Seriously, what the hell is going on here?

That’s the question we asked ourselves when we got the update confirming that former presidential hopeful, Amy Klobuchar is being vetted for the VP slot.


How can this be happening, after everything we’ve been through with a national terrorizer as president, who’s using the supremacy of his whiteness as the weapon of our current nightmare?

How on earth can Joe Biden inexplicably announce the audacity of his choice to actually consider a lackluster contender, who barely has a track record as a champion of equality?

Klobuchar was an unremarkable candidate in a sea of ambitious contenders who never stood a chance of overshadowing the familiar relic from the dimming Obama era.

Almost immediately after she declared her run for the highest office in the land, former mentees fed the press spoonfuls of the behind-the-scenes 411 on what it entails to perform for a boss who’s unreasonably demanding.

And when she was more than halfway through the high-pressure debates where she failed at winning us over with dry humor and forced sincerity, an old court case came back to haunt her for reasons that didn’t boost her reputation.

To cut a long story short, Amy Klobuchar was never in a heated battle with anyone for anything. And I won’t pretend not to hold a grudge over the undigestible fact that Kamala Harris gracefully bowed out before her time.

Election 2020 is already a tragic event that will get even more violent as the months sweep by.

This new decade has been brutal on all fronts, as we frighteningly survey the ruins of Covid-19, and also take inventory of how much more dire our future looks from the standpoint of a slow and painful recovery.

But how do we even begin to heal when we are being bullied into sacrificing our very lives for the thrill of rebooting a once “booming economy” that only benefits the privileged?

Trump continues to exact fear and loathing by roaring incoherent directives and making a mockery out of a deadly global pandemic that has slaughtered more than 90,000 Americans.

Each election cycle breeds the symbolic themes that exalt the acute need for change that’s been long-overdue.

Barack Obama’s meteoritic rise from an up and coming senator with blinding charisma to the Messiah-like figure with impeccable timing and uncanny intelligence, who loudly rattled the white establishment is the the stuff that rarely occurs.

The giddiness of the Obama years are well documented, and for me, it’s represents the embarrassing brief episodes when I actually believed the deceit of what it meant to have the first-ever Black family in The White House.

Now the owners of The House are White bigots who are working tirelessly to kill off the expendable, while drafting revised immigration laws that will drastically reduce the number of Black and Brown migrants from shit hole countries to a preferred zero.

The cult of Donald Trump is forebodingly threatening because of how his loyal following are enticed by his appallingly bad behavior.

They get a righteous kick out of his deplorable antics, but more than that, Trumpsters enjoy their weaponized white power, courtesy of the most powerful white man in the world.

It’s not about what’s clearly wrong or right. It’s about white people punishing non-white America for the cruelty of a two-term president who signified the dawn of a new chapter in our turbulent history

Joe Biden is supposedly the better and more appropriate version of Donald Trump based on his track record of service that showcases bumps along the way.

He’s definitely easier to accommodate than his brutish competitor, but there are some glaring inconsistencies with Biden that make it difficult for Black and Brown communities to eagerly rally around his stalled campaign.

We still need his comprehensive agenda that contains the step-by-step instructions on how his presidency will make great strides when it comes to providing ample resources to the populations that need it more.

During his highly-anticipated visit to the radio show The Breakfast Club where he broke bread with vocal critic and cohost Charlamagne tha God, the former Vice President once again exposed his cringe-worthy approach to selling what nobody is buying.

In a viral clip that will surely give Trump the ammunition that he’s been hoping for, Biden makes the argument that Charlamagne “ain’t black” if he’s still undecided about picking him over Trump.

And this is where we say WTF?!

So far Joe Biden seems to be developing into the exact replicant of what we feared as we contemplate the burden of being forced to choose between the lesser of two evils.

He may have been joking when he said what he said, but the fact that he said it out loud proves that he believes it and that’s something to fret about.

Suddenly what P. Diddy boldly declared not too long ago makes a lot of damn sense!

We can’t afford to be blindsided by the ultimate quest of defeating a white supremacist and his evil squad of co-conspirators, by giving Biden a free pass out of crippling desperation.

Diddy’s attempt to hold his vote hostage was never about not participating in the upcoming shit show in November. He was merely making it known that we should all be open to negotiations with the Democratic presidential nominee.

Janet Jackson said it best when she asked:

What have you done for me lately?”

As we barrel towards the half-way point of what has turned out to be a poignantly sobering year, we absolutely can’t afford to continue to endure the abusive nature of potent whiteness without fighting back.

Joe Biden isn’t refraining from the thankless task of demonstrating why we should seize this moment in time to reassess the currency of our unrelenting support of over-bloated candidates who assume authority over our voting power.

It’s bullshit! Nothing done out of fear is worth the peril of disappointing results.

Biden’s vetting of Amy Klobuchar is a very bad sign, and his recent comments that boastfully ascertain that Black people must choose him if they are truly committed to retaining their blackness is blasphemously offensive.

We must hold Joe Biden accountable and give him hell until he shapes up to be the leader for communities that shouldn’t be coerced into abiding by the long-held belief that the Democratic Party is where it’s at, when the practice of white supremacy is still an issue.

There has to be significant improvement with Biden’s delivery, and that will be achieved when he has a complete understanding of the basic requirements when it comes to progressive communication with Black and Brown voters.

We can’t support a future president who doesn’t speak our language, and even worse, has no desire or incentive to catch up and perfect what’s missing.

Dear Joe Biden, WTF are you doing?

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