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She’s no victim!

Dear CNN, Please Stop Sanitizing The Filthiness of Melania Trump

Just fucking stop

Fighting against the basic instincts of White feminism is an exhausting endeavor that demands way more energy than most can amass, but in these times of blatant bigotry under the diseased regime of a White nationalist, who is best buddies with the vile men of Russia, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, etc — no stone can be left unturned in the battle for justice and restoration of the “American Way.”

Speaking of America, there are times when it escapes the mind that we actually have a first lady.

Gone are the days of Michelle Obama, the best of them all, who didn’t need to initiate an ill-advised campaign that supposedly aims to save children from the virus that her bullish hubby spreads around on a daily basis.

First lady Michelle Obama also didn’t need to steal speech notes from her predecessor to compensate for her lack of communication skills.

When the first-ever Black family took up residence in the House that Black slaves built for White racists, the climate of progression was activated, and the periodic updates showcased a compassionate, hard-working visionary, who was well-equipped for the requirements of being a role model to women, both at home and abroad, while also recognizing devotion to her family as the biggest achievement of her life.

Melania Trump is the wannabe model who moved to America to claim her version of the “American Dream,” and by God she found it when she stumbled upon her “Prince Charming” and was superficially charmed by his stolen wealth and lack of decorum.

And now she’s exhausted from all that pretense of caring about a nation that contains very little to hold her interest outside of the expansive properties in desirable locations, and the outlandish getaways to far off lands, where she can dress up in colonial garb, and pose with Black happy faces that only serve to pump up her Whiteness.

Back in Washington, under the guidance of her equally annoying and clueless spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, Melania continues to comically resurrect #BeBest with the very best of intentions that fall flat because clearly nobody is charismatic enough to be wedded to a thuggish character, who orders for migrant kids to be gassed at the border, and still have the audacity to champion the dignified tools of online engagement.

There’s also the mind-boggling confession that Melania is the “most bullied person on the world.”

No, that’s not a typo, the first lady actually did say those words during an interview, and it has to be noted that if Michelle Obama had sported a heavy accent that limited her ability to construct correct sentences, conservatives would be beside themselves, and promptly deem her “unpolished” and simply not “American enough” to serve as a dignitary in foreign territories.

But of course when you’re a White woman with a decent figure and flirty hair, there’s really nothing you can say or do that would erupt in the riots that Black women with intelligence and beauty and to boot are likely to elicit, when they dare to take the initiative to propose solutions to improve the meal plan for high schoolers.

The online portals of CNN, New York Times and other mainstream media have been dutifully consistent in their fluffy treatment of Melania Trump, and in the beginning it was received with the assumption that the delicate flower was in fact a victim of an unfolding nightmare that she never signed up for when she married a notorious New York gangster.

But enough time has passed for us to dispense with the pleasantries when it comes to assessing the utterly useless, and willing accomplice of this toxic administration, that is guilty of crimes against humanity when it pertains to the islanders of Puerto Rico who have been sinking after Hurricane Maria, the migrant children and their harassed mothers, and the children of Islamberg, NY, who have to spend their lives evading bomb threats.

Nobody should give a damn about how Melania Trump manages to use her fashion sense and the authority of White feminism to unleash subtle messages that apparently prove how she’s the modern-day woman oozing independence and forthrightness that puts her jailbird partner-in-crime to shame.

In case you’re confused about Melania’s past and present offenses, lets take it back to 2011, when the future #BeBest ambassador made a TV appearance to help propel the dangerously false narrative of President Obama’s citizenship.

We can agree that this privileged woman doesn’t have the right to play the victimhood role that preserves the holiness of White feminism behind the fragile sheet of White tears, and the luxury of being a wicked witch while operating under the falsehood of never being evil enough to be that evil.

We see it with mainstream media outlets that enjoy vilifying Donald Trump, but can’t seem to summon the same level of disgust for the women who provide the core support and encouragement of his nefarious acts.

Consider the revolting article about “Javanaka” in NYT, where co-author Margaret Haberman favorably examines the delightfully sinister dealings of two thugs who are able to hide under expensive sheaths of designer duds in an effort to appear civilized and law-abiding, when evidence suggests otherwise.

And of course when it comes to Melania Trump, we already know that she has great tastes in sunglasses, because of how it shields her from the burning landscape of destruction, that she’s been silently enabling.

We also know more about her well-planned escapades to the deluxe refuge on the grounds of Mar-a-Lago, and how it has become her beloved “respite” from the outside turmoil, that can take quite a toll on a pampered White woman, who didn’t do shit to earn her station, but is White enough to enjoy the fruits of labor of Black laborers. published the lush headlines that sum up exactly why White feminism is the lethal drug that got Donald Trump elected, and will do so again because White women with deplorable characteristics are never publicly shamed for their very bad deeds.

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That honor is reserved for women of color.

How would we ever survive without the vibrant confirmations of how the largely absent first lady is blissfully relaxing in the carved out paradise, that she’s becoming more and more dependent on for that much-needed escape from the tumultuous world. She’s able to shun the bullies who have nothing better to do than to focus their attention on a woman, who endorses her husband’s inappropriateness towards other women, while chairing an organization that has failed to do what it never set out to do.

How amazingly insightful to be provided the play-by-play of how Melania and her parents recline against the majestic beauty of #existingwhileWhite, with nothing to fret about except how to make sure all the shopping boxes snugly fit the back seat of the bullet-proof jeep.

And there’s the vivid description of how the off-duty first lady has expertly converted some portions of the infamous fortress into a more laidback haven, in an effort to downplay the exuberance of her station, and that fact alone is worth hailing by White women writers, who are paid to keep White feminism firmly activated with the reputation that gives non-applicable women the creeps.

Dear CNN and the media-at-large, please stop sanitizing the filthiness of Melania Trump with these quietly deposited crappy pieces, that pathetically fete the falsehood of an unsung heroine, who has managed to survive her often times precarious existence with the dignified stance that radiates in ways that haters like me aren’t able to witness because of the lack of proximity.

This bullshit needs to end, like yesterday.

Melania Trump is nothing more than an overgrown spoiled brat, who has no idea what she’s doing because she really thought all she had to do was walk the runways and then graduate to “trophy wife” status.

The runway life didn’t manifest for obvious reasons, but she did successfully win the loins of a man-baby who shares her range of thoughts, as well as IQ score, and now we have White folks to thank for their present assignment in the seat of absolute power.

We are forced to recognize these two beings as humans despite the wreckage they’ve presented in our lives and how the criminality of it continues to threaten the lives of those of us who aren’t lucky enough to dodge the bullets and knife attacks that won’t stop.

Please don’t ask us to applaud the ongoing shit fest by paying homage to how much better Melania Trump is at running away from the volatile climate that her legacy will be punished for in the decades to come.

Just fucking stop with this shit!

First off, Michelle Obama needs to be removed from the dictionary of dysfunction that White feminism refers to when the need to uplift Whiteness becomes critical.

Melania Trump’s ability to hop around from one luxurious hideout to another is no great feat, and basically proves why she will go down in history as the most inefficient, unsuitable, cowardly, disgraceful, and forgettable first lady — EVER.

White women may view her as the standard to follow and perhaps these embarrassing attempts to curate essays that praise her worthiness is the remedy for those who are in denial, but for Black women, it’s nauseatingly offensive to be periodically reminded of what we’re being punished with after 8 years of flawlessness.

You can’t pretty up the ugliness of White privilege in all its grotesque forms, even if it comes in the package that demands inherent empathy from those who fall for the charade.

Just stop!

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