Bo West…

Dear Kim Kardashian, It’s Not Just The “Bo West” Braids, It’s The Whole Damn Thing

Your disrespectful stance against Black Women is culturally revolting

Ezinne Ukoha
6 min readJan 30, 2018


I can’t lie that I relish any opportunity to fuck up The Kardashians — and my reasons are purely obvious. There’s simply nothing remotely refreshing or even interesting about them.

Ironically enough — I just completed a marathon of their decade long reality TV show. I bravely subjected myself to the season that showcased the infamous Paris fiasco — which I callously demolished — guilt-free.

But — there’s also the need to give these over-hyped and woefully overprivileged klan — their full due. You can’t deny that their extreme appearance and unprejudiced adulation — for doing absolutely nothing other than stretching out highly expensive attire to fit their surgically bloated templates — while managing an expanding empire that truthfully laid the blueprint for what is now known as Instagram — is unsettlingly noteworthy.

In the meantime — we have the cultural harassment of the woman who revamped the image of the “unearthed” sex tape by giving those who rely solely on the currency of sexually explicit fare — the permission to proudly dream of reaching loftier heights based on the evidence of flexibility.

Kim Kardashian is the black woman who enjoys making Black women feel as though they need to be taking notes — in order to do this “black thing” bigger and better.

Her younger sisters, Khloe and Kylie have followed suit in the mission to surrender all when it comes to exploiting the primal and regal features that seem to have the fire of durability and envy — when they manifest in White bodies — after hours of surgical enhancements.

In the case of the younger Kardashian — and also Jenner (not that it even matters) — it’s hard to fathom how the intense transformation that straight up produced a whole new being — could’ve been approved by any adult with a conscience.

Black girls have more fun. Period.