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Dear CNN Inviting Misinformation Is A Complicit Move

This isn’t a hate campaign against CNN, although I have written my fair share of “hit pieces” aimed at revealing the dismal state of affairs when it comes to the media industry and the deplorable recklessness of so-called truth tellers, who have traitorously discarded the oath of journalistic integrity.

I’ve targeted the hypocrisy of the revered cable news network when it comes to addressing the lack of diversity in the line up of prominent white anchors who host morning shows and primetime slots during the week.

MSNBC has managed to award staple talent Joy Reid with the enviable space that was left vacant by former longtime anchor Chris Matthews, who abruptly resigned this past spring, due to a bubbling controversy.

The ReidOut is the best of Reid who was hosting her morning vehicle AM Joy, and while it’s undoubtedly long overdue to have a Black woman joining the ranks of Rachel Maddow in the nighttime roster of political commentators, that should be representative of the demographics of viewers, it’s still a buzzkill that Joy Reid was the replacement of an ousted white male staffer.

But CNN isn’t budging when it comes to giving qualified Black women high visibility roles in the anchor chair, outside of the notable faces of women of color who handle the weekend shift and field reporting duties.

It’s appalling that in 2020, during the most prolific election year of our lifetime, the “most watched cable news network” still employs mostly white men and white women to dominate the most prized positions, despite touting its non-existent contribution to diversified programming.

It’s even more disgusting that CNN producers insist on maintaining the bad habit of the revolving door of trifling guests who don’t elevate the national conversation or add any tangibility, through differing arguments about polarizing issues that can’t afford the combative treatments that end poorly.

Former White House Director of Communications Anthony Scaramucci, who lasted less than a month in the role that he has helped to deface beyond repair is a regular visitor at CNN for reasons that don’t add up.

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Scaramucci has apparently switched teams, and he did just in time to capitalize on his new religion of being a well compensated Trump basher , who is invited to spew out the same shit we already know, and his lackluster performance as the reformed anti-Trumper is a testament to why he sucked as a White House communicator.

How can we forget the hostile sessions featuring CNN’s own Chris Cuomo and former Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway, whose presence was purely for Trump’s entertainment, due to the theatrics of his soldier’s unyielding loyalty, even to the point of flat out lying about stuff that’s easily provable.

Conway was eventually phased out of the guest list but that doesn’t prevent CNN from retaining the services of political strategists, who pledge allegiance to their supreme leader in a cult-like manner that’s both unnerving and underserving of the spotlight.

The likes of Rick Santorum who coincidentally is also an attorney and yet, his contributions to the roundtable discussions hosted by CNN’s best and brightest never deviates from the assessment of aggravating and straight up disgraceful.

There are plenty of moments to choose from but we can start with the most recent episode on the heels of the bombshell report by The New York Times that exposes the failed businessman, who like most in his position of wealth and privilege, spent decades manipulating the tax system to avoid the obligations that working Americans are severely penalized for evading.

As it turns out, Trump manages his various businesses the same way he runs this country into the ground as the egomaniacal toddler, who is an active threat to our national security thanks to his horrible decision-making skills and questionable aptitude.

We also can’t forget that the damning article calls out Ivanka Trump, who is her father’s “senior advisor” a White House position that never got the approved security clearance. According to the Times, Ivanka is a crucial piece of the flaming series of events that implicates the father and daughter in schemes that are devised to hoard fading wealth.

It wasn’t that long ago that the New York Attorney General Letitia James ordered the shut down of the New York-based Donald J. Trump Foundation after it was determined that the funds pouring in were being illegally processed.

Trump was fined for his illegalities as chair of the charitable foundation, and the judgment levied guarantees that he and his adult children, excluding Tiffany, are barred from serving on foundation boards, indefinitely.

So this latest scandal over Trump’s refusal to pay taxes over an extended period of time and then dishing out the minuscule amount of $750 in federal income taxes for the 2016 tax year, basically serves as further proof of the atrocities of the Trump Family Business.

The family dynasty operates as a sham in all dealings to desperately hide the pot holes of outstanding debts that counter Trump’s “billionaire” status.

Of course Trump’s henchmen have weighed in with their attempts to downplay this damaging revelation of how the president is a scam artist, and common thief, who robs from the poor to stay afloat as he drowns in in the misery of owing way more money than he’s actually worth.

Rick Santorum smugly offered his nonsensical argument in favor of a future felon with a bounty on his head, who was installed as Commander-in-Chief by the murderous dictator, who was applauded in Helsinki above the U.S. intelligence community in front of a stunned world.

According to Santorum, this is much ado about nothing because the thuggish moves of his supreme leader are acceptable when you consider his circumstances:

“If the president is losing money, he shouldn’t be paying taxes.” “You can’t complain that he’s not paying any taxes and then criticize for him … if he’s losing money, he’s not going to be paying taxes.”


The former Senator made those mind-boggling comments during his appearance on CNN’s New Day where he sparred with anchor Alisyn Camerota, and capped off his messiness by casting doubt on the validity of the New York Times expose.

He did it in the same manner that his supreme leader dismisses mainstream media as the “enemy of the people “ whenever outlets uncover his dirty handiwork.

It’s not shocking that the worst president to ever do it swiftly denied the allegations about his history of tax fraud with a plethora of tweets aimed at deflecting and postering.

Not sure what “extraordinary assets” means but I will say that it’s extraordinary to see how the media-at-large plans on repeating the fateful mistakes of 2016, with the circulation of misinformation from unpatriotic assholes, who have the sizable resources to avoid the worst case scenario of Trump’s reelection.

Rick Santorum should be banned from CNN for irresponsibly utilizing his platform to incite the narrative that supports the antics of failed businessmen, who purposely “game the system” by bamboozling the IRS with false documentation in order to protect their dwindling assets.

That’s bullshit!

Santorum is basically confirming what we already assumed, when it comes to ultra-wealthy individuals and organizations that are able to effortlessly benefit from the flexibilities of compromised institutions, that were built to harass the poor and empower the rich.

As November fast approaches, the stakes are higher than ever before, as the combination of civil unrest stemming from systemic injustice and the botched job this toxic administration delivered with Covid-19 that has resulted in more than 200,000 deaths and counting, provide a dire forecast for the weeks ahead.

The media has the daunting task of wading through the treacherous landscape of the technology age, as well as battling the packaged poison of Fox News, a criminalized extension of the Trump administration, that will surely be investigated for complying with crimes against humanity in conjunction with White House communications.

If CNN is truly the center of reliable sources, that isn’t tainted with “fake news” then bringing on traitors like Rick Santorum to freely construct sentences that perpetuate the blatant lies that shouldn’t be televised for public consumption has to end effective immediately.

Otherwise, the complicity factor will haunt the cable news network after the election results demonstrate how and why weaponizing the power to shape the national narrative accordingly, without assisting to clear the infectious dialogue will be the historic downfall of an ailing industry.

It’s time to stop the madness!

Now or never!

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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