White Heroes Live Forever

Dear Hollywood, White Men Aren’t The Superheroes

Heroes come in different forms. I constantly see the superhuman strengths exhibited without the aid of a cape or over-paid publicists rallying around their over-bloated clients — who think nothing about accepting roles that should be assigned to the proper ethnic talent.

Christian Bale is cast as an Egyptian hero because he is a White superstar and we should be grateful that he is willing to drop a few steps down by tolerating the features of a character he could never adequately resemble.

Gods of Egypt tanked at the box-office and the clueless director blamed the misfortune on the bad press it received after it was established that White actors had been hired to embody the key roles that should’ve been distributed to actors of Egyptian descent.

The superhero genre has soared to heights unimaginable and that can be attributed to the fact that the nation is being tossed about with no compass — and studio heads are in overdrive as they strategize how to best take advantage of these times of struggle and disillusionment.

Captain America is a White male who is transformed into a fighting machine. Iron Man is a White guy who has the means to build a body armor that can wreck havoc. Yes, I know he is now a she with dark skin but that doesn’t remove who he was before “diversity” became a thing.

Spider is a White man who became a dope agent by accident. Batman underwent various incarnations but never once did those changes produce a man of color.

Tarzan, is the latest Superhero to swing through the jungle — in the quest for justice and the appeal of a sexy, blond specimen with a body to boot — who is hell bent on rescuing the indigenous people from the fate of their existence.

But, wait! There is now another White male who has been drafted for the sole purpose of proving once and for all — that it takes the depositing of his kind into a forest of unknowns — to save mankind.

Matt Damon — who I don’t like for reasons that are explained here — is once again doing a flawless job of being an ignorant asshole with no fucks to give as it pertains to being politically correct in his judgement. It’s not like he needs the money or extra ammunition to uplift his status. He’s Jason Bourne for Christ’s sake.

As he relaxes with the imminent success of his latest installment — his fans are now being treated to his upcoming fodder — The Great Wall.

The trailer showcases Damon as the typical White male Superhero who has been chosen for a spiritual journey into the depths of battle between good and evil. It is up to him to secure the freedom that no native could possibly inspire or manifest.

You need a hero? Look no further than Constance Wu.

I first peeped this gem when my job at ABC Digital forced me to watch almost every show on the alphabet network. Fresh Off The Boat wooed me from the beginning and she was a big part of why I was hooked.

Her energy and effortless ease isn’t a ploy. She is the real deal. Her show is way better than Black-ish. Yes, I said it. Being black doesn’t mean I can’t be honest. She is all out of reasons to be anything but authentic.

Her innate reaction to a film that not only poorly presents the historical significance of the alighted themes but also relies on the “White Savior Complex” — is both stellar and motivational.

Wu is adamant in her mission to call out Hollywood for consistently “perpetuating the racist myth that only a white man can save the world.”

Check out the partial rant from Wu that got me at all hyped and starry-eyed:

“We have to stop perpetuating the racist myth that only a white man can save the world,” Wu wrote on the heels of TheGreat Wall’s trailer debut. “It’s not based in actual fact. Our heroes don’t look like Matt Damon. They look like Malala. (Gandhi). Mandela. Your big sister when she stood up for you to those bullies that one time.”

Wu is a hero. So is Samaria Rice. Michelle Obama is beyond. Anyone who is tuned into the stormy climate and finds ways to leverage that into a progressive effort is super duper.

It’s not about box-office receipts and the smug tally of all the reasons why as a White actor — you deserve to command the stage — even when it’s obvious that you are out of your league.

White people ponder all the time about the validation of their privilege and if you are one of those people — I am presenting this piece as prime evidence. You guys don’t give a fuck about how your actions affect the impressionable kids that are coming up and in dire need of heroes that are within their grasp.

We lived though the heydays of First Blood and The Terminator. White guys have had a good run with virtually no disruption. Now that “diversity” is a subject that has to be addressed — all we ask is that if a part suggests someone who isn’t White — please cast a capable talent who fits that description.

We get the fact that White men are perfect and can do no wrong.

They look immaculate in the produced announcement of their arrival in vehicles that they manipulate, despite the fact that they were never qualified to be in the driver’s seat.

White men are not the heroes we seek — despite how many of you pay to keep them relevant.

The true heroes are the women who keep on yelling in the name of the children they lost at the bullseye of the White cops who took the Superhero rhetoric too seriously. They are the people of color who continue to adhere to the standards of their craft even though they know it won’t equal anything worth adding up.

It’s the men and women in uniform who have to double as secret agents in order to maintain law and order in a landscape that was designed to sacrifice the life and limb of their people.

It’s the writers who refuse to remain silent because ignoring the filtered crap dominating their feed would be atrocious and literarily manipulative.

Heroes are real. They are not greedy and pompous actors who understand the security of “looking the part” — at whatever cost.

We know that Hollywood is full of shit. And all we ask is that you stop fucking around.

Don’t make us go HAM.

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