Dear Ivanka, Please “Find Something New” Before November!

Let’s be clear, I’ve spent entirely too much time and energy being a major hater of the most coddled white woman in America.

Back in 2017, Ivanka Trump’s highly-anticipated interview with CBS staple Gayle King gave some insight into the mindset of the newly-minted first daughter and supposed “senior adviser” to the President-elect.

In her usual breathy tone and trademarked cool demeanor that screams the privilege of her white feminism, Ivanka comfortably handled the easy-breezy Q&A session, that never once put her on the spot for her contribution to the hate-filled rhetoric that consumed her father’s presidential campaign.

Gaye King obediently set the tone for a combative-free zone that would give the princess of nepotism at its worst, the supreme opportunity to normalize the absolute shit show of the Trump Family Business that had criminally setup shop at the once-pristine corridors of The White House.

There was no hint of the cutthroat journalist who was on display earlier this year with the unapologetic mission of unearthing the truth — at all costs and without empathy.

Ivanka Trump won the round of interviews that served as her re-introduction to a shocked and dismayed nation and world — and she’s been winning ever since — thanks to the favored coverage of the revered mascot of the lethal collective known as “White Women For Trump.”

As it turns out, she’s the unifying force for conservative and liberal media outlets, that are committed to the assignment of cranking out neutral-based articles, that highlight the fascination behind the glamorous mystique of Jared & Ivanka — or delve into the expertise of two White House senior advisers, who are rarely held accountable for their fuck ups.

CNN, The Atlantic, The New York Times, etc., are all guilty of indulging in the habitual mandate to keep Trump’s favorite daughter cleansed from the public debacle of being closely associated with the maniacal asswipe shitting all over The Oval Office.

But after almost four years of brutality at the hands of our national terrorizer and his equally vile co-conspirators, it’s impossible for Ivanka’s cheerleading squad in media to maintain the facade that minimizes the vital role she plays in advancing her daddy’s nefariousness.

Which explains why the embattled socialite has been the target of disapproving observers, who can’t fathom why a senior White House staffer would think it’s appropriate to weaponize her massive influence to give the middle finger to her father’s critics.

CEO of Goya Foods, Robert Unanue recently heaped praises on Donald Trump’s for his “leadership,” and the negative reaction to that act of cowardice incited a nationwide boycott that may or may not have been taken seriously.

Either way, it somehow encouraged Ivanka to disregard the code of ethics attached to her unearned White House title, and inexplicably pose for a mind-boggling photo op with a can of beans.

Clearly Ivanka is fully aware of her father’s polarizing presence as a proud white supremacist who spews out offensive shit on an hourly basis — 24/7.

After all, she has a track record of boldly inserting herself in active conversations that are of utmost importance, considering the staggering death count of victims of gun violence directly related to hate crimes — thanks to Trump’s bigoted messaging at rallies and on social media.

The horrific mass shooting that killed 23 and injured 23, occurred almost a year ago in a Walmart store located near the US-Mexico border in El Paso, Texas, and it wasn’t hard to believe that the apprehended 21-year-old white male, confessed that his main objective was to kill Mexicans.

The Trump administration refused to take responsibility for how Trump’s emphatic claims about Mexicans being “drug dealers, rapists and criminals” with large “caravans” threatening to bulldoze their way onto American soil, evidently radicalized the mass shooter who acted on behalf of his president.’

Ivanka Trump was so adamant about defending her father’s honor, and chose to deflect from a national emergency by disgustingly referencing a bloody weekend in Chicago that coincided with the back-to-back massacres in El Paso and Dayton.

Her goal to feign concern for rampant gun violence in an iconic Black city with the first-ever, newly elected LGBTQ and Black woman mayor, Lori Lightfoot, was swiftly and brilliantly demolished. Lightfoot challenged the president’s foul daughter for daring to use victimized Black lives as leverage to dispel the validity of systemic racism stemming from white supremacy.

“It wasn’t a playground, it was a park. It wasn’t seven dead. It wasn’t 52 wounded in one incident, which is what this suggests. It’s misleading.”

“It’s important when we’re talking about people’s lives to actually get the facts correct, which one can easily do if you actually cared about getting it right.”

But no adult member of the Trump Family Business is ever interested in getting it right because they’re always rewarded for bad behavior. Except that one time when the Donald J. Trump Foundation was forced to dissolve due to the long history of funds being illegally solicited.

And now Ivanka Trump is back with a triumphant announcement about a new initiative that partners with heavyweights like Apple and IBM in an effort to give displaced workers “something new” to do with all that time that’s wasting away during this unprecedented time.

The disorienting website for the “Find Something New” campaign features a collage of specialized packages that cater to eager-minded, ambitious candidates, who are ready to get off their asses and utilize their newfound joblessness as the incentive to consider a new path in the realm of a “skills-based education.

The glitzy roll out is maddeningly deceiving with the banner items that exaggerate the appeal of embarking on a new adventure, that promises to be a mutually beneficial project that pays off for the parties involved; the currently flailing economy and the over-worked population that needs a new lease on life.

But maybe Ivanka Trump should take her own damn advice and “find something new” before the November elections, because her entanglement with the worst president ever in history will absolutely haunt her now and forever.

When she’s not following her father’s signature moves, including rebranding and taking ownership of mission statements that were established way before the invasion of the Trump Family Business, Ivanka dedicates her smarts to deviously concocting ways to enhance her chances of retaining her position as the president’s preferred counsel.

This latest ploy to lure in the desperate and hungry into the clutches of a grand scheme, that they can’t even afford to participate in when you consider the dire state of affairs in most American households, that are barely making ends meet with no end in sight, is suspiciously whack.

To make matters worse, that extra $600 in unemployment benefits will cease in a couple of weeks, and the status of the second stimulus check is in limbo, which means it’s a no-go.

If Ivanka Trump really cares about the survivability of out-of-work Americans, she would be more invested in championing tangible solutions to keep them safe and secure during this tragic period of duress from raging coronavirus that’s still active with more casualties on the way.

The job market is a hot mess because of the wasteland of experienced, educated, and desirable candidates in various fields, who were struggling to figure out their strategy before Covid-19 hit, and now the tragic aftermath has created a cloud of disillusionment that won’t be cleared by the order to “find something new.”

Ivanka Trump couldn’t possibly fathom what it means to shoulder the immense responsibilities of adulthood without direct access to a trust fund, and the trusted pampering from a recognizable family name that keeps the exclusive doors of entitlement wide open.

In the real world, upward mobility for regular folks is a lot more complex than responding to a rally cry, and Mrs. Kushner knows this but doesn’t give a damn because she needs another win at the expense of those who stay losing.

But whether she likes it or not, time is running out for Trump and his cabinet of fools, and when the moving out date arrives — finding something new will certainly take on a whole new meaning.

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