher?

But aside from that interlude, the debilitating cycle of updates have interestingly come to a screeching halt.

All that remains are spectacularly-dramatic fare like the offering by industry bible, The Hollywood Reporter, that aims to utilize first, second, and third…