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Dear Clint Eastwood, You are Too Old to be an Idiot, but Stupid Enough to Be a Racist Asshole

My parents were products of a time when Cowboys and Indians and the people who mimicked them were revered for their ability to make gun play on the big screen seem like the coolest thing ever.

Of course now we know better.

But, back then it was all the rage. As their first child — I was privy to the films that they considered worthy of family night. John Wayne was a big hit because he had True Grit and he represented the quintessential American folk hero — with that charged up grin that was accompanied with the promise of being able to dominate any spot that featured the best of the best when it came to an impromptu game of Russian Roulette.

John Wayne was a racist bastard. If you don’t believe me — click here. But, I’ll leave you with a quote.

I believe in white supremacy, until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility.

The things that fell out of his mouth were disgusting and not worthy of a man that is still considered a national treasure by the standards that instituted him in the first place. He will always be held to high esteem — despite his track record of vocally abusing minorities with no filter. He was resolute in his belief that people of color are beneath the manure of the horses he rode so valiantly as he winningly rescued the White damsels in distress.

Another racist bastard who seems to be content living out the remainder of years in unbelievable ignorance for all to see and puke on is iconic actor and filmmaker — Clint Eastwood.

At almost ninety years old — Eastwood has racked up an illustrious career which isn’t that hard to do when you are a White male with a worthy height and looks to match. The first film that rallied me around him was Play Misty For Me. It was basically about a local DJ in San Francisco who fucks the wrong girl and spends the entire movie paying for the hard-on of his life. I thought the film was suave and classically produced when you consider that if it opened in a theater today — it would still resonate.

I was never a die hard fan of Clint Eastwood but I recognized his ability to utilize his patriotism in ways that creatively nurtured his fans who crave that sort of thing.

Now that I know that he is proudly and pompously racist — I guess I am pissed that I never figured that out from the start. I mean all you have to do is look at him and figure in the era of his heydays. Of course he has no allowance for anyone who doesn’t resemble his uneven version of America.

He recently granted a self-promotional interview to Vanity Fair — and this guy went all in when he described his disdain for the present times. He basically floats in his White privilege and has no concept of what it means to be in a battle for your life in the country of your birth. He can’t imagine what it means to die with your eyes wide open as you internally pray that the loved ones watching you surrender — can survive your painful demise. He was an actor who embodied heroic roles and yet in real life — he is so far from that realm.

He’s a pussy.

While expressing his love and respect for Donald Trump — Eastwood plainly laid out the law according to racists White men who can’t be bothered with all this shit about race because it’s played out and quite frankly someone needs to shut these colored motherfuckers up — once and for all.

Imagine that. A pussy calling us pussies. Except he is dead wrong.

But this is the one that permeated my gut and sent the bile overflowing into gutters of disbelief and wariness.

Wow. This is a very interesting analysis from a White male who grew up at a time when Black people were at their peak of racial discord. He was a witness to the most bleak period of the epic war between Whites and Blacks and obviously his mama and papa were of the opinion that their soon-to-be movie star son needed to understand that he was an American — while anyone with melanin needed to stand in line and beg for basic recognition of their status as human beings.

Yes, Donald Trump is the resurrected version of Adolf Hitler. Hitler was actually more genuine in his pursuits as a monster of humanity. Trump fumbles along his pursuit for asshole glory.

They say getting older guarantees the right of passage from stupid to enlightened. This is not true. Some of us actually get dumber with maturity — and, well, when you are dipping into the age bracket that requires triple digits — it is safe to assume that you will never recover your faculties fast enough to own your miscalculated ways.

So, Clint Eastwood is too old to be this vile but stupid enough to hold on to his bigotry for dear life. What’s left of it anyway.

I say he needs to shut the hell up and try spending his days refraining from recalling the good old days when Blacks were banned from services that Whites naturally enjoyed without concern.

Yes, nostalgia is hard to release but trust me dude, in this case you are dead wrong. Not dead yet — though most of us will not be that pissed if you suddenly lost your breath but that’s the evil twin sister in me.

Just shut the hell up Mr. Eastwood and accept the fact that you are no longer relevant. Use your reclining chair to keep your spine in check.

I think it’s starting to curve…

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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